Cricket Betting Tips: Important Things to Know
Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket is one of the most famous sports in the world. Whenever the cricket world cup arrives, the excitement of the cricket fans escalates to another level. A classic game like India vs Pakistan contest attracts millions of viewers. The arch-rivals compete in the World Cup for the grandest match. Furthermore, cricket fanatics become ready to bet on the best matches. The enthusiastic people put stakes on their favorite team and win money. There are cricket betting tips you need to know before trusting any team. If you are not a regular follower of cricket, don’t just go for a team by watching their records on google.

Here are the important things you need to know if you desire to win the big money!

Tip 1: Take advice first from a cricket expert 

Before putting your money on a team before the game, you must take advice from a cricket expert. Instead of consulting google to know the head-to-head record, it is best to ask a cricket pundit. For instance, if you want to bet on a Pakistan-India contest, the overall records say Pakistan is a better team than India. However, you forget to filter the record as the upcoming contest is a World Cup game. In the World Cup, Pakistan has never won a game against India. The cricket expert will give you deep cricket betting tips on how India won in all 12 instances in the World Cup contest against Pakistan so it might be better to bet on India. I’m not saying you should never do the research on google. But researching on google as well as asking for advice from a cricket expert could be a better combination.

Tip 2: Know the match conditions before selecting your team for cricket betting

Would the upcoming contest be played in cloudy weather or the match would be played in sunny weather? All these factors played a huge role in escalating the winning chance of any team. For example, the cloudy weather would help the team with better fast bowlers. The sunny day with the flat deck will help the teams with better batting squads. If the pitch favors the turning conditions, it would be a sane approach to go with the team which has a set of spin bowlers. Also, know which is the host team of the game. Or is it the game to be played in a neutral venue? Find out whether the match is played in Asia, Australia, Africa, or the United Kingdom. Always do the homework on the match conditions before selecting your side.

Dwayne Bravo | World Twenty20 Super8s: WI v SA @ The Oval 13… | Flickr
Dwayne Bravo at T20 ’09 – Image source: Flickr

Tip 3: Do research on the strengths and weaknesses before selecting your side

It is important to know the traits of the players before selecting your side. For instance, the Pakistani player Babar Azam is a terrific player against all types of bowlers except the left-arm spinner against whom he struggles a bit. Whenever Babar scores, Pakistan puts a great total on the board. If the opposition has two left-arm spinners, you might hesitate to bet on Pakistan. Similarly in T20 cricket, West Indies is a side with destructive and aggressive batsmen. If the bowling attack of the opposition is not the strength of the opposition team, you might desire to stick with West Indies. It’s always to know the strengths and weaknesses of the players and teams before selecting your team.

Cricket Betting Tip 4: Know the recent form before selecting your side

The team you are desired to select might have the best set of players. It might also have the players according to the match conditions. But, you must know the recent form of the teams before betting on the side. It is possible that the line-up is strong but it is facing a bad patch and team composition problems on the sides. For instance, Lahore Qalandars had brilliant players with great statistics in the T20s but due to the problems in the management, they were the worst side of PSL in terms of record. In the initial seasons, they were the side that ended in the last two positions. It would not be a great idea to put your stakes on LQ in the next season despite it being a strong squad. These cricket betting tips you are reading are really significant in assisting you in making your decision.

Cricket Betting Tip 5: Know the odds on the cricket betting sides before putting your money

Before choosing any side, you should go to the best online sportsbook sites in India to find out which teams stand the highest chance of winning. Furthermore, once you are experienced and desire to win big, it’s not a bad idea to take risks. For instance, you desire to bet on one of the grandest contests in cricket, India vs Pakistan. The odds are in the favour of India. For the safer side and less money, you would want to bet on India.

Cricket Betting Tips

But you can play smart and choose Pakistan. Why? Because Pakistan is one of the most unpredictable sides in the world and it could surprise any team on a given day. In the Champions Trophy 2017 final, all the odds were in favor of India but Pakistan with its terrific display demolished all the odds. The cricket betting tips suggesting you bet on Pakistan against India in the World Cup might seem weird to you, but I think taking risks is not always bad.


You must understand the tips, tricks, and ways to be a master of cricket betting. Cricket is a wonderful game and one could really amuse immensely by putting their stakes on it. However, you should be careful before selecting your favorite side because you could lose money. You should note the points and look at all pros and cons before making your decision. So are you gaining interest in cricket? If yes, then you should go to the best online sportsbook sites in the UK and know the odds of all the upcoming significant games. As the T20 World Cup is coming, you might be licking your fingers to enjoy the ride of cricket betting.

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