Melbourne Renegades vs Brisbane Heat Betting Preview; 28th Jan’23
Melbourne Renegades vs Brisbane Heat Betting Preview
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If you are a punter at heart, you will certainly appreciate our Melbourne Renegades vs Brisbane Heat Betting Preview. The Big Bash League is in full swing, and all our punter friends are excited. However, before you place your wagers, give this betting preview a read. It will certainly assist you with your betting needs!


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The Big Bash League

The Big Bash League (BBL) is an Australian Twenty20 cricket League established in 2011 by Cricket Australia. Broadcasted nationally and internationally, the Big Bash League is an excellent opportunity for making some side money.

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The Big Bash League unfolds numerous cricket betting markets and online cricket betting bonuses which can serve to be quite fruitful, especially for beginners. Thus, choose the right and safe cricket betting platform for your wagers.

Melbourne Renegades vs Brisbane Heat Betting Preview

Melbourne Renegades vs Brisbane Heat Betting Preview; The Teams

The first element you need to consider is the team. Your hard-earned money must not go to waste. Thus, we urge you to examine both teams before you place your bets.

Moreover, analyzing the head-to-head record of both teams will assist you to understand which team has the upper hand. Through this analysis, you will be able to place more accurate bets which will automatically increase your chances of catching a win!

Melbourne Renegades

In the current Season, Melbourne Renegades have displayed an average performance. To clarify, they have won 7 out of the 14 matches they have played this Season. This might be a steep slope but not to worry.

The Renegades secured their title as the champions of the Big Bash League in the 2018-2019 Season. This indicates that they are a strong team indeed. However, before you jump to conclusions, continue reading…

Brisbane Heat

Like the Renegades, Brisbane Heat has displayed an average performance this Season. They have played 15 matches this Season. They managed to bag 7 wins while one match was declared undecided due to bad weather conditions.

The Heat have also won the Big Bash League Championship by defeating Perth Scorchers in the 2012-2013 Season. Defeating The Scorchers is a hard task as they have always been an immaculate and strong team.

However, we must consider the factor of how these teams have performed against each other in the past. Assessing previous performances and matches might help you break this ‘tie’ as both teams have been performing equally well this Season.

Melbourne Renegades vs Brisbane Heat Betting Preview

Head-to-head Team Record

Both teams have played 19 matches against each other. The Renegades have managed to bag 13 wins while the Heat have only won 6 times.

Moreover, in the current Season, the Renegades have played against the Heat and defeated them in two matches. There is a strong possibility that the Renegades will emerge victoriously but if some other factors come into play, then there might be a problem.

Melbourne Renegades vs Brisbane Heat Betting Preview; The Pitch

As we all know, cricket is a land-based game but if the pitch is not perfect, it might affect the gameplay. Thus, assessing the pitch will help you understand which team might face some difficulty and what that difficulty might be. Through this evaluation, you might be able to grasp a better understanding of your bets.

Docklands Stadium

Located in Melbourne, the Docklands Stadium is said to benefit both the batsmen and the bowlers. Declared a good pitch for T20 matches, it offers enough bounce for batters to enjoy playing on.

The outfield is faster which certainly eases the batsmen while they try and score some runs. Due to the bounce of the pitch, the bouncers can thrive and play their shots on merit.

However, this pitch can become a little slow as the game progresses. In the second half of the match, the batters might face a tough time picking spinners. This pitch is excellent when chasing a score and the average 1st innings score is 165 runs. Thus, there is a probability that the captains might opt to chase when they win the toss.

Melbourne Renegades vs Brisbane Heat Betting Preview; The Toss

Assessing the toss is important as it will allow you to place your wagers more carefully and accurately. As discussed earlier, the captain who wins the toss might decide to chase. This probability was derived through the assessment of the pitch and of the matches previously played on it.

Thus, we advise you to wait for the toss before you place your wagers. Once the verdict is out and the captain of the toss-winning team has decided, then place your wagers. Only after assessing your odds thoroughly.


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Melbourne Renegades vs Brisbane Heat Betting Preview; Weather and Time

Time and weather play a crucial role in cricket matches. Unlike football, cricket is greatly affected by the rain. Sometimes the matches are delayed or even stopped mid-way. Thus, keep a tab open for live weather updates when you are betting.


Unfortunately, the weather prediction is suggesting that it might rain. This can cause difficulties during gameplay. Luckily, the Docklands Stadium is a closed stadium, and the weather might not be problematic.

Nonetheless, do not make haste. Take your time. If you feel unconfident, watch the game a bit before placing your wagers.

Melbourne Renegades vs Brisbane Heat Betting Preview


The rain might not be a problem but the humidity might cause a nuisance for the batsmen. Especially in the second half. As time will progress the humidity might increase. Currently, it is predicted to be at 83%. Thus, this match can go either way depending on the circumstances of the weather.

Melbourne Renegades vs Brisbane Heat Betting Preview; Small and Simple Wagers

Placing small bets, especially as a