Who Are the Most Iconic Cricket Duos?

Who Are the Most Iconic Cricket Duos?

Most Iconic Cricket Duos

The most iconic cricket duos are those that qualify to be more than just cricketers, they are partners on the field. They must act like two bodies but one soul and if their performance reflects such panache then they are bound to be the stars of the show! Undoubtedly, our lovely punters are always rooting for their favourite cricketers to partner up and win over the crowd. Thus, here we are with the most iconic duos in cricket that will certainly entice your taste buds and your passion for the sport!


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Although humans may not be lucky enough to get their hands on immortality, cricket will certainly live forever. This beautiful sport unites every man on the field and can either make or break you. Talented players from across the globe come together and form a single unit with one goal – to win it! Some players find their on-field soulmates in these matches whilst competing in the same team. This may become the start of something remarkable.

The admiration they carry for the game blooms into a remarkable bond that spreads like wildfire. Their victorious escapades become the talk of the town across the world, from joyful dinner table stories to enthusiastic street cricket gossip. The unique and everlasting brotherhood they carry certainly leaves a mark on everyone who is a part of the journey. However, what are the characteristics that make an iconic cricket duo worthwhile?

What Does it Take to be Among the Most Iconic Cricket Duos?

Partnership. An iconic cricket duo consists of cricketers who come together on the field and can be a means of threat to the opposing team. A single well-established partnership is bound to knock down field keepers and bowlers before they can even come close to the stumps! Also, not to forget the wicketkeepers who so modestly struggle to somehow send the bails off and end the precious duo. God bless their souls… This showcases that a duo can be incredibly dangerous as a good partnership on the field can turn the entire course of the match in just a few innings.

However, two methods are available that can help in building and sustaining a successful cricket partnership:

  1. Pick a Bowler Each

Discuss with your partner which bowler you can tackle easily, as each has a versatile bowling technique. Thus, investigating each bowler’s strengths according to your strengths can be beneficial for each batsman.

  1. Allocate a Junior Partner and a Senior Partner

The trick is in the name! The senior partner will be responsible for scoring big runs and hitting sixes. On the other hand, the junior partner will be responsible for keeping the fielders on their toes, pushing the ball in the gaps and helping the senior partner get back on strike. This technique is fruitful for a 20-over game where you are aiming to score 8 runs per over or in the second half of a game with 40-50 overs.

The Most Iconic Cricket Duos: Pairs of Pure Potential

Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman (India)

Reign of Partnership: 1996-2012

Runs Scored: 4,065

Average Rate: 51.45

Innings Played: 86

India is famous for producing an impeccable modern generation that thrives in cricket. Currently, the Indian cricket team is among the best teams in the sport. The Indian cricketers are very ambitious and immensely equipped with the perfect skill set for the game. Their on-field partnerships are certainly popular for being nothing less than legendary and for many years people carry fond memories of their heroic gameplays.

As suggested by the fans, “Very Very Special” Laxman is always a delight to watch on the field. Former cricketer and commentator, his gameplay always displayed ferocity especially after he broke the record in the Ranji Season. He managed to score 1415 runs at an average of 108, in just 9 matches. Currently, he is the Head of Cricket at the National Cricket Academy (NCA). In addition, he is also the Head Coach of the Indian Under 19, as well as the India A teams.

It is no surprise that Rahul Dravid is in the mix of the excellent cricketers that we are talking about today. Indeed, Rahul Dravid possesses a remarkable skill set that gave birth to his unique batting style. In International Cricket he scored 24,177 and is still popularly known as a great batsman. Due to his impeccable talent, he is known as Mr. Dependable colloquially and is also often addressed as “The Wall.” It is true, many frustrated bowlers can vouch for the chaos Dravid brings on the field!

How Are They Amongst the Most Iconic Duos in Cricket?

The pair have managed to score remarkable runs, they are popularly known for not stopping on the field without tripling their scores. They are certainly an iconic duo, transforming 12 of their 26 half-century partnerships into threefold figures and sometimes even more! Unarguably, they are the single greatest partnership in the history of Test cricket and have always been problematic for the opposing team.

