Ball-Tampering Scandals In Cricket – Big Professional Problem

Ball-Tampering Scandals In Cricket – Big Professional Problem

Ball-tampering scandals in cricket

There were many different ball-tampering scandals in cricket happening even to this day. Therefore manufacturers should try to prevent it.

Ball-tampering scandals in cricket are one of the most common problems within the sport and its professional community. Several media outlets state that nowadays cricket is all about controversy and ball-tampering. The reason why ball-tampering scandals in cricket are so common is that the Cricket Ball is special. Therefore, altering its surface disturbs its aerodynamics. Therefore, in cricket, there are rules and regulations for motion. If a batsman has practiced their swing game, but the ball is not moving the way they predict based on experience. Then it will destroy the batsman’s chances of scoring a hit.

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Ball-tampering scandals in cricket

According to the Times of Sports, the ball may be polished without the use of any substance with a rug that’s surface couldn’t alter the ball. Furthermore, players may only remove mud from the ball. under supervision. Therefore, Law 41 subsection 3 concludes that anything else that does anything more than that to the ball is illegal. Cricket is all about ball-tampering scandals nowadays. Because if you play with an altered ball, your chances of winning highly increase. Furthermore, you are not going to use the same ball in the next inning when you are the batsman. Therefore, the tampering teams are often on the bowling side.

This Is A Common Occurrence

According to Lad Brokes, ball-tampering scandals in cricket are a common occurrence. And it became a problem every single year. Because you can easily damage the surface of the ball. Therefore, you can scratch the surface with your nail while walking back with it. This can easily tamper with the ball. Furthermore, the opponent team might frame you for tampering with the ball. And without cameras, it is extremely hard to prove your honesty. There are many different Types of Bowling. Therefore, it is important that the ball remains in it’s original shape. Otherwise, it might result in a different flight path than expected.

Ball-tampering scandals in cricket

What’s the punishment for ball-tampering

According to the official ICC, if a player is guilty of ball-tampering they may be banned. For up to six test matches or 12 ODIs. The commission has suggested the new law at the recent convention in Dublin. Because even the fact that the commission keeps banning players, teams are still trying to cheat. Therefore they decided to increase the penalty for someone who seeks to cheat in such a way. Because ball tampering is not an impulsive cheating method. Therefore, these scandals are never happening as an accident. However, players are not going to be removed for a lifetime for ball-tampering. However, it isn’t unimaginable that it might come to that someday.

The Most Infamous Ball-tampering scandals in cricket

One of the most famous ball-tampering scandals in cricket has been the iconic moment when one of the players quite literally ate the ball. He wanted to tamper with the ball using his teeth to cause a disbalance between the aerodynamics of the ball. According to ABC, The Pakistani player Shahid Afridi has been removed for two Twenty20 internationals after cameras caught him tampering with balls while his team was losing. Therefore, he was found guilty during the verdict of the case. However, he was showing a good attitude afterward, apologizing and pleading guilty. Therefore he claims to have regretted what he’s done. This case has been one of the weirdest cricket stories.

Could they prevent ball-tampering in the future?

The community is punishing any confirmed ball-tampering scandals in cricket. However, manufacturers are not changing anything about the proportions to prevent it. Therefore, there is no way to recognize such schemes without the cameras catching the players after the match. However, the future might bring interesting technology to the game. For example, they might start to use drones to record cricket games. Because modern technology lets people spot scandals easier. Furthermore, the harder it is to cheat, the less likely the players will try. However, before cameras and technology, ball-tampering was the part of almost every single top-level match.

How to recognize ball-tampering scandals in cricket

There is an easy way to recognize ball-tampering scandals in cricket. Even in your local hobby group. Because if your tool doesn’t look like a cricket ball, then they tampered with it. This includes heavy damage over the leather, misaligning embroidery, or any sort of nail or bite marks over the surface. Furthermore, the surface may lose layers which causes disbalance. Then the chances are you are playing with a tampered ball. Furthermore, you may recognize these scandals on live television when you see a person holding a ball away from the camera. Usually, a player wouldn’t care if people saw the ball in his hand. Therefore, if they are holding it in a way the camera couldn’t catch it, then that is a red flag.

Where to bet on cricket

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