Privacy Policy

All applicable privacy and data protection laws and regulatory frameworks are followed.

Cricfiner may use the personal information you provide at the time of registration to simply improve our services and management of the aforementioned services. The data may be transferred in event that part of the whole ownership of the business may change. Any marketing materials will not be sent, forwarded, or encouraged to you without your express permission. 

Any details regarding your personal information which is directly identifiable to you will not be shared with an unrelated third party without your consent. This rule only has an exception in case of a law enforcement request.

We take all necessary precautions to protect all of your personal information in accordance with Data Protection legislation and will retain any and all such information for as long as it is required to efficiently administer our services, systems, or business.

We shall provide all necessary access for users to edit, revise, or update information as is legally required to access Cricfinder.

We will collect data according to your use of our services in order to enhance them, properly administer your account, to provide you with additional services or offers, respond to your feedback or comments, and send you newsletters, promotions, or other related material as we see fit.

We reserve the right to limit all or any supply of facility of any kind to any individual whose provision of information or data reveals a violation of our community standards or terms and conditions, but we are not obligated to do so.

Although unauthorized access to any sent information is conceivable, all necessary technical protections are taken to ensure the security of your information, and we ensure that such data and information is not misused, destroyed, or accessed by those without due authority.

We reserve the right to change, amend, update, or replace our privacy policy at any time, but we will take all reasonable steps to notify you of any such changes and gain your permission and consent to continue using our site under such terms.

Cookie Policy

Please refer to our cookie policy below for information about our tracking of your information.

Cricfinder uses services such as Google Analytics and Matamo to collect user interaction-related cookies. We do not collect cookies or user data. We use third-party services such as Google Analytics and Matomo that might collect data regarding user behavior and preferences.

Google Analytics is a straightforward, user-friendly tool that allows website owners to track how visitors interact with their content. Google Analytics gives website owners JavaScript tags (libraries) that store information about the page a user has seen, such as the URL of the page, as the user navigates across websites.

No cookies will be utilized in the context of tracking consent, and no tracking requests will be made until consent is given. Tracking requests will be sent and cookies will be utilized as soon as approval is obtained.

These services will allow Cricfinder to function more efficiently in providing our users with the content that they are searching for. It improves our services vastly if we have knowledge of what our users.