In 2001, Eden Gardens was visited by the Australian team and they were trending after preserving a record of the 16th consecutive Test win. When they arrived on the field it was business as usual, what they had assumed would be a walk in the park surprisingly turned into their cricket nightmare. Once Dravid and Laxman met on the field, there was no turning back from that point. They both bagged a remarkable number of runs, 232/4 and they were still 42 runs shy of making Australia bat again. At this point, the Indian team was rejoicing as the series seemed lost.

These excellent players won a beautiful game and their pair is still popular among the cricket fans. Dravid made 180 as both of them scored a whooping total of 376 runs. Laxman heroically gave his career-best performance and scored 281, changing the face of the match. Turning the tables in the favour of their team set the platform for a famous victory. The exciting escapades from that match still leave the fans in awe and nostalgia as both the players are nothing less than true cricket legends.

Sourav Ganguly & Sachin Tendulkar (India)

Reign of Partnership: 1996-2008

Runs Scored: 4,173

Average Rate: 61.36

Innings Played: 71

We will say it again, India certainly possesses fine gentlemen who are all-rounders. With a remarkable skill set and a raging passion for the game, some cricketers are born to be excellent players. The combination of excellent cricketers with a knack for remarkable gameplay is always dangerous for even the strongest teams. Needless to say, a duo can bring home the winning trophy and leave behind a memorable victory, memoirs of which will cease to exist for a long time. Ganguly and Tendulkar are among the kings of the cricket duos.

As separate entities, they both have successful careers. Retiring as the founding father of India’s golden generation of batsmen, Ganguly is widely famous for scoring 16 centuries in Test matches and 22 in ODIs. In addition, only 10 batsmen have scored more than 10,000 runs in ODIs and Ganguly is one of them.

Indeed, Ganguly is a magnificent cricketer possessing incredible expertise on the field but our boy Sachin is broadly popular for his devasting batting. After retiring as the greatest run-scorer in the history of cricket, Tendulkar now owns the Indian Super League franchise Kerala Blasters. His gameplay always leaves the crowd in awe and no one can forget that he became the first cricketer to score 100 centuries (100 runs in a single innings) in international play. After scoring 6 successful double centuries, it took him 10 years and 21 attempts to turn a century into a double. Indeed, Tendulkar will always be one of a kind as his unique talent is rare. Thus, imagine the destruction on the field if these two gentlemen were to combine their forces!


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How Are They Amongst the Most Iconic Duos in Cricket?

Although Ganguly and Tendulkar did not share many innings, they are still among the top ten players with the second-highest average partnership. While Tendulkar made a remarkable career, Ganguly on the other end was constantly contributing a hundred percent. The combination of the strength of these players has always given them an edge, which is why they are popularly known for scoring their highest partnership against New Zealand in 1999.

The match is said to be quite inspiring. With India raging strongly at a whooping score of 182/3, Ganguly and Tendulkar grace the crowd with their spectacular entries. While scoring his century with Tendulkar beside him, Ganguly was an important asset for his partner who also doubled up! As their partnership was bringing such remarkable results, the tiring Kiwi attacks were no match for them. With the pair climbing to 281, the opposing team were already at a loss. Thus, this proves our point that if two extraordinary players come together, they are very capable of wreaking havoc on the field!

Gautam Gambhir & Virender Sehwag (India)

Reign of Partnership: 2008-2012

Runs Scored: 4,412

Average Rate: 52.52

Innings Played: 87

Yet again, Indian cricketers continue to win the hearts of fans around the world. This nation is responsible for producing partnerships between cricket legends of the likes of Tendulkar, Dravid and Laxman. Amid the fantastic lot, Gambhir and Sehwag came along. Raging a partnership from Delhi, these cricketers went ahead and added more colour to the game through the combination of their finesse.

Gambhir is popularly known as one of the four international cricketers and the only Indian to score hundreds of runs in 5 consecutive matches. Other than being an excellent cricketer, he is currently a member of the Honourable Parliament (East Delhi). While winning along each other’s side, Gambhir and Sehwag’s booming partnership is certainly a delight.

Both the cricketers have their unique talents that gave birth to this partnership. Sehwag is the master of scoring massive scores at a breathtaking speed and he possesses the Indian record for scoring the highest number of Test double hundreds. In addition to this, he came within seven runs of being the first batsman ever to score three triple-hundreds. Thus, if players with such abilities become partners on the field there is bound to be some destruction!

