When Did Cricket Go To 6 Ball Overs – Why Wasn’t 8 Practical

When Did Cricket Go To 6 Ball Overs – Why Wasn’t 8 Practical

When Did Cricket Go To 6 Ball Overs

There was a time in cricket when an over was less or even more than 6 balls. But when did cricket go to 6 ball overs? We are going to explain world cricket history from the viewpoint of the laws and rules about the overs. Therefore, there is a valid chance that in the future cricket might feature new formats, with fewer or more overs than what we know today.

Because back in 1880 people did not expect cricket to change from the standard 4 ball overs format. Therefore, chances are that soon we are going to either decrease or increase it. Some of the best online cricket betting sites may open betting markets about this question too. Without further ado, let’s discover when did cricket go to 6 ball overs.

The Definition Of An Over

Before answering when did cricket go to 6 ball overs, first we have to keep in mind that not everyone knows cricket terms. Therefore, the definition of an over is the time of the game when the cricket ball is bowled from one end of the pitch to another. Therefore, in the current cricket format, the ball is being bowled 6 times before the bowlers change. Around three to six bowlers are playing during an inning.

Their job is to out the opponent’s batsman whose job is to hit the bowled ball back. Depending on the deliveries of both players, they can score runs, or cause dismissals for the opponent. According to Lords, the official rules about the balls during an over are up to an agreement between the two teams. Therefore, it is a habit for the captains to just agree upon 6 ball overs.

When Did Cricket Go To 6 Ball Overs?

If you are looking through the different cricket formats, you find out that the most common practice is to use 6 balls during an over. This raises the fair question: When did cricket go to 6 ball overs? The answer is that eight and five-ball overs have ceased from professional play in 1979/80.

Because teams have been trying to experiment with 8-ball overs. However, it didn’t work out quite well. Furthermore, there were earlier years when they used 6 balls before they would have experimented with eight. Furthermore, there was a point in history, where they used 4 balls up until 1888 or 5 balls until 1899. Therefore, the number of balls has changed roughly after a decade of play. Six-ball overs turned out to be the most practical for everyone.

Why Did They Change It? – When Did Cricket Go To 6 Ball Overs

Now that we know the answer to the question: When did cricket go to 6 ball overs, it is time to find out why it went to 6 ball overs. According to The Guardian, one of the main reasons behind decreasing the balls from eight to six during an over might be because the Down Under was the last season where the eight ball overs were used. In 1978-79.

Therefore, they might have changed to six-ball overs because there were no points to compete for eight balls. Because once a team reaches 5–1, then the match has concluded, and the remaining 3 attempts are pointless. Furthermore, the length of the game plays a huge role in this question. Because with 4 ball overs, the game became too short. However, with 8 ball overs, the bowlers and the ball itself became worn out and it wasn’t ideal to play with.


When Did Cricket Go To 6 Ball Overs In Other Regions?

According to Cricketaddictor, every country has its answer to the question: When did cricket go to 6 ball overs? However, there is an interesting fact among the numbers. Therefore, we are going to show you the first professional play attempts and the final date when they decided to stay with 6 ball overs. However, if you find no country in this table, that means that they have already joined with the 6 balls over format.

When Did Cricket Go To 6 Ball Overs
Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons

What makes this table interesting is that it shows that it was indeed Australia who has been experimenting with the 6 balls over format. Therefore, they are the true revolutionary region when it comes to rules. However, they experimented with 8-ball overs too, only to return to six balls in 1928. Therefore, the very first time cricket went to 6 ball overs was 1891, or earlier years with no professional play.

Will Cricket Increase To 8 Ball Overs?

When you are reading about the question: When did cricket go 6 ball overs, you will find out that it was not too late. However, people liked to try out 8-ball overs as well. Therefore, history shows that 6 ball overs are indeed the most practical and popular formats of cricket. However, 8 ball overs were already tested out and were seen in plays. Therefore, it is unlikely that cricket will ever go back to 8-ball overs. Because the cricket ball and bats are deforming after hours of playing. Furthermore, hours and days of cricket can exhaust and burn players out. Furthermore, cricket is already called one of the longest sports in the world. Increasing it with 8 ball overs wouldn’t serve the community at all.

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