Cricket Gossip; Comes With A Disclaimer

Cricket Gossip; Comes With A Disclaimer

Cricket Gossip

Let’s talk about some cricket gossip. Shall we? Is it true? Maybe. Before we dive in, remember, a gossip’s essential aim is to provide that element of ‘oooooh.’ With that being said, we surely have just the right gossipy anecdotes for you. So, are you ready?


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Cricket Gossip; Maybe Jadeja is Leaving?

First on the list of cricket gossip is Jadeja. Former captain of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK), Ravindra Jadeja, might be leaving the squad. It is reported that Jadeja has deleted posts from his official Instagram account. The posts were related to IPL Season 2021 and 2022. This is indicating that maybe there is a rift between the former captain of CSK and the IPL administration.

Earlier this year, Jadeja achieved a landmark in his cricket career. He was named captain of the CSK team which was always led under the captaincy of MS Dhoni. This happened ahead of the IPL 2022 Season. This signifies that yes, Jadeja did play the season. Did something happen during the IPL programme? Perhaps.

IPL Season 2022

Jadeja, the all-rounder cricketer, stepped on the field as the captain of the CSK. However, mid-way through the season, he left his position as captain because it was impacting his performance. Dhoni stepped forward and stepped back into his role as captain.


Unfortunately, recent events have not been kind towards Jadeja. He was ruled out of IPL due to a rib injury. He needed to take some time off to recover. However, according to cricket gossip, we heard something more.

Cricket GossipCricket Gossip and Fanatics

Undoubtedly, Ravindra Jadeja has a huge fan following. Which means many eyes are always on him. Thus, we turn towards his loyal and devoted fans with the hopes that perhaps their investigative skills can assist us!

His fanbase quickly notice that Jadeja has deleted or maybe archived, all the pictures linked to the IPL 2021 and 2022 Season campaigns of the CSK. We are as curious as you are. Although we might be unsure about what truly happened, we are certain that something is not right between the star all-rounder Jadeja and IPL.

One of his fans said and we quote, “Jadeja didn’t wish Dhoni on his birthday this year. (He does it every year). He also deleted all his CSK-related posts on Instagram. Something is definitely not right.”

Another fan tweeted and we quote, “Ravindra Jadeja will leave CSK maybe for the 2023 season. Deleted almost every post related to CSK. Also listened to Deepak Chahar and Ambati Rayudu but have not confirmed these two. Hard day for CSK fan to accept.”

IPL is Not the End

Every cricketer faces backlash and struggles during their cricket career. Jadeja is facing a similar situation, but all hope is not lost. He is currently playing for the Indian team in the T20I series against England. If he wishes, he can play in the second T20I as well. After this, he will leave for the white ball series to the West Indies. Certainly, every cloud has a silver lining, you just need to find yours!

Cricket Gossip; Ganguly is Saying Good Bye

The League of Legends courtesy invites all the former legends and lords of cricket. Yes, this cricket series focuses on bringing old school back. This is a fantastic idea, however, Ganguly respectfully declined. He expresses his unfortunate inability of playing cricket on the field which certainly breaks a few hearts.

Do not be disheartened, the media has more information for us! Ganguly might not be participating but will be sending warm wishes and extending his support. Especially when Indian Maharajas are facing World XI at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

The Letter

The former Indian captain is quite sweet. He writes a letter to the league, wishing his colleagues ‘all the best’ for the benefit match. His warm wishes are genuinely warm. In the letter, he says, “I would like to convey my best wishes for your Legends League initiative. It’s a wonderful idea of bringing retired cricketers back on the cricket field and engaging with fans across generations. I am thankful to you for offering me an opportunity to play in the one-off Legends League game at the Eden Gardens stadium in Kolkata on September 16, 2022.”

Cricket Gossip

He further said, “However due to my professional commitments and continuous work with cricket administration, I will not be able to take part in this game. I am sure the fans are eagerly looking forward to this league and there will be large crowds at the stadium. The league is bringing together the stalwarts of the game and I am sure there will be exciting cricket on display. I will be there at the Eden Gardens Stadium watching the match.”