How Are They Amongst the Most Iconic Duos in Cricket?

Making runs everywhere, this Delhi-based partnership is responsible for many heroic wins. It is evident that due to the performances of these fantastic cricketers, India has a prominent name in the period of Test cricket. Thriving in cricket, the era of 2009 is certainly considered to be quite a success for the team. Indeed, such partnerships are hard to break. However, the only cure can be bringing Dravid out on the crease!

One of the most profound efforts from Gambhir and Sehwag was seen in 2009. During a match at Kanpur, playing at 233 against Sri Lanka, Sehwag departed first for 131 off just 122 balls. With nearly a run per ball, the Sri Lankan team was visibly exhausted due to the impeccable performance of the Delhi boys. A well-deserved win, indeed.

Marvan Atapattu & Sanath Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka)

Reign of Partnership: 1997-2007

Runs Scored: 4,543

Average Rate: 39.41

Innings Played: 122

Rising prominently in international cricket during the mid-to-late 90s, Sri Lanka was riding on the back of two giants. Atapattu and Jayasuriya are the surprises that shocked the globe in the 1996 World Cup. The duo was at the top of the batting fixture of the Sri Lankan team for a decade. Undoubtedly, their beautiful partnership is always blooming in history as a reminder that the Sri Lankan team possess amazing cricketers.

Sri Lankan cricketer and currently the captain of the Woman’s Twenty20 International team of Sri Lanka, Atapattu is a prolific batsman. Capable of breaching the mark of 5,000 runs in Test matches, he is highly popular for his skilful leadership. Starting his career with unfortunate events, he was steadfast and his determination led to 16 magnificent centuries in his name. He may be a late bloomer but his skills only improved over time. Accumulating such accomplishments is certainly an honour. However, when such talent partners with an equally destructive batsman the opposing team is bound to tremble.

Ranking as the most successful spinner in the history of One Day International cricket, Jayasuriya is an impeccable cricketer and his career speaks for itself. He is responsible for taking 323 wickets while withholding an average of 36.75, including 12 four-wicket hauls. Moreover, he bears the record for scoring the highest ODI innings by a Sri Lankan player. His partnership with Atapattu certainly gave Pakistan a tough time.

How Are They Amongst the Most Iconic Duos in Cricket?

Pakistan certainly still mourns the match against Sri Lanka in Kandy, in 1999. It was the fifth-highest opening partnership in Test history while competing against a ferocious attack from the memorable Waqar Younis and Wasim Akram. Indeed, Pakistan has first-hand experience of the full force these polished cricketers can bring.

Scoring an unbeatable 207 runs, Atapattu was in his fit form, showing finesse on the field. On the other hand, Jayasuriya scored 188 runs whilst the openers marked 335 before the dismissal of the latter. Unfortunately, due to bad weather, the match did not continue beyond Day 2. However, the witnesses of the first two days still remember the glorious partnership of these Sri Lankan cricketers as a magnificent masterclass. Indeed, they are worthy of praise and remembrance.

Matthew Hayden & Ricky Ponting (Australia)

Reign of Partnership: 2001-2009

Runs Scored: 4,765

Average Rate: 67.11

Innings Played: 76

The pair is popularly known for tiring out bowlers on the field. Their partnership is always dominating the field while leaving the bowlers grasping for hope. Unfortunately for them, the duo is fantastic and will always be. Undoubtedly, when Hayden and Ponting are in the mood then nothing can stop them.

Ranking amongst the greatest cricketers of the modern era, Matthew Hayden is a profound Aussie legend. Representing Australia at the age of 21, he is a player with a remarkable skillset and talent. In the 15 years of his career, he mastered all the cricket formats. Amassing more than 15,000 runs in International cricket, he is also well known for the 40 centuries he has bagged under his belt. With Ponting on Hayden’s side, the Australian team became invincible.

Pointing is certainly a prolific batsman and is famously known as the only player in the history of cricket to be a part of 100 Test match victories. In addition to this, he is also popular for being a valuable player in the winning squad and has the title of having the most ODI victories. Possessing 262 wins, and having played in over 160 Test matches and 370 ODIs, the man is a walking cricket legend. Indeed, Australia has gold! Ponting is the Australian team’s lead run-scorer in ODI and Test cricket which makes him an invaluable asset for the team. His partnership with Hayden is an example of sheer destruction, the kind that can bring any team to its knees.

