Online T20 Betting Guide – Bet on Asia Cup 2022 and Win!
Online T20 Betting

The 15th Asia Cup has started so why not make a few extra bucks while we enjoy the game? Our online T20 betting guide is here to save the day! All cricket fanatics are fueling up these days and rightfully so! This is the 15th Edition of the Asia Cup tournament, and the format is T20. T20 is amongst the most popular formats of cricket and even non-cricket enthusiasts around the globe watch it enthusiastically. So, without further ado, let’s jump into our online T20 betting Guide.

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Online T20 Betting – Asia’s time to shine!

The United Arab Emirates is hosting the Asia Cup 2022 and six Asian countries; Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, and Afghanistan are competing for Asian cricket supremacy. While the teams prepare themselves for the tournament, let us prepare you for online T20 betting.

Why such hype?

Branding and advertisements of IPL, PSL, and CPL have boosted the hype of T20. Moreover, star team players fiercely compete with their distinguished teams while the spectators lean at the very edge of their seats. Anxious and excited.

Online T20 betting is a very convenient way of making some side money. Why do we say that? Within four hours you can deduce whether you will be cashing out your winnings or not. Besides, having a better understanding of the teams, players, weather factors, and so on will help your odds greatly.

Key factors that determine your win in Online T20 Betting!

If you are looking for ways to gain fruitful returns through online T20 betting then you most definitely need to be mindful of these essentials. They will help you in assessing your odds as you make a smart wager.

Online T20 Betting

Heads or Tails?

The single most crucial minute of the match is when the toss is determined. The team that wins the toss holds the upper hand in choosing whether they want to bat or ball first.

If a team is famous for chasing a score then they might consider balling first. Similarly, if a team has strong batters, they are likely to bat first to set a high target score which is hard to chase.

Now that we have determined why the toss is important you can go ahead and place your bet. However, it is always wise to place your bet after the coin toss. This will give you time to assess your bets as some teams are good chasers and might want to ball first while others have excellent batters. In a nutshell, bet away BUT after the toss!

The Extraordinary Eleven

Online cricket betting tips specify that the first and foremost job of a bettor is to carefully select the team to bet on. Do not, and I repeat, do not place your bets based on hasty judgments or what others advise you.  Do a little research on your own before you decide which side to wager on. Always bet on the best!

Head-to-head team record; don’t be a fool!

Before choosing your team to bet on, be mindful of the head-to-head record between the two sides. It is very important for online T20 betting that one views the strengths and weaknesses of two teams competing against each other. If one team has the record of frequently scoring low or losing to the other team then obviously, you should not take any silly chances.

Let’s hope it does not rain

Yes, the rain can ruin your odds. Unfortunately, the weather plays a very important role in determining how the match will turn out and if it rains then there is a possibility that your team might lose. It is advised that you always check the weather forecasts and updates before putting your money in.

Online T20 Betting

Due to dew

During the daytime the air is dry and there is less humidity but as the evening approaches the formation of dew begins. Dew serves as rain for cricket as it makes the field and the pitch damp causing gameplay difficulty.

Due to the dew factor, the team bowling first faces less difficulty than the team bowling second. Bookmakers consider the dew factor and the toss to adjust their rates and prices in favour of the team batting second because they are most likely to win.

If it isn’t pitch perfect, do not waste your money!

The pitch and the ground dimensions determine the players’ performances. For instance, in 1977, the WACA stadium in Perth had very large cracks on the pitch which greatly affected the test series. Therefore, it is important to consider the condition of the grounds on which the match will be played.

Which team to pick?

Firstly, picking the perfect team for online T20 betting and wisely placing your wager is a core element of T20 betting. However, placing a bet and placing a successful bet are two different things. To obtain the latter, look at the pointers we have for you:

  • An experienced captain who is known for taking tactful decisions.
  • Having a strong opening partnership to score rapidly towards the top order.
  • Opening bowlers are famous for taking down wickets, especially during Powerplay.
  • Good death over bowlers.
  • An all-rounder who can win a match as a batsman and a bowler. The more, the merrier!
  • A good ‘finisher’ who can chase the target.
  • An attentive fielding unit that takes as many catches as they can and stops runs.
  • A well-organized team that avoids giving away no-balls or has low run-outs.
  • Good spinners to take down wickets.
  • A strong team that will not crack under pressure – every run and every wicket counts.

To kick things off it is necessary to view which team ticks the most boxes and once you have deduced that, you can place an intelligent bet. The general strength of the team will favour you greatly thus, the stronger the team the better the odds!

Online T20 Betting & Duckworth-Lewis Stern (DLS)

Other sports like football can be played in the rain however, even a slight drizzle can be a huge disadvantage when it comes to cricket. Once it starts raining, cricket and online T20 betting fans must accept the fact that the match is ruined and might be shortened.

Rain has ruined cricket on multiple crucial occasions but in 1999, Duckworth-Lewis Stern (DLS) method was introduced to cater to this problem. DLS is a mathematical system that revises and calculates the target score of a team when it starts to rain.

So, how can you take advantage of the rain to place successful bets? The DLS method calculates the target score of a team after it starts raining which subsequently reduces the overs and shortens the match. The team must chase the target score in the reduced overs which gives them an advantage. A good wagerer would see this opportunity and bet on the team with the DLS method advantage.

Online T20 Betting
Bangladesh National Women Cricket team in ’18 – Image source: Nurunnaby Chowdhury (Hasive), CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Online T20 Betting Choices; Choose wisely

Before you punt, ensure that you have analyzed your options and the betting markets available on your desired online sportsbooks. Furthermore, we advise you to visit the best online betting sites before placing a bet; always explore your options.  Online cricket sportsbooks sites in the UK have the following markets available:

Betting Markets
Matched Betting Team with the lowest innings score
Betting on Series Runs scored off delivery
First 10 runs of a team Runs scored at the fall of the next wicket
Top bowlers and Batsmen Overs at fall of the next wicket
Innings sixes and/or runs Scoring a half-century
Scoring a century The highest opening partnership of a team
Wicket lost by ‘x’ runs Who has the most run-outs
Team to hit the most 6s To win the toss
To reach the semi-final Man of the match
Stage of elimination Group betting in a Tournament

We think you are ready

To sum up, by understanding how the markets work and the factors that determine successful bets, you can place intricate wagers on different cricket formats. For beginners, it is recommended to start with small bets through online T20 betting as the matches are relatively short and can act as good practice for new punters. Check out our betting tips methods to gain more perspective on how to bet!

This guide will most definitely help you cash in big winnings. Nonetheless, do not be overwhelmed with the information. Take your time in understanding the important factors that influence good gameplay.

Happy wagering!

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