Benefit Match

The League is aiming to celebrate the 75th Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav with this benefit match. Other than this, the revenue which will be generated from the match will be donated to Kapil Dev’s Khushi Foundation. If you’re wondering what Khushi Foundation is… Khushi Foundation supports young girls in their education and well-being. This helps them in securing a safe future for themselves. Truly a good deed!

Co-Founder says – Not A Cricket Gossip

Raman Raheja, the Co-Founder and CEO of Legends League Cricket has something interesting to add as well. He says and we quote, “We respect Sourav’s decision and Legends League Cricket is here to celebrate the greatness of these cricketing greats in the best possible manner. And we are glad that Sourav even if he is not playing, will be an intrinsic part of this benefit match with his presence to cheer the Legends when they take the field for the cause on September 16, 2022.”

Not Every Cricket Gossip is Bad

Ten nations will be participating in the benefit match. Everyone is coming together to support the noble cause of helping young girls build a healthy and positive future where they can support themselves. How fantastic is that? Indeed, cricket is truly beautiful.

Cricket Gossip

Cricket Gossip; A Lawnmower Dilemma

Undoubtedly, the world of cricket is filled with unbelievable stories. Amongst these stories, we bring to you the most unfortunate yet stupid cricket gossip involving a lawnmower. Caution: This might not fully qualify as spicy gossip, which we know you all are craving. However, it does include frivolous details though.

Launching an Appeal for a… Grass Cutting Device of Sorts.

This a rather awkward cricket gossip but we will let you have it! Radcliff Clicket Club in Manchester needs a new lawnmower. To achieve this ‘goal’ they have launched an appeal to collect funds. They are stating that their old lawn mower broke down and cannot be repaired.

Thus, they wish to raise a hefty amount for the purchase of a new lawn mower. Around £2,000 need to be raised for a new outfield ride-on lawnmower that can trim a 2.5-acre ground. Sounds expensive, no?

What Do the Others Say?

A JustGiving page was set up by the owner of the Club officer Cath Booth. He told The Bolton News and we are quoting, “Radcliff Cricket Club’s large ground also means a large outfield. Unfortunately, our old mower is broken, and the parts are not available to fix it anymore. We are having to pay for a gardener to cut the outfield at the moment. The ground needs cutting weekly to maintain a surface suitable for playing cricket. A new mower would make cutting the outfield a breeze and we would be saving the cost of getting a gardener to cut it. I have already got a list of volunteers willing to cut the outfield when we get a working mower.”

It is safe to say that the Club owner has tried to convince the people to pitch in and help raise funds for their favourite sport! Besides, one can always make a few extra bucks off cricket. How? through only the best online cricket betting sites like Bet365 sportsbook. When you’re winning so much, why not return the favour? Give something back, they need a new lawnmower!

Cricket Gossip

Cricket Gossip; A Pavilion

Today we are featuring a DIY bit that will surely cheer up all the cricket enthusiasts out there. You all will be quite pleased to know that numerous devoted and passionate cricket fanatics try to make a difference in the cricket world. Their constant support indicates that cricket is a truly admirable sport.

We are Responsible, Remarkable and Renovating.

Cricket certainly brings people together. And with that being said, several volunteers have joined forces to renovate and reconstruct a cricket pavilion. Located in Worthing, West Sussex, the restoration of the Pavilion is known as the ‘mammoth project.’ Volunteers who have stepped forward, wish to provide a heartwarming service to show solidarity towards the community.

Well Wishers

Local tradesmen are certainly taking good care of the cricket pavilion. These volunteers are giving it a much-needed makeover which has been long overdue. The cricket pavilion at Lancing Manor Cricket Club’s Manor Park is getting an actual facelift by cricket enthusiasts. Oh, did I mention it is free of cost?