How Are They Amongst the Most Iconic Duos in Cricket?

Holding the highest average partnership of anyone in the top 10 of the list, Hayden and Ponting are destructive on the field. Their batting has always left the bowlers in devastation: tired and defeated. Making 67 runs for every visit they shared in the middle, they are invincible. Only one duo has ever equalled the 16 partnerships they made of 100 or more and only made better by two duos. However, keep in mind that all three of these have played together at least 30 innings more.

Often England has been on the receiving end of the bashing the duo is popularly known for inflicting. In 2002/2003, during the Ashes tournament in Australia, the is seen to be faint. The hearts of the England fans were certainly sinking. Before facing a severe knee injury, Simon Jones had managed to snag a breakthrough on the scoreboard in Gabba by bagging 67 runs. After this, Hayden and Ponting were steering the Australian ship and were imposing 364/2, after they had put on 272 in 61 overs where Ponting is known for bagging 123 while Hayden scored a whopping 197.

One of the most memorable and exciting matches of this fantastic duo is certainly the one where they exacted some harmless yet harmful revenge. Dravid and Laxman gave the Aussies a run for their money on the field of Eden Gardens. With 322 runs for one wicket in the match, the Australian team was breaking quite a sweat on the field. However, Ponting and Hayden are certainly good at settling scores and this match is an excellent example of it. Not content after bagging 234 runs just in the first innings, Ponting went ahead to make 257 and the duo reunited in the fourth innings. After making 88 more runs, Australia won a tremendous game. Through this glorious win they not only took the hearts of their fans, but they also reclaimed their dignity.

Alastair Cook & Andrew Strauss (England)

Reign of Partnership: 2006-2012

Runs Scored: 5,253

Average Rate: 40.40

Innings Played: 132

Proudly withholding the title of possessing the most successful partnership in the long era of England’s Test cricket, Cook and Strauss are the ultimate British legends. They are solely responsible for putting England on the top of the list of the ICC World ranking in 2009. Initially, Strauss and Marcus shared a profound partnership which perished due to Marcus’s stress-induced illness. Thus, emerging with a bang, Cook and Strauss became the perfect duo!

After Marcus fell, there was a gaping hole and everyone was wondering whether England was in trouble or not. However, at the age of 21, during a debut match in Nagpur, Cook bagged a century. Indeed, a sigh of relief. His debut performance is still a masterclass for all the fans who wish to become cricket legends one day! Thus, any fears that England may lose its position in the top order were quickly dismissed.


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How Are They Amongst the Most Iconic Duos in Cricket?

Cook and Strauss possess a remarkable partnership that has taken England to 100 fourteen times and without a loss. Their highest accumulation still marks a profound victory for the Brits! Settling at a featherbed in Barbados, their five players were scoring centuries while two were easily passing 90. Indeed, their excellent performance and skills can withhold the toughest attacks but the first Ashes series is a true witness of the beauty this partnership carries. Initiating the footing for the first Ashes series win in Australia for about 24 years, Cook and Strauss are still winning hearts around the world.

Initially, things began in an unpromising manner when Strauss was starting with a duck three balls into the first day of the Test. With no runs on the board, indeed, the future will seem bleak. Aware of the dire situation, the men decided to pull their socks and flog some bowlers! With two days left to save the first Test, they scored 188 in the hopes that they could bag an epic win. The duo was on fire as Strauss was bagging a century while Cook was on his journey of attaining an unbeaten double hundred. A glorious victory with England closing in with 517/1. Undoubtedly, the tour was not about to end with any disappointments as England was holding its head up high.

A Slight Mishap but A Good Comeback

Strauss is a bully on the field but only because his dominating gameplay speaks for itself. Unfortunately, his gameplay failed the team in Adelaide as the ironclad partnership was only good at scoring 78.  Roaring victoriously, Australia was soon rolling back into the series at Perth. After remorsefully shutting the door on the series in Melbourne, Strauss and Cook were seeking revenge.

