Top 10 Cricket Scandals – Shocking Conspiracies And Stories

Top 10 Cricket Scandals – Shocking Conspiracies And Stories

Top 10 Cricket Scandals

We collected the top 10 cricket scandals. Involving match-fixing, death, and even more shocking controversial topics that might surprise you.

Every sport in our world’s history has its own fair share of corruption and scandals. Therefore, we collected the top 10 cricket scandals in world history. Several cases may shock you as a cricket player. For example, someone might have murdered a coach to gain an advantage. Furthermore, there were terrorist attacks and racist slurs tossed around the playing field. And if you think that anyone is innocent, then you would be surprised. Some online cricket betting sites in the UK are offering payback if these scandals are messing up the integrity of the betting. If you are new to betting on cricket, then read through our Cricket Betting Guide.

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10 The England Worlds Boycott – Top 10 Cricket Scandals

According to Sportzbusiness, the 2003 World Cup was held in South Africa, Zimbabwe then Kenya. Back then, they believed that these areas in the world were dangerous. Fearing for their safety England decided to boycott their own game. Because they didn’t want to travel to the mentioned cities. Therefore, the committee has decided to knock them out of the championship. Furthermore, New Zealand has made a narrative to receive a penalty. Therefore with two countries out of the tournament, Kenya has seen the World Cup for the first time.

9 The 2006 Pakistan Ball Tampering

In 2006, one of the top 10 cricket scandals took place at The Oval in Kennington. Because the Pakistani team was allegedly tampering the ball. Ball-tampering is generally one of the most common cheating attempts in the world of cricket. Cricket Ball tampering is to modify the aerodynamics of the ball. Therefore, Inzamam-ul-Haq, the captain of the Pakistan International Cricket Team has been accused of ball-tampering. Furthermore, he was found guilty of disrupting the game. Because he was the captain of the team who refused to re-enter the game after tea time. However, the ball-tampering accusations were denied and dismissed by the court.

Top 10 Cricket Scandals
The Pak cricket team – Image source: Flickr

8 Pakistan Terror Attacks

One of the biggest among the top 10 cricket scandals is when the Sri Lankan team was traveling from the hotel to their Gaddafi Stadium. Because in the middle of the way, they faced a rough terror attack that threatened the life of every player. The test match was canceled and the team was escorted into a safety area. There is always a chance for a conspiracy, however, this was only a test match. Therefore it is unlikely that the other teams or the government had anything to do with this. Therefore, this terror attack was most likely to do an unfortunate coincidence. 

7 Sandpaper Gate – Top 10 Cricket Scandals

According to Indian Express, the history of cricket is filled with cases falling under the term Sandpaper Gate. In short, this means that players are using sandpaper to tamper with the aerodynamics of the ball. This is an effective way to cheat a match. Because it is hard to notice even from up close. In 2018 the Australian opener Bancroft was caught by a TV camera. Therefore he was stripped from his position in Cricket Australia. Furthermore, the president of Australia has stated his disappointment in not only him, but the whole community of the CA.

6 Indian Premier League Spot Fixing

In 2013 one of the top 10 cricket scandals took place in the Premier League. Because the Delhi police have arrested three players. The three cricketers, Sreesanth, Ankeet Chavan, and Ajit Chandila had to face justice court for alleged spot-fixing. This was a great loss for the team Rajasthan Royals because they lost three great players that year. However, they have lost matches thanks to the spot-fixing scandal. Therefore, the team has recovered with better players with integrity.

5 Pakistan Spot Fixing

According to News18 Spot In 2010, three Pakistan players conspired at the England test match held at the Lord’s. They rigged the test match to create profit from their losses. Therefore, they fixed the test match by scoring no-balls during the match. Salman Butt, Mohammad Amir, and Mohammad Asif scored £150,000 by doing so. 

Top 10 Cricket Scandals

4 The Mystery Behind Bob Woolmer’s Death

The mystery behind Bob Woolmer’s death is one of the most shocking among the top 10 cricket scandals. He was the coach of the Pakistan Cricket Team. But shortly after his team has lost their match. They found his dead body in his hotel room. It is still a mystery who and why they killed him. The media has recorded his death to be due to natural causes. However, the police have reported obvious asphyxiation caused by strangulation. Therefore, the media is allegedly trying to swipe the case under the rug. There are speculations that the defeat of his team has nothing to do with the murder case. Therefore, it was because of the racist atmosphere in the United Kingdom’s media. It wouldn’t be a surprise if it was a hotel worker who have murdered the English man as an enraged answer to the hate crime within the media.

3 Hansie Cronje

Hansie Cronje was the captain of the South African Cricket Team. He teamed up with a bookmaker to create one of the biggest sports fixing events among the top 10 cricket scandals. It was against the England team where the South African team had great odds against the England team. However, Cronje still decided to fix the match instead of winning it. This is not among the types of bowling anymore.

2 Underarm Ball

This case has changed the very rulebook of Cricket. Because no one expected players to bowl the ball underarm before. The story begins at the World Cup Series in 1981. It was an Australia vs New Zealand match when the captain of the Australian team asked his brother to throw the ball underarm. Before this, this was not against the rules. However, after this, the committee decided that it is unethical and unsportsmanlike. Therefore, they banned this throwing technique to preserve the spirit of the game.

Top 10 Cricket Scandals

1 The Puritans Restricting Cricket – Top 10 Cricket Scandals

As we already mentioned in our previous article called who invented cricket. Perhaps one of the most important cricket scandals was when the puritans decided to create laws against playing the game. This religious and social motion was to restrict players from playing and betting on holidays. However, as a result of the new law, cricket became a sport for the rich. Therefore, this scandal was the very event that created a professional and worldwide scene for the sport. Because without the restrictions, the rich wouldn’t have invested money into cricket, and it wouldn’t have become the interest of the gentries. If you wish to bet on matches as the gentries did back then. Then you should visit 888Sports. Because they are an exclusive betting site dedicated to cricket.

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