World Cricket History – Revolutionary And Shocking Moments

World Cricket History – Revolutionary And Shocking Moments

World Cricket History

World Cricket History has many important moments. We collected the most interesting and controversial pieces. Because you can find odd things you wouldn’t expect this game to have. From political corruption to match-fixing and ball-tampering. You can even learn more about how cricket became a religion in India, and the first players to score 6 sixes in an international championship.

Cricket is full of bizarre and glorious moments. Because just like every sport, this is one of the most important parts of culture. Therefore, these sports can ensure peace between countries. However, sometimes politics can make the sport a bit too competitive. On the other hand, there are countries where the sport has become a religion. We have collected one of the most important events in world cricket history. Furthermore, we are going to talk about the biggest cricket scandal. To avoid taking part in such, all you have to do is to register at the best online cricket betting sites. Because every single website in our dictionary is ethical and legit.

The First International

According to ICC-Cricket, one of the most important moments in world cricket history is the first international tournament. We already spoke about who invented cricket. The first three countries to make the ICC were England, Australia, and South Africa in 1909. Because cricket became popular due to the colonization of areas. And with colonization, neighboring countries started to recognize and practice the sport. By 2017, the ICC has recruited nine more countries. Today, these countries are facing off against each other in the World Championship.

Controversial Moments In World Cricket History

We have a whole article written filled with the weirdest cricket stories. Because unfortunately, this sport has met all faces of the world. Including oppression, racism, terrorism, and match-fixing. Therefore, one of the most controversial moments in World Cricket History has been the case when Hansie Cronje conspired with bookmakers to fabricate a favorable result for the matches. However, it is important to note that while cheating isn’t more serious than deaths and life-threatening situations, those are a byproduct of political events and the meeting of different nations.

World Cricket History
Australia test in 1928

The First 6 Sixes In An Over

The first person to hit 6 sixes in an over was Sir Gary Sobers of Nottinghamshire. Playing against the team of Glamorgan in the County Championship (1968). You can learn more about that day in our article that collects every player who hit 6 sixes in an over. The first international moment when someone scored 6 sixes in an over was made by Herschelle Gibbs of South Africa against the Netherlands in the World Cup in 2007. Therefore, it was South Africa that first demonstrated its incredible and outstanding skills in cricket in front of the whole world. Of course, ever since every country has its player who reached the best possible score. However, this is still called a special club of elite players.

Cricket Becoming Religion

One of the strangest days in world cricket history is when it became a religion. Professional cricket player, Steve Waugh has explained that many people think that the god of cricket is Indian player, Sachin Tendulkar. In India, this is more than just a daytime activity or a sport to celebrate. Because, they have conventions, festivals, events, emotions, and education attached to this sport. This raises the fair question: What is the difference between cricket and religion? The fans are worshipping cricket players as if they were gods. Therefore, many Indian fanatics are fine with treating Sachin as a demi-god living among people. Furthermore, there were moments when Indian players and fans cried and had heartbreak over a loss. Fans find the same sense of community and relief in cricket as others would find in Buddhism or other religions.

The Rise of Sri Lanka In World Cricket History

Back in 1996, Australia was the strongest team to exist in cricket. They had one of the best captains at the time, Mark Taylor. With other cricket legends building up the team. However, this year another country came to conquer their unbreakable spot as the best region to play cricket. After a long set of failures and unsuccessfulness, Sri Lanka came to rise and crush the Australian team with 7 wickets. This has changed the way Sri Lanka views the sport forever. However thanks to this moment, Cricket remained popular. Because players still receive solid financial support for their athletic careers.

Protesting With Black Armbands

According to Rl360, one of the bravest moments in world cricket history has been the death of democracy. In 2003, Henry Olonga and Andy Flower were seen wearing black armbands as a form of protest during the match in Harare. Therefore, they displayed their support against the oppressive regime of Robert Mugabe. As a result, they were never allowed to participate in Zimbabwe again, and they were sent to exile to live in England, never to return to Zimbabwe. The press has released their non-vocal statement, calling it the official death of democracy in Zimbabwe.

File:Harrow. In the Discovery Centre museum. Lithograph of the first Australian cricket team to compete in England in 1868. All Aboriginal players. This lithograph of them competing in Melbourne in 1867.. (52012244953).jpg
Lithograph of the first Australian cricket team to compete in England in 1868 – Image source: denisbin, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Sandpaper Gate – The Biggest Scandal In World Cricket History

The sandpaper gate is probably one of the most recognized scandals in World Cricket History. According to TBS News, in 1983 Steve Smith, David Warner, and Cameron Bancroft were found tampering with the ball using sandpaper. Therefore, the ICC has decided to ban all three players later, one of them accepting and confessing the intent of cheating. Today it is very easy to spot ball-tampering, however, this sport does not always have cameras to keep track of what players are doing. Therefore, this was a whole investigation made by both the community and the committee. The community expects cricketers and fans to show integrity in what they are doing. One of the best international sportsbooks to visit if you wish to bet on cricket is Bet365 Sportsbook.


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