Scoring A Duck – Easy Way To Lose Your Reputation In Cricket

Scoring A Duck – Easy Way To Lose Your Reputation In Cricket

Scoring A Duck

Scoring a duck is one of the most uncomfortable plays for a batter to achieve during their cricket career. Therefore, no one wants to go home with a duck’s egg. However, if you are already a professional player, then you are not going to lose your membership in the team just because you scored a duck. But scoring too many ducks might take away possibilities from a player.

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Scoring a duck in cricket means leaving your position with full zeros. Therefore, it is the opposite of scoring 6 sixes. When a player becomes a duck, it can seriously damage their reputation. Therefore, every player wishes to stay away from this unwanted title. Nowadays you can even place bets at the best online cricket betting sites. According to Sportskeeda, Ned Gregory is one of the most famous ducks worth talking about. There are many different types of ducks to learn about. Therefore, one can become a duck under different conditions.

The Meaning Of Scoring A Duck

The definition of scoring a duck is to be dismissed as a batsman with a score of 0. Therefore, if you are leaving your position without scoring anything, you are a duck. However, this definition derives from the term Duck’s Egg. Because there was a newsletter that mocked the Prince of Wales, Edward VII. When he left the field on 17 July 1866 after scoring a zero. The newsletter said he retired to the royal pavilion on a duck’s egg. Because a duck’s egg resembles the shape of a zero.

Scoring A Duck

The Different Types of Scoring A Duck

According to Its Only Cricket, scoring a duck can be done in several ways. Therefore, more types of duck criteria may refer to. Because all of these ducks have different conditions. However, they are all revolving around the concept of a batsman leaving their innings with a score of zero. The worst type of duck is the Golden Duck, because it may demotivate the team early in the season.

  • Simple Duck – A simple duck has met at least four balls during their inning.
  • Golden Duck – This is a little better than scoring a simple duck. Because the batsman has to face at least two balls to receive this title.
  • Silver Duck – A silver duck is who is dismissed after they have scored their second ball within their inning. A silver duck has completed zero runs before the dismissal.
  • Bronze Duck – A bronze have faced at least three balls before they scored an out.

Alternative ducks

  • Diamond Duck – A diamond duck is rare, and it happens when a batsman is dismissed without facing a single ball. Therefore, there are many legal ways to be out in cricket
  • Titanium Duck – This is the rarest type of duck, and it is similar to a diamond duck. Because the similarity is that neither of them faced any balls yet. But in the Titanium Ducks, the ball was handed to the team.
  • Royal Duck – Alternatively platinum duck. A royal duck is identical to the Titanium duck. However, their dismissal was justified by the official cricket laws.
  • Golden Goose. – The Golden Goose is the worst type of duck. They are scoring a duck at the very first match of his team’s new season. Therefore, a golden goose can easily destroy the morale and reputation of his team early in the season.

Famous Ducks

Many professional cricketers scored a duck. Because in a way, this is not a rare phenomenon. Some players are holding a record of duck titles. The current record is held by Muttiah Muralitharan with 59 occasions of scoring a duck. According to Cricket Addiction, the country with the most ducks in Sri Lanka. However, lately Sri Lanka has joined the countries with a man who scored 6 sixes. Therefore, this is nothing but a mere coincidence. Therefore, the following players are the most famous ducks in cricket history:

Scoring A Duck
Muttiah Muralitharan in action – Image source: Flickr
  • Muttiah Muralitharan
  • Courtney Walsh
  • Sanath Jayasuriya
  • Stuart Christopher John Broad
  • Christopher Stewart Martin
  • Edward VII.

How to avoid becoming a duck

If you wish to avoid becoming a duck in your non-professional match, then you should study the law book of cricket. Because many laws can turn someone into a duck without expecting it. Furthermore, scoring zeros is always uncomfortable, this is why you should practice batting even if your dedicated position is not mainly a batting one. Furthermore, if you are a sports bettor, you can take advantage of the players scoring a duck. Because if someone’s play portfolio is about a lot of ducks. Then you know to bet on the lowest scores during their plays.

The Results of Scoring A Duck In Cricket

Scoring a duck is something every player wants to avoid. Because if you have a reputation for gathering a lot of zeros, then you simply can not proceed in your career. It is easier to amass failures like Muttiah Muralitharan when you are in a top-level cricket team. However, if you are at the start of your career, then allowing yourself such mistakes is going to block you from progress. Furthermore, if you reach the level of having records, then you can not nullify your total records of plays at a professional level. Therefore, players want to be someone who hits 6 sixes in an over instead of someone who collects zeros.

Scoring A Duck
Petersen bowled for a duck by Mohammad Asif in 2006 – Image source: Colin Malsingh, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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