After brutally executing Australia for 98, the duo gently manoeuvred England towards the top by scoring half-centuries each. Standing at 159, they were laying the bricks for the glorious innings victory they were about to celebrate. Racking up at 513, England was celebrating! Even though they were short of just a century in Sydney, their outstanding partnership of 98 was helping England climb up.

In the end, England’s score was too high to catch up in just two innings. With Cook scoring 189, Matt Prior and Ian Bell continued to score their centuries while bowlers were tediously getting beaten. Without a doubt, the consistent wins in the Ashes series have always motivated the modern players to continue the legacy. Maybe even live up to the names of the legends who were the key to unleashing these wins!

Matthew Hayden & Justin Langer (Australia)

Reign of Partnership: 1997-2007

Runs Scored: 6,081

Average Rate: 51.53

Innings Played: 122

The Australian team is not a stranger to the list. In fact, their fantastic players can still make any bowler tremble. The precious left-handed pair of Hayden and Langer is the ultimate tool of destruction. Withholding their epic partnership in 122 Test innings, Hayden’s opening partner has always been Langer.

Earlier in this article we are highlighting the tremendous efforts of Hayden. His versatile skillset was fitting like a glove when partnered up with Ponting. Similarly, his partnership with Hayden is destructive as well. The game is bound to get more enticing when the duo is thirsty for runs and is popular for flogging the ball across the boundaries far too many times.

How Are They Amongst the Most Iconic Duos in Cricket?

Averaging at 51.33 with 14 centuries standing, the pair can exhaust multiple bowlers while scoring runs at an alarming rate! Langer has always been providing a gritty counterpoint for the dominant Hayden. The pair is popular for their impeccable performance at The Oval in 2001. Langer got moved up and the duo claimed the opportunity to make 158 runs together! Indeed, there was no stopping them now. Charging forward ferociously, they amassed 5,655 runs as a duo and took their total score to a magnificent 6,081.

Their play against Sri Lanka in Cairns in 2004 is ranking as their highest and most successful partnership yet! With 255 against Sri Lanka, Hayden was scoring hundreds in each innings on the flat pitch. However, reaching such remarkable goals is a piece of cake for such talents. Arriving proudly at fourth on the list of the highest runs made by a duo, they have topped many lists. For instance, they are at the top of the list for the most partnerships of 200 or more fantastic six double-century stands and almost half of their shared 14 stands have passed 100! Their duo is truly an inspiration.


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Mahela Jayawardene & Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka)

Reign of Partnership: 2000-present

Runs Scored: 6,151

Average Rate: 56.43

Innings Played: 113

These smooth Sri Lankan players hold the destiny of cricket. Such cricketers are responsible for the future of the game and it is a relief to know that the future is certainly bright! Jayawardene and Sangakkara are the duo that make modern cricket a delight to watch. Their partnership is going strong in Test cricket after giving up on the shortest cricket format, only after bagging their World Twenty20 win. Indeed, there is no doubt that their partnership may persist ferociously for a long time.

These prolific and talent-ridden batsmen hold impeccable scores even when flying solo. With more than 11,00 Test runs under each of their belts, they are both averaging at more than 50. However, they have accumulated more than a quarter of these runs when playing along each other’s side. This duo has been standing for more than two decades now and their performance only improves as they bag one win after another!

How Are They Amongst the Most Iconic Duos in Cricket?

The duo shares the title of possessing the highest partnership for any wicket in the history of Test cricket. While making South Africa suffer in Colombo in 2006, the duo did an incredible job. Tuning at 624 runs, their real threat was Dale Steyn. Hurling out for 169, Dale Steyn was a threat that had to be eliminated. He was aiming to make the scoreboard look heftier in his favour by taking out the openers.

Scoring 287, Sangakkara batted for over 11 hours while Jayawardene was consistently rolling for more than 12.5 hours while reaching a score of 372 runs. Players like Hayden and Brian Lara can only look down at such a gameplay that peaked to great heights! It is not a surprise that they take pride in the duo they have worked so hard to establish.

The pair makes sure that their stand is ironclad and whoever wishes to challenge them will surely face a hard path towards success. Moreover, their stand enables them to look down upon other fellow partnerships who have stepped their foot on the field with the hopes of bypassing the champions. When you have a partnership that exists and thrives even after such a long time then it will certainly be hard to beat their record!

