Weirdest Cricket Stories – A Burned Toast Delaying The Match

Weirdest Cricket Stories – A Burned Toast Delaying The Match

Weirdest Cricket Stories

We collected the weirdest cricket stories in cricket history. These are all about first-class games, where the involved people are the best players in the whole world. Some of them had tragic deaths, however, some of them were real champions. Because they got to attend the church with a helicopter while knocking out two opponents. Furthermore, there were legendary moments, such as when someone cut his hair during a match.

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One of the weirdest cricket stories was about events that happened during the early years of professional cricket. Some of these stories are funny, but some of them are dark and odd. The history of cricket has been filled with stories about match-fixing and tampering with the cricket ball. Furthermore, this sport is no stranger to death. However, within these moments you can also find wholesome and hilarious stories that might make you smile. Furthermore, these stories are great to read before visiting the best online cricket betting sites. According to Fox Sports, even our modern-day has weird stories about cricket. For example the retirement of a relatively new, successful cricket player this year.

Cricket Player Bat - Free photo on PixabayHair Cut During The Match – Weirdest Cricket Stories

Have you ever seen a sportsman cutting their hair on the field during a match? The weirdest cricket stories can state proudly that the world has witnessed someone cutting hair during the match. Because in 1974, a player called Sunil Gavaskar was playing on a windy field. The only problem was that his hair was way too long. The wind kept blowing his hair into his face, rendering his ability to see. Therefore, something happened that no one had expected. One of the most recognized umpires came down with a scissor. Therefore, Dickie Bird started cutting his hair in the middle of the match. Throughout the match, he was performing way above average. However, his team still lost against England. But according to Dickie Bird, Gavaskar is one of the most reliable players.

Marriage During The Game

One of the weirdest cricket stories is also one of the most unbelievable and wholesome events throughout the history of Cricket. Because it isn’t rare to see a sportsman marrying on the field. However, the twist here is that Andre Nel was planning his marriage, not knowing that he would be called back into a test match. Therefore, the player had to decide to play or to get married. He decided to pick both. He played the game and sent his opponent out. Then he hopped on a helicopter to travel straight to the church where he tied hands with his wife. Then the next day returned only to knock Brian Lara out. However, the story is just getting interesting. Because years later the same thing happened to Brian Lara. He then returned to face no other player but Andre Nel.

Match Delayed By Burnt Toast

The weirdest cricket stories involve obvious delays and interferences to the game. But in this story, there is only one thing to blame for the delay of a first-class game. Because they delayed the match due to a burned toast. In 2007 one of the players, called Nathan Lyon, burnt his morning toast. This has resulted in a fire alarm coming off, and the involvement of the fire department. Therefore, over-burning a toast can result in the delay of a first-class cricket match. More than 22 players were waiting for the match to begin. If you are new to cricket, we got guides that explain How many players are on a cricket team.

Weirdest Cricket Stories includes toasts
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Terrible Cricket Player Winning Nobel Prize – Weirdest Cricket Stories

If you are not gifted in cricket, then you shouldn’t give up pursuing another career. The perfect example of this is the successor in one of the weirdest cricket stories. According to Cricket Country, Samuel Beckett was said to be one of the worst players in his league. He was not terrible, because he played first-class. Therefore he was still performing better than the majority of the world. However, he wrote about his unfruitful career despite his efforts. Turns out that his literacy skills are so great, that he immediately received a Nobel Prize. Today, we know him as one of the main literary geniuses.

World Series Cricket

According to Bleacher Report, one of the weirdest cricket stories is rather awkward. Because Media mogul Kerry Packer convinced national players to abandon their team and join his new international team. Therefore, one of the most revolutionary years in cricket history has been corrupted by financial competition. Because Packer was able to provide the team with proper payment, clothes, practice field, housing, and much more. Therefore, the first World Series of Cricket has been a disaster for the teams. However, the event didn’t want to accept Packer’s team for the first time. But after many attempts, he was able to join his team.

Deaths In The Cricket World

Death is nothing new to the cricket world. However, one of the weirdest cricket stories is about the death of a coach. Someone murdered him in his hotel room. The murder happened right after his team lost their last match. According to the current conclusion, the reason behind his death is political. Because someone killed him for the racist campaign of his home country. Therefore, his death had nothing to do with his team losing. However, this is one of the Top 10 Cricket Scandals. Furthermore, the earliest form of cricket has seen its fair share of deaths. Because they played the game with rocks and branches.

Weirdest Cricket Stories
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Allegations of Racism – Weirdest Cricket Stories

In 2001, one of the weirdest cricket stories unfolded. Because Mike Denness decided to ban six Indian players for something he deemed to be bad behavior against South Africa. They accused Sachin Tendulkar of ball-tampering and they suspended him from playing in one match. The media and the cricket community were convinced that Mike Denness is racist towards India and that they are fabricating reasons to keep banning Indian players from the league. It is still unproven whether it was a case of racism, or it was just the Indian Team at the time plotting together to cheat. However, the case of racism is much more likely. Later, they removed Denness from the referee.

Betting on Cricket

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