Shocking Stories About Cricket – Must-Read For Cricket Fans

Shocking Stories About Cricket – Must-Read For Cricket Fans

Shocking stories about cricket

There are many shocking stories about cricket which are interesting to read about. Thankfully, the sport is getting calmer than it used to be. However when there are political differences between the countries playing, then usually it brings a great amount of frustration. From both the fans and player side. Therefore, even to this day, they are trying to make cricket a safer sport than it used to be.

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There are countless shocking stories about cricket during the history of the sport. Therefore, we have collected some of the most iconic and famous stories out there. Cricket is a fairly friendly sport, yet it has more violence and corruption connected to it than any other alternative. Therefore, if you know who invented cricket, then you’ll be surprised how different this game became. However, the sport is not only about scandals and frightening stories. Therefore, if you are interested in a great community with sports betting, you should visit the best cricket betting sites in the UK.

Shocking stories about cricket

Shocking stories about cricket

One of the most shocking stories about cricket is the scandals involving racism. Because this game is one of the most popular in India, New Zealand, England, Pakistan, and Africa. Therefore, the different politics of the east and the west have clashed. Because of this, there were many cases when some of the players have been racist. Furthermore, there were many cases where they answered racism with aggression. However, sometimes this aggression was targeting innocent players coming from a country with racist politics. Therefore, this has been one of the most shocking aspects of cricket that the world keeps trying to change.


According to Wisden, one of the most shocking stories about cricket is the case everyone calls Bodyline. Because the English team had to come up with a strategy if they wanted to win against them. Therefore, they decided to surround the players with a circular body line on the outer field. The fielding players created a wall of players as close as legally possible to the batsman. The bowler decided to aim for the batsman’s body instead of the objective. Therefore, the expectation was that a fielding player will catch the cricket ball while the batsman will use the bat to defend themselves. However, critics said that this strategy is unethical and aggressive. Furthermore, it also worsened the already tight political strings between the two countries.

Shocking stories about cricket
Drawn portrait of Harbhajan Singh

Slap gate – Shocking Stories About Cricket

The slapgate is one of the most shocking stories about cricket. However, it is as simple as a sports case can get. During the Indian Premier League in 2008, Harbhajan Singh used the back of his hand to slap the face of his teammate, Sreesanth. He did this during the official handshake, painting the case as an accident. However it is obvious that it was intentional, and later they saw Sreesanth crying on the field. Therefore, it is more than likely that the player was bullied by the person, if not the whole team. Because people are not tearing up easily just because of an accidental slap.

To The Point By Herschelle Gibbs

Herschelle Gibbs is one of the most iconic players in South Africa. He was known to be a bad boy, and to be one of the players who hit 6 sixes in cricket during an inning. However, in his retirement, one of the most shocking stories about cricket has been released. The story was written by Herschelle Gibbs. It shows the real face of his career. Because in his book, he explains and talks about his drug addiction and his match-fixing scandals. And sexual orgies and parties in which he participated with his teammates. Furthermore, he mentions that his team was led by a strong group that outpowered the coaching team.

Bob Woolmer’s Death

According to Bleacher Report, the death of Bob Woolmer is one of the most shocking stories about cricket. Because before Bob was coach of the African team, who came from England. After the los of his team, Bob Woolmer didn’t show up to cheer the team-up. Because police found his dead body. But later they changed the cause of death to a heart attack. However, people suggest that the true reason behind this death was the racism of his home nation. Therefore, he received an unjust punishment. This is a reminder of how risky it is to represent a whole country as one person just to play a sport professionally.

Terror Attack In Pakistan

In 2009, Pakistan was to hold the next international tournament. However, this changed when they attacked a bus carrying the Sri Lankan Team’s players. It was not the cricketing team or the country, but an anonymous masked terrorist group that sought to harm the players. Therefore, police have escorted the team to the nearest military basement. This was the only time except for the Olympics Terror attack when athletes were attacked directly by the terrorists. However, in this case, no one has died. Unfortunately, the Olympic terrorist attack took the life of 11 people.

Shocking stories about cricket
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Eden’s Garden Flames

According to Sportspoint, Eden’s Garden is one of the biggest and most iconic cricket arenas in the world. However, it is also the host of one of the most shocking stories about cricket. The Indian team has lost the match due to dismissal. And as he left, the crowd started to throw bottles into the arena and set the chairs on fire. Therefore, there was a huge catastrophe unfolding within Eden’s Garden. With the chairs and the station burning, and the crowd raging, this behavior from the crowd makes the event quite unfitting for the arena’s name.

Match Fixing – Shocking Stories About Cricket

There were many match-fixing cases throughout the history of cricket. Way more than one could simply list. Therefore, we recommend online betting over trying to visit any of the retail sportsbooks. Because this way you can avoid taking part in a scandal. However, you should always pick the best website or application fitting your needs. We recommend 22Bet Sportsbook for everyone new to betting on cricket.

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