Gordon Greenidge & Desmond Haynes (West Indies)

Reign of Partnership: 1978-1991

Runs Scored: 6,151

Average Rate: 56.43

Innings Played: 113

Claiming their rightful place as the most profound batsmen of their era, Greenidge and Haynes remain the most appropriate opening pair in the history of Test cricket. The 1970s and 1980s were the years when West Indies was the most feared side in the world when it came to cricket. While registering 42 partnerships of 50 or more, not entirely fixated on opening as a pair, the duo is popularly known for bagging a fantastic number of runs alongside other fantastic duos at the time. Converting two more of their 50s into a magnificent century, the duo continues to amaze their fans; one memory at a time.

How Are They Amongst the Most Iconic Duos in Cricket?

Passing 200 while riding towards victory, they have lived this moment four times. Indeed, it was a record at the time which was later equalled by three fantastic duos. In addition, Hayden and Langer were able to bypass the record when playing against England in 1990. While withholding their highest score of 298 runs, the entire experience is certainly memorable.

With England bowled out by Ian Bishop, Courtney Walsh and Curly Ambrose for a score of 260, Greenidge and Haynes ravenously tapped into the attack of the Brits. Whipping 46 boundaries and hitting hundreds, England was knocked out. Their impeccable performance set a precedent that the West Indies were once the lions of the game!

Rahul Dravid & Sachin Tendulkar (India)

Reign of Partnership: 1996-2012

Runs Scored: 6,920

Average Rate: 50.51

Innings Played: 143

Little Master or Blaster Master when comes along with The Wall then the winning chances of the opposing team are slim to none. These cricketers possess finesse and their skills have been polished through vigorous training and first-hand experiences. Both the players rank among the top four run-scorers which is headed up by Tendulkar. Between them, they have scored 29,000 runs and only a quarter of this portion was made in tandem.

Their partnership has been worth more than 50 on 49 occasions, if calculated, it is more than once in every three innings. With success constantly creeping in, they registered a century while playing together at the crease 20 times. This score is recorded to be more than any other duo in the history of Test cricket.

Holding the highest partnership of 249 against Zimbabwe in Nagpur in 200. The duo passed 200 thrice while playing together, giving no chance to the opposing team who would often try to save the match.  It is important to note that whenever we explore the magnificent victories of the Indian team, this duo always strikes out! As individuals, their gameplay is brilliant but when they pair up they can easily give bowlers a tough time.

How Are They Amongst the Most Iconic Duos in Cricket?

In 1999, whilst playing against New Zealand in Mohali, the duo made the pitch nothing more than a sham. With 20 wickets falling for under 300 runs, they were putting on 229 while bagging a century each. Indeed, after destroying the pitch these cricketers celebrated their glorious and well-deserved victory!

While Dravid and Laxman were making headlines for their remarkable efforts in Kolkata in 2001, the Indians pulled a magnificent victory against the invincible Aussie in Chennai. It was the series decider. Coming in hot with 391 flashing on the scoreboard, the odds were promising for Australia while India was on 284 for 4. The match seemed to be well-balanced but soon the tables were tipped. As Dravid was seen walking out to join the fantastic Tendulkar, the crowd was buzzing. Indeed, they were preparing themselves to witness destructive gameplay by two remarkable players.

Soon the pair was pushing in and putting on 169 while taking India far ahead. They surpassed the Australian total by 77 runs and India was finally in the driver’s seat. The innings lead eventually passed 100 and India was emerging towards the victory line. The fantastic duo was responsible for this beautiful win. Dravid and Tendulkar continued to play for another decade while accumulating steady runs throughout this time. Before departing the scene, Dravid accumulated many runs along with Tendulkar due to which we still remember the duo with fond memories.


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It is Never Over

Many partnerships ascend and many partnerships descend over time but the game is here and it will stay for good. Delightfully, the modern era is polishing impeccable players who are pumped with motivation and possess an ironclad determination. Indeed, new cricketers will emerge when the old partners decide to step back but that is the beauty of the game that it lives on. As each generation shifts and takes its rightful place, they add their touch to the game. Thus, the essence of each remarkable player always lingers in the pages of history. Indeed, we remember all the legendary duos and their memorable gameplay. Nonetheless, there is more to come as the game is never over.

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