Who Invented Cricket? – From Playgrounds To Internationals

Who Invented Cricket? – From Playgrounds To Internationals

Who Invented Cricket

It was the children of southern England who invented cricket. Back in the day, they used to play games with dangerous tools. Such as rocks and wooden logs as a batter. Therefore, the game has gone through a great redevelopment when gentrification has claimed the game to be a noblemen’s sport. This was a result of the purist government trying to block the game from activity during holidays.

Cricket is one of the most popular sports on the planet. However, only a few people know the true origins of this game. Therefore, many players might be wondering about the question: Who invented Cricket? We dedicate this article to explaining everything about cricket’s past. Furthermore, we are going to tell interesting facts about the origins of this game. Cricket is available at most online cricket betting sites in the UK. Therefore, you should check out 22bet Sportsbook for the best offers and odds to bet on Cricket with.

One of the most interesting facts about cricket is that it slowly grew itself from a children’s game into a fully professional, adult game. Therefore, cricket is the perfect representation of how much a sport can develop if people enjoy it. From throwing life-threatening rocks, to being one of the most recognized international sports.

Who Invented Cricket?

The origins of cricket have always been shadowed by history. Therefore, we don’t have an idea about the name of the person who invented Cricket. However, we do know that it originates from England. Therefore, the home of Cricket is officially the United Kingdom. Because according to World Atlas the first form of documented cricket was played by children. Therefore, children living in the countryside of southern England were the ones who invented cricket. While this information is not confirmed. The large majority of these documents are pointing at children and Southern England.

Who Invented Cricket

The History of Who Invented Cricket

According to Wisden, an English-French dictionary has claimed the word “Crosse” means “the crooked staff wherewith boys play at cricket”. While Crosser means “To play Cricket”. Therefore, it is more than likely that cricket used to be a game dedicated to children only. As these children grew up, they may have started to argue about who is better. And as time passed, they created rules and teams to follow. The first documentation about who invented cricket goes back to 1611. Where two men were fined a smaller fee by the church for not attending. The reason behind their absence was the fact that they were busy playing cricket.

The Game Used To Be More Dangerous

Knowing who invented cricket, we can assume that children didn’t care to take safety measures for the rules. There are documentaries about the unfortunate death of people due to cricket. Because playing this game with rocks and wooden logs can lead to several accidents. The first account on death by cricket says that it happened in Sussex.  Jasper Vinall died due to the unfortunate accident of another player batting a ball against his head. However back then, the ball was just a better piece of rock. Therefore we can assume that the early forms of cricket were causing many injuries for the players.

Cricket went through a gentrification

The times and politics made life complicated for the people who invented cricket. Because back in the day, it was the reign of the puritans who couldn’t stand entertainment on the official resting day. Therefore, they started a legislative effort to limit the possibilities of gambling and cricket. Because people used to bet on the winning teams, therefore the sport fell under the same restrictions as sports betting. Therefore the game has turned into a professional sport for the rich. Because the game became a game of gentries, who played for high stakes such as fifty guineas.

The sport became popular with new teams

In 1844, the first international tournament was organized by the United States against Canada. Shortly after the people who invented Cricket, the English team traveled to the United States, with the Australian team. Even up to this day, they are one of the most recognized countries when it comes to cricket. Later Pakistan and India joined the legends of cricket. Because the most successful players of our time are coming from India and Pakistan. 

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The reason why the first major countries to take interest in the sport was probably the competitiveness. Because if people understand each other, then they can debate who is better.

Concluding Who Invented Cricket

In conclusion, the answer to the question of who invented cricket is easy. Because we do not have a name for the person. But we do know for a fact that it originated from a simple children’s game in southern England. However as these children grew up, better tools and better rules became involved. They became adults and they invited other adults to play the game. Then the migration and tourism began, from which other countries have picked up this sport. According to ICC Cricket, the first form of professional adult cricket was created in 1787.  

Because that’s when they opened the Lord’s Cricket Ground. The sport reached America thanks to the English colonies in 1788. And not too shortly after. They hosted the first international tournament in 1844. By this time, the sport has traveled to most countries.

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