How To Read Scores In Cricket – The Scorecards Explained

How To Read Scores In Cricket – The Scorecards Explained

How To Read Scores In Cricket

Learning how to read scores in cricket is quintessential for every cricket fan and sports bettor. Because this is a simple way of learning everything about a match without following it. Furthermore, it can help you keep track of your more complicated bets. Because at the online cricket betting sites in India, you will find very specific markets that will let you bet on the performance of the batsman and the bowlers.

There are two ways you need to learn how to read scores. One is one of the scoring sheets, and another is the scoreboard. Therefore, you might find similarities between the two. However, one was created to keep track of the match from beginning to end. The other was made so the live viewers can understand the current state of the game.

How To Read Scores In Cricket

There are many ways in which you can learn how to read scores in cricket. If you are new to cricket, then you should pick the easiest formats. Therefore, you have to understand the two main objectives of the game. You can learn everything about the team roles in our article called How Many Players On A Cricket Team. Therefore, there are two main modules within one scoresheet you have to get accustomed to.

However, one is the batsmen’s row, and the other is a bowler’s score. According to Learn-Cricket, the batting team’s scoreboard has 11 rows, each starting with the number of the innings and the name of the batter. Furthermore, you will see a column that explains the outcome. And finally, two columns that count the scored runs and the balls. Therefore, there are many abbreviations you have to keep in mind.

Bowling Team Scoreboard

You have to learn how to read scores in cricket differently between the two teams. Therefore, the bowling team has only six bowling columns. However, you will find much more definitions and information about the play than you will in the batting teams.

How To Read Scores In Cricket
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Therefore, the last row specifies the Run-Rate In Cricket which is often called ‘Eco’, which is short for the economical score. Therefore, the information next to the name of the bowlers and the batsmen they bowled against is the following in order: Overs, maidens, runs, wickets, take, wides, no-balls, and economy rate. According to Cheryl-Morgan, the Manhattan scoring chat is the most recommended for beginners. Because it only keeps track of the most necessary information.

Abbreviations Explained

To understand how to read scores in cricket, first, you have to understand the most important abbreviations used by every single cricket fan. Because when you are reading the scorecard in a newspaper or on a website. Then you will find out that people are not using clear sentences or words to describe the events.

The reason behind this is that the cards simply do have not enough space for people to write down. Furthermore, it is much easier to score like this. The following table helps you understand how to read scores in cricket.

Abbreviation Meaning
Mins Minutes Batted
Runs Runs Scored
B Bowled or bye
C caught
FoW Fall of Wicket
DNB Did not bat/bowl
NRR Net Run Rate
SR Strike Rate
n o / * Not Out
N/R No Result
st Stumped
ht wk hit wicket
wk wicket keeper
R/R Run Rate
nb No Ball
w wide
lb Leg Bye

The Scoreboard – Read Scores In Cricket

The scoreboard is very different from the scorecard. Because if you join a match live, you will have to learn how to read scores in cricket by reading the scoreboard. Therefore, you will see an entirely different set of statistics. Because the scorecards are retrospective, while the scoreboard shows the present state of the game. The most important statistic to keep in mind about the cricket board is the Runs To Win.

How To Read Scores In Cricket
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Because if a team completes that amount of runs, then they are going to win the game. Furthermore, if you see zeros next to a player’s name, then chances are that you are seeing someone who is scoring a duck. On the scoreboard, you will see two teams displayed in the most important summary.

How To Read Scores In Cricket On The Board

According to Rookieroad, the main difference between scorecards and scoreboards is that the scoreboard is much easier to read. Because all you have to do is to look up at it, and you will learn everything you missed about the game. Therefore on the middle of the board, you will see the Total for X Wickets sign. This generally shows the total runs scored for several wickets. Furthermore, you will see the runs to win, which shows how many runs the team needs before winning. The ‘How Out’ explains the method in which the last player was outed. When you see scores such as “BWLR NO” that usually gives a number. This gives the number of the player, which you can find on their jersey.

Where To Bet On Cricket?

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