Funniest Cricket Stories – Amusing Cricket Stories And History

Funniest Cricket Stories – Amusing Cricket Stories And History

Funniest Cricket Stories

Cricket is just like every other sport when it comes to community and entertainment. Therefore, you can find gems in all informative stories. However, we collected the simplest and funniest stories. Because these don’t require you to know rules such as how many wickets you need to dismiss a team.

Therefore, all you have to do is to enjoy these stories. And if they motivate you to place bets on cricket, then we have a library of the best online cricket betting sites. Without further ado, let’s check out the funniest cricket stories.

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Rahul’s beer

One of the funniest cricket stories is Rahul’s beer. Therefore in this story, Rahul has a very bad time. Because he was on his way to becoming a duck, missing every ball during the game. He was becoming more and more irritated as time passed.

And as the bowler walked back, he turned to the wicket-keeper, saying: “Phew… What couldn’t I do with a bottle of beer.” to which the wicket-keeper answered: “Hit it with the bat?” – This story is one of the most hilarious sayings that happened during a professional cricket match. And while sometimes cricket has a toxic competition, these sayings make the cricket community close-knitted. Because mockery is one of the main essences of the game’s social side.

The Toast That Delayed The Worlds

The Toast that delayed the world is another famous item among the funniest cricket stories. Because an international tournament and the world is a prestigious, first class event that thousands if not millions of people attend and watch live. Therefore, the stadiums and the teams are always ensuring the fact that these matches are smooth without interruptions.

Funniest Cricket Stories
Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons

However, there was one thing that managed to delay the match by thirty minutes against all odds. Because one of the players has overburnt their toast, causing a fire in their team’s room. Therefore, they had to stay until the firefighters fixed the issue.

Edward VII The First Duck

According to Indiatimes, Edward VII was King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and the British Dominions, and Emperor of India. However, what you didn’t know about him is that he was the person who created Scoring a Duck. Because in 1877 he was participating in one of the international tournaments. In which he participated as an honorary guest and opener of the event.

However, he failed to score a single point during the game. Reports were humorously written about him. However, they had to write it in a way that wouldn’t dishonor the king. Therefore, they wrote that the King had returned to his castle with a Duck’s egg. Because the egg resembles the shape of a zero, which was his total score for the event.

Shane Warne And His Celebration Dance

According to Liebcricket, one of the funniest cricket stories is connected to Shane Warne. Furthermore, they believe that Warne is one of the most entertaining and funniest players in the history of cricket. There were many occasions when hilarious situations were connected to him or at least involved his name. Therefore, one of the most light-hearted moments is when Lieb managed to lead his team to victory by making a great score.

Funniest Cricket Stories
Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons

Because he picked up his cricket bat, and lifted it with both hands, dancing his body around to celebrate his success. The scene was funny and joyous, with the bright coca-cola machine behind him giving even better aesthetics to the scene.

Bowling or Begging?

According to Cricketaddictor, One of the funniest cricket stories involves a little history between two countries. Because of India vs Pakistan match, the long-lived rivalry has shown its teeth. Therefore, it wasn’t rare to hear players exchanging insults and snarky comments against each other. Furthermore, there were many controversies about racist slurs tossed about.

However, in 2004, there were two players, Akhtar and Sehwag played against each other. Akhtar tried to gesture for Sehwag to try and play the hook shot. To which Sehwag answered audibly: “Tu bowling kar raha hai ya bheekh maang raha hai?” – Which roughly translates to: “Is he bowling or begging?”.

Shahid Afridi Eating The Ball

Another among the funniest cricket stories is also one of the biggest cricket scandals. Because it involves Shahid Afridi as he was trying to tamper with the cricket ball by damaging one of its sides with his teeth. This is one of the most common ways of cheating and is a big problem within the cricket community.

However, if you watch images of Shahid with him biting the ball, the whole story turns a little more humorous. Because you don’t often see a professional player attempting to eat the ball in the middle of the game. After the case, Afridi apologized for his attempt and admitted to his intentions to cheat. He promised to better himself once he is allowed to return to professional cricket.

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Betting on Cricket

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