Racism Ruining Cricket: It Needs To END

Racism Ruining Cricket: It Needs To END

The concept of racism ruining cricket is not a new one. Generations of brilliant cricketers suffer at the hands of something that has no place in any sport or society. The rule is simple: once you step on the field, you are judged by your talents. However, unfortunately, this is not the case for all.

But… Why?

Having a profound cricket career is not a walk in the park. The struggle against racism ruining cricket is not a recent revelation but rather an old testament. There can be many reasons why any player will choose to belittle someone. Our wild guess is mostly simple. Maybe it is jealousy? Maybe.

Hierarchy. Cricket is the game of our ancestors. Perhaps some of them believe that everyone cannot play cricket. Or should not play. You might be surprised to know that even the best-performing cricketers face backlash due to racism. Undoubtedly, racism in any form is unacceptable. Especially in this day and age when the world has evolved and we are more aware of such matters. This must end soon.

Racism Ruining Cricket – Do You Know About Azeem?

The famous cricket case of Azeem Rafiq has made quite a few appearances on the internet and in the minds of cricket devotees. For those who are unaware, Azeem claimed that there is ‘institutional racism’ at the Yorkshire Club.

Azeem, an all-rounder with a Pakistani heritage sought refuge in England but now he is leaving. Despite being the captain of the under-19 team and the youngest captain in England, nothing changed and maybe never will.

They came as asylum seekers and are now fleeing to save their lives. After receiving threats and terrifying messages, the decision of leaving was finalized. Azeem has no choice in this matter. He wants to protect his family and leaving was the right decision for him.

Lazy Much?

It is surprising, right? The world has evolved yet we are here unfolding the ugliness of the people. Although we are told to stand up for our rights, somehow standing up and speaking up is not enough. When Azeem was a victim of racism he spoke up about it immediately after the 2017 season. Yorkshire discussed this issue in August 2018. This a classic example of racism ruining cricket.

Indeed, these are sad times. We are still dealing with ridiculous players with horrendous attitudes. The saddest part is that a renowned Cricket Club like Yorkshire is failing to do the right thing. On top of that, they are procrastinating heavily. Sorry, Azeem. You deserved better.

Racism Ruining Cricket in the Locker Room

In movies, especially a classic high school rom-com, jocks are portrayed as aggressive bullies who are constantly establishing their dominance. Believe it or not, jocks are also like that in real life. Establishing a hierarchy is a priority for them. Unfortunately, these are the people who set the boundaries.

Sheep always follow the herd, and these people are the leaders. The majority makes the rules. For instance, white British who are privately educated, make up the majority and the rest who just want to fit in, follow in their footsteps. It’s a classic example of a club of mean girls or racism ruining cricket.

“Changing The Boundaries” – Racism Ruining Cricket

Scotland is facing the heat as well because of Changing the Boundaries. A report about Scottish cricket racism confirms that the traces of institutional racism are present and growing. Plan4Sport confirms through this report that 448 examples displayed institutional racism. 68 individual concerns with 31 allegations against 15 different people, one Regional Association and two cricket clubs.

Racism Ruining Cricket
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Some of the allegations are old while the others are fairly new. However, none of them is wrong. Unfortunately, Scotland has failed to protect its cricketers. These allegations are being investigated and we hope the results might be different. Perhaps something good for a change.

Lacking Diversity

The independent report identifies that the organisational structure is lacking diversity at all levels. Cricket Scotland is a disappointment. Their inadequate system of reporting incidents of racism is baffling. In addition to this, they lack transparency in their team and talent selection processes as well.

Discrimination based on religion and gender is also the new tea. It is certainly a surprise that we have to struggle with such frivolous matters in this day and age. Racism ruining cricket in Scotland, and no one is speaking up. Why the silence? 41% of the respondents stayed quiet because they believe no one will help. There is no confidence in Cricket Scotland, the regional association or their club.

Are You Really Sorry or Just Saving Your Face?

After the publication of the report, the Board of Cricket Scotland resigned and issued an official apology to those who had experienced any form of racism or discrimination. This tactic of damage control is so obvious that even a student of kindergarten can read through it. However, we are hoping that the apology is sincere and that Scotland will bring a change.

No Racism in Betting

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Racism Ruining Cricket
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Will It End?

There is hope. Everything can perish but hope stays and that is what we will hold on to. Racism is a sensitive issue thus it must be handled carefully. Luckily, in the current day and age, the masses are more aware of these problems. In addition to this, there is more freedom of speech and more platforms that can help your voice reach millions.

However, it might take some time. We have battled this demon for years. The concept of racism is present everywhere but the fact that racism affects cricket is quite astonishing. Cricket is the sport of the people, by the people and for the people. It brings people together.

Thus, if a change has to be made then we must be patient. People are set in their ways and refuse to get off their high horses. Arrogant people rarely ever get hit by the bat of realisation. However, various cricket clubs are vigilant and strict about this matter. There is certainly a ray of light.

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