Types of Bowling – The Different Ways To Dismiss The Batter

Types of Bowling – The Different Ways To Dismiss The Batter

types of bowling

Just like in every sport, a player needs more than just athletic training and practice. Because there are over 21 types of bowling techniques out there. Therefore, we collected the most common and iconic bowling types. Because if you are visiting online cricket betting sites in the UK you might meet interesting bets about the type of bowling seen during the matches. Without further ado, let’s learn more about the ways of bowling the cricket ball.

What Makes a Good Bowler?

According to Its Only Cricket, there are many contributing factors to the efficiency of a bowler and their technique. For example, there are so many muscles used during bowling, that it is hard to name the most important muscle a bowler must train.

However, the biceps, the rotator cuffs, and the wrist muscles are one of the most important. Furthermore, the height of the bowler matters. Because if someone has longer arms, they can execute certain types of bowling better than people with short arms. Because adding velocity to the ball is important if you wish to out a batsman.

The Two Main Types of Bowling

According to Kreedon, there are two main types of bowling. These two types are fast bowling and spin bowling. Therefore, you will see two main positions in cricket. One has to do with the velocity of the bowler’s arm sending the ball at a fast pace forward.

The other one is about wrist technique and spinning the ball for a precise and aimed throw. Therefore, these two main types are all divided into 7-7 different types of techniques. Because as long as the bowler follows the main rules of cricket, they can change their technique freely.


The bouncer is one of the most famous types of bowling. Because this one is an aimed and precise throw aimed at the upper body of the batsman. This technique allows the bowler to imitate a fake throw, and taunt the opponent into an early bat.

Furthermore, it might intimidate the batsman to see a good bouncer bowl, because they know that the ball is aimed at their body. Therefore, the batsman will bat with increased anxiety, knowing that the ball might hit them. Because the brain might overwrite the goal of achieving scores with survival instincts, making the batman score fewer points.

In and Out Swinger

The in and out swinger are two different types of bowling techniques, based on the strategy of the team. Because the swing is the same, however, the direction and target are exactly the opposite. The swinger seeks to taunt a curved toss where the ball can either be an in-swinger or an outswinger.

The In swinger has the bat as their target. Because the goal for an in-swing is to take advantage of weak batting or to taunt a batting failure. However, if a batsman is great at reacting to swings, then the bowler might throw an out swinger. The outswinger targets the wicket, seeking to make a play that can easily out the batsman without letting the expert player score points for his team.

Reverse Swing

The reverse swing is one of the most used types of bowling that is connected to the Ball-Tampering Scandals in Cricket. Because this technique sees the ball move the opposite way for a conventional hit for the batsman. The reverse swing is the best, when the cricket ball has a deformed surface. Therefore, a reverse swing is frequently used when the ball has been tampered with. However, there are many legal ways to make a reverse swing without cheating.

Yorker – Classic Types of Bowling

The famous yorker is one of the most efficient types of bowling techniques. Because this is one of the main strategies used to dismiss a batsman. Therefore, the Yorker bowl is aimed at the toes of the batsman. It is extremely hard to defend against the Yorker because the batsman has to swing downwards.

Therefore, if a batter knows how to rotate the bat from an upper hit, then they may score high scores. However, if the Yorker has been thrown with high speed, then this is one of the hardest bowls to defend against. The Yorker is one of the main reasons for batsman dismissal.

Off and Leg Cutter

According to Cricket Mastery, the off-cutter and the leg cutter are similar types of bowling, with different goals. Because the cutter is about finger technique when the bowler sort of spins the ball with their finger right before throwing.

This can make the ball essentially bounce off from the bat, even if the batsman has made the perfect answer to a bowl. Because there were several cases when a batter managed to hit the ball in a motion that would lead to a no-field. However, thanks to the cutter techniques, the ball bounced right off the bat, out of the field. These are slow batting techniques seeking to use physics and deception against the batter.

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Off and Leg Break

The off and leg break are the most basic types of bowling. Essentially, there is no trick or finger motion added to the throw. This is the earliest and most basic way of proper bowling, and it has a fair chance of win and failure.

Essentially, this is less about applying a new technique, and more about focusing on muscle motion, movement execution, and aim. However, the leg break is an alternative to the off-break, which forces the batting player to react to the difference properly.

Slower Ball – Effective Types of Bowling

The slower ball is a directed throw that seeks to confuse the opponent and to have a perfect aim at the wicket. Therefore, a slower ball is not easier to bat away. Especially if the batsman is expecting the ball to be faster. Because the difference between a slower ball and the regular ball is roughly around 20-30kmph. Therefore, you can often see batsmen batting earlier than the ball would arrive. Furthermore, if the batter is not reacting to this throw precisely, then this technique allows for a precise shot at the wicket.


The doosra is one of those types of bowling that seeks to use deception to fool the opponent. Therefore, the ball is held in different fingers and it moves in the exact opposite direction a normal ball should.

Because of this, the batsman might meet the opposite of his exceptions, and if they are not flexible in changing their batting direction. The doosra is one of the bowling techniques that made batsmen score a duck.

Googly – Deceptive Types of Bowling

The Googly is one of the most deceptive throws a bowler can deliver. Essentially, the googly seeks to let the ball slip out of the palm after a running swing, deceiving the batter to think that it will spin in a different direction.

Essentially, if the batsman fails to hit the ball, then it will land on the ground, bouncing right on the wicket. The googly is similar to the doosra, however, this technique takes practice and great bowling skills.

In Conclusion

To conclude the different types of bowling, there are many different ways to bowl the ball. Because it takes muscle, delivery, length, technique, and brains to be a successful bowler. This is why it is one of the main roles of the game.

Therefore a bowler may change their strategy based on their knowledge of the batsman they are facing.  And if you want to find the best site to bet on cricket, then you should visit ComeOn! Sportsbook. Because picking a sportsbook is just as important for a bettor as picking a technique for the bowler is.

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