Sydney Sixers vs Adelaide Strikers Betting Preview; 17th Jan’23
Sydney Sixers vs Adelaide Strikers Betting Preview; 17th Jan’23
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Betting on the Big Bash League is certainly incomplete without our Sydney Sixers vs Adelaide Strikers Betting Preview! We are here to help make your dreams come true, or at least somehow get you closer to them. However, if your dreams are small then it’s time to dream bring!


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The Big Bash League

The Big Bash League (BBL) is an Australian Twenty20 Cricket League which was established in 2011 by Cricket Australia. Ever since then it is rapidly and constantly gaining popularity amongst cricket and punting enthusiasts.

Everyone is playing, are you?

Sydney Sixers vs Adelaide Strikers Betting Preview; Where to Put the Money?

The first important step for our punters is to decide which platform they must acquire for their bets. There are many choices, and one might feel overwhelmed by the variety there is. But, do not worry.

Multiple best online cricket betting sites can help. Online cricket betting sites like 1xBet Sportsbook can certainly fulfil your betting needs. They offer online cricket betting bonuses, different cricket betting markets and live streaming of the match. All these factors will aid your bets and bring you one step closer to you achieving your dreams.

Remember, choosing the right and safe online cricket betting platform is quite crucial.

Sydney Sixers vs Adelaide Strikers Betting Preview; The Teams

You cannot place your bets without assessing the teams. Having a personal favourite will certainly not assist you in cashing in big wins. When punting, leave your emotions and biased judgments at the door. The next step is to conduct thorough research into the performances of both teams before you decide which one might be the one!

Sydney Sixers

The Sydney Sixers are performing quite well this Season. They have won 7 out of 11 matches that they have played so far. In addition to this, they managed to defeat the Perth Scorchers by 6 runs. Keeping in mind that the Scorchers are quite a powerful team, the Sixers defeating them is a huge victory.

Other than this, they have won the Big Bash League Championship three times, including consecutively for two years. Yes, the Sixers are indeed proving to be a strong team but a strong lineup can also defy your bets if the odds are not in their favour!

Adelaide Strikers

Although the Adelaide Strikers were off to a good start this Season. Bagging three consecutive wins during the early matches shows that beginner’s luck was on their side. In the current BBL Season, they have won five out of eleven matches.

However, in the 2017/18 Season, they won the BBL Championship and bagged the title under their name. They comprise a strong lineup and their performance seems promising but unfortunately, the scoreboard says otherwise.

Sydney Sixers vs Adelaide Strikers Betting Preview

Head-to-Head Team Record

The head-to-head team record of the teams will greatly assist your bets. It will help you develop an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses the team has. Having an idea of how they perform against each other is always important whilst deciding which team is better.

The teams have played 17 matches against each other. The Strikers have managed to bag 11 wins while the Strikers have only won 6 times. This highlights that the Sixers have a dominant hand and maybe they will win this match as well…

Sydney Sixers vs Adelaide Strikers Betting Preview; The Pitch

The match will be played at the International Sports Stadium, Coffs Harbour. Interestingly, only two domestic matches have been played on this pitch. The highest runs were scored by the Adelaide Strikers and the lowest was scored by the Sydney Sixers.

Why did they Win?

However, both matches were won by the teams batting second. This indicates that the pitch is good for chasing a target score. Batsmen might thrive on it.

The latest cricket betting tips suggest that analyzing the pitch is important for your bets. Your wagers are determined according to the performance of the players, and the pitch plays a vital role during gameplay. Thus, pay attention.

Sydney Sixers vs Adelaide Strikers Betting Preview; The Toss

We urge you to wait. It is always wise to wait for the toss before placing your wagers. In this match, the toss plays a vital role. Both teams are aware that to win they have to bowl first. Thus, the captain who wins might try to snag the opportunity of batting second.

Wait for the toss. There is a possibility that whichever team bats second might win on this pitch. However, other factors might affect the match.

Sydney Sixers vs Adelaide Strikers Betting Preview; Weather and Time

Cricket matches are greatly affected by bad weather. Thus, every punter knows that checking the weather prediction of the time the match is being held is very important. Numerous matches are tied or just shortened due to unfortunate weather conditions.


The weather is predicted to be pleasant but might be problematic on the field. The humidity will be high which might cause difficulty during gameplay, especially for batsmen. Other than this, a light cloud with a gentle breeze is forecasted during the time of the match. If the speed of the wind increases, bowlers might be affected by that.


The match is being held at 1915 local time. It will begin late in the evening when the humidity will be high and the sky will be cloudy, as predicted by the weather report. One BBL match approximately lasts three hours and as the hours progress the humidity might increase. Not only this but the gentle breeze might turn into light winds which can cause some difficulties. However, no rain is predicted and the temperature is pleasant otherwise.

Sydney Sixers vs Adelaide Strikers Betting Preview

Sydney Sixers vs Adelaide Strikers Betting Preview; Place Small Bets

This is a very important tip, always place small wagers. This will help you in cutting your losses even if you lose. You have to stay in the game and not out on the streets. Plus, placing small wagers can help you gain experience easily while gaining confidence. Do not get too excited by your wins, always assess and wager accordingly.

These tips and tricks will only assist you, what you do with your money is entirely up to you.

Are You Ready to Win?

We think you are ready. Keep our tips in mind and always stay connected to the cricket betting markets. Analyze before you place your bets. We hope your dreams come to life and one day we can write about your cricket betting success story!


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