The Mammoth Project Cricket Gossip

The Manor ward Carol Albury has quite a few things to say. According to her, the said ‘mammoth project’ is part of the councillor’s annual community project.

She told The Worthing Herald, and we are quoting, “Every year, as councillors for Manor ward, we try and do a project that benefits the community.”

The Cricket Club desperately needed these helpers who so graciously stepped in. Carol has a similar opinion. She says, “The cricket club desperately needed renovations, which they could not afford to do, so by us asking this wonderful group of experienced builders and experts, we were able to renovate the exterior.”

Truly appreciating the gesture of these tremendous volunteers, she further says,” If it wasn’t for this group that gave up their entire weekend, we could not have done this – we are exceptionally grateful, as are the Lancing Manor Cricket Club.”

Truly, what a wonderful piece of cricket gossip!

Cricket Gossip

Cricket Gossip; A Pilot Delays a Flight!

India vs Pakistan is by far the most iconic cricket rivalry there is. It is known that every match between these two nations only means destruction on the pitch. But only the fun kind! They might be fierce rivals on a cricket pitch, but they always maintain their ethics of sportsmanship.

ICC World Cup 2022

India beat Pakistan in an electrifying ICC T20 World Cup opener at the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). The match was quite intense. Everyone was on the edge of their seats. The last-ball thriller between the two most fierce cricket rivals of all time was certainly a treat to watch!

We all know that India vs Pakistan cricket rivalry keeps everyone on their toes. Moreover, the fanbase these teams have is quite exceptional as well! Pakistani and Indian supporters are die-hard fans of their national teams. During serious matches, the roads are mostly empty, and shopkeepers are glued to their screens. No, the customers are not complaining because they are glued as well! With that being said, if we tell you that even pilots delay flights because of these matches, will you believe us?

Last Two Overs

It was a very tense situation. The last two overs of the match took a fantastic turn. Thus, due to the anticipation, an Indian pilot delayed his flight. Purposely, yes. This is how important cricket is! Let us paint the picture for you…

India needed 31 runs to win. Somehow, due to Virat Kolhi’s impeccability, the last over of the match led to the victory. The India National Cricket Team pulled off this magnificent victory which came as a shock to many! India won on the last ball. That day, this match was the centre of attention for both nations. Someone noticed this and tweeted…

Tweet About a Pilot

This cricket gossip features Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana and his infamous tweets about the match. Khurrana was on the Mumbai-Chandigarh flight when this match was taking place in MCG. During the last two overs, the excitement had grown to such an extent that the pilot deliberately delayed take off. This is when Ayushmann stepped onto Twitter to update his fans that he watched the last two overs of the match inside the aircraft.

Cricket Gossip

In addition to this, he also stated that all the passengers on the flight were glued to their screens. They were watching the match as well. In short, everyone was deeply engulfed in the matters of the heated pitch. No one realized until later that the cricket zealot pilot intentionally delayed the flight by five minutes to watch the drama unfold on the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Ayushmann’s Tweets

“This story is for my future generations. I watched the final two overs inside the Mumbai-Chandigarh flight just before taking off with the passengers glued to their cellphones. I’m sure the cricket fanatic pilot delayed it deliberately by 5 mins, and nobody was complaining.”

Ayushmann further Tweeted, “Pandya and DK got out. Then came Ashwin. Coolly gauged the wide ball. We left. Scored the final runs. I’ve never witnessed a collective uproar of applause inside an aircraft. All this was happening while we were full throttle on the runway. Great timing by the flight captain.”

A Daunting Task and Kohli

What unfolded at MCG was truly mesmerising. India had a slim to none chance of winning. However, Virat single-handedly led the team to victory. He scored two remarkable sixes which will be remembered and cherished for decades to come. For this match, Kohli was awarded the Man of the Match title. He also became the highest run-scorer in the T20 series at that time.

Cricket Gossip; Dhoni and Goodbyes

This cricket gossip is linked to the spicy bit we told you about earlier… Concerning Chennai Super Kings. MS Dhoni had renounced his captaincy before the IPL Season 2022 began. Thus, Ravindra Jadeja stepped in to fill the role of captain for the Chennai Super Kings (CSK). Jadeja was the first regular skipper for the CSK and frankly, he did not fully fit the role. His team was uninspired.

Cricket Gossip

Thus, due to this commotion, Jadeja left the team mid-way through the season. Again, Dhoni had to step in to somehow do some damage control. Unfortunately, it was too late. CSK failed to reach the playoffs stage as they finished at the bottom half of the points table.

Is He Leaving?

After the IPL Season, 2022 was over, everyone was under the impression that MS Dhoni might be retiring after all. However, that is not the case. To everyone’s surprise, Dhoni announced that he will be leading the Yellow Brigade in the next season as well! However, it will be over soon…

Reports have confirmed that the next season will be his last. The four-time IPL trophy-winning CSK skipper will be retiring after his last debut in 2023. Indeed, his fans are not happy with his decision. Not to worry! Dhoni will be reinstated with a different role. Perhaps even a better one…

Last IPL

The 41-year-old right-handed batter, MS Dhoni, has already retired from international cricket in 2020. Now his focus was primarily based on the domestic T20 league. However, a report published in The Telegraph has stated that Dhoni is most likely to retire from IPL as well. Sadly but surely, the beloved two-time World Cup-winning India skipper will be retiring.

Although Dhoni is leaving IPL, he is not leaving cricket. A cricketer like him cannot be wasted. His attributes are too valuable. Thus, the BCCI will assign another role to Dhoni in the upcoming days. Rest assured; he is not leaving us for good.

So Long, Boys!

Dhoni wishes to play his last IPL match at MA Chidambaram Stadium. Chidambaram is the home ground in Chennai. Thus, MS Dhoni wants his fans to cheer him on his last match through the stadium benches of ‘home.’ Where it all began.

The next Season of IPL will be played across ten venues. This means that every franchise will conduct, host and play their matches in their respective home grounds. The equation of ‘home and away’ is certainly making a comeback in the 16th Edition of the T20 League. Are you ready?

Cricket Gossip

Cricket Gossip Suggests – Maybe Dhoni?

The report also suggested that the Indian Head Coach Rahul Dravid needs some serious assistance. The BCCI is planning to entrust some crucial responsibilities to the wicketkeeper-batter. Why? To take some load off the Head Coach.

According to the news daily, managing the Indian Cricket Team in all three formats is quite hectic for Coach Rahul. Thus, Board is trying to relieve some stress from his shoulders. They are thinking of splitting the coaching roles and responsibilities.

The report stated, “The Board is interested in involving Dhoni in the T20 format and using his skills to uplift the standard of the Indian Cricket Team.” This is an indication that our beloved cricketer, MS Dhoni will stay with us for a long time.

What Might Be Next for Dhoni?

Dhoni was the mentor of India’s T20I side for the 2021 ICC T20 World Cup that was held in UAE. Unfortunately, that did not yield fruitful results and the National Cricket Team of India had to bow out of the tournament.

However, the T20 World Cup 2022 has recently ended, and the Indian Cricket Team showed significant improvement. To clarify, the team performed much better as compared to their performance in 2021. Thus, ever since India exited the marquee tournament, fans and cricket experts are leaning towards the idea of involving Dhoni with the T20I side. His valuable input will serve to be quite beneficial for the team. After all, Dhoni is the most successful T20 skipper of India and BCCI must not let this opportunity pass by.

Cricket Gossip and the Never-Ending Facades

As long as we have bad pitches and amazing cricketers, cricket gossip will never seize to exist. This might be a serious sport but surprisingly, the drama follows everyone. Everywhere. Besides, if you want the limelight, prepare for some unsolicited breach of privacy.

Cricket Gossip
Image source: Flickr

Don’t be alarmed! We committed no breach. We assure you. Nonetheless, the tea has been spilt and our popcorn bowls are empty. Until next time then…

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