Cricket Ball – Everything About The Manufacturing Of The Ball

Cricket Ball – Everything About The Manufacturing Of The Ball

Cricket Ball

The cricket ball is made out of a strong cork core that gives a stone-like feel to the ball. However, the unique leather and string work on the exterior of the ball gives it a softer feel to the touch. The cricket ball is unique from your typical golf ball or baseball. Therefore, if you are interested in the specifications of professional cricket, then this article will explain everything you need to know about the manufacturing of the cricket ball.

Follow our latest online cricket news to learn everything about this sport. Including the structure and regulations around the cricket ball. Therefore, the cricket ball has its unique aerodynamic features. The ball has many interesting topics connected to it. From throwing techniques to scandals and manufacturing. If you are interested in betting on cricket, then check out the best online cricket betting sites.

Cricket Ball

The structure of the Cricket Ball

According to the International Cricket Hall the sanctioned cricket ball is made out of four main layers. Because the iconic ball is capable of reaching the bowling speed of 160 km/hour. Therefore, it is faster than a cheetah. Cricket balls must be as durable and strong as a rock. Because this surface lets the players use their maximum batting and bowling capacity. Therefore, it is enhancing every aspect of the ball, from speed to rotational speed and other unique aerodynamic qualities. The four layers and parts of the balls are the following:

  1. Cork Core: Cork is an impermeable material that gives the shape and density of the ball.
  2. String layers: The string layers are holding the cork core together from the outside to make sure that it isn’t going to change its shape, no matter the impact. It holds the cork together and ensures that it is unchanged and always in a ball shape.
  3. Leather: Leather is a durable material that allows the ball to slightly change shape throughout the game without losing the fair chances of the players. Therefore, leather is not letting the players to get used to the same swinging motion.
  4. Seam: The seam is one of the most important features of the ball. Because it makes the batter want to anticipate a side-way swing at the cut of the spherical shape.

Different types of balls

According to Metro, the general appearance of a cricket ball has red colors and is white on the inside when cut. In the earlier days of cricket, the white ball was more popular because they were easier to see at night. However, in our modern days, they use red balls during the day. Therefore, they are still preferring to use white balls during the night. There are also slightly different variants to these balls. For example, there is a ball which holds the world record. That ball is created by using bulli soil. Furthermore, you can find dirty white variants with a more vanilla color. Or a more polished and elegant simple white ball. The standard color for the cricket ball is red. The cricket ball created for women is a size smaller. However, it is not losing its unique values.

The rules for the cricket ball

There are strict regulations behind the rules for the cricket ball. Furthermore, additional rules are going against the modification of the ball. Because many of the top 10 cricket scandals have been revolving around tampering with the ball. Therefore manufacturers are creating a strict set of rules. A ball must weigh between 156 to 163 g, and has a 224 to 229 mm circumference. This is for men and boys above the age of 12. However, the women’s cricket ball is one size smaller. The reason behind this is probably due to the size of the palms.

Cricket Ball

Why is it unique?

According to Redbull, the balls are going through a series of stress tests before they would be considered finished. Furthermore, the leather of the cricket ball is special. The thickness is ranging from 4mm to 4.5mm. Manufacturers have dedicated tanneries based in Scotland for the production of this type of leather. The rigid testing involves checking the weight and the bounciness of the ball. Every single stitching on the ball is hand-made with the help of manual machines. Therefore, it isn’t mass


Ball-tampering is one of the most common cheating accusations in the world of cricket. Because the cricket ball is extremely easy to tamper with and modify. Therefore, if we are breaking the surface of the ball, then we receive a great advantage over the ball. Because the batter is expecting the ball to move in a certain way. However a damaged ball is going to change the whole direction and spin. Therefore, a tampered ball is giving a great disadvantage to the batter. On our website you can learn about the different and legal types of bowling.

The development of the cricket ball

We have already discovered who invented cricket. Therefore, the ball had a long history of development. In the early ages of South England cricket was a simple children’s game. However, this game was more dangerous than you expect a child game to be. Because they played with stones and tree branches. Therefore thanks to the rough material of the stone, there were several deaths and injuries connected to the game. However, to not lose the iconic movements and rules centered around a rough ball. The community had to create this rough and hard-hitting ball that can outfly a cheetah. This is why the two-sided leather was the best option. Because it has a relatively soft surface, however on the inside it is still as hard as a rock thanks to the inside of the ball.

Cricket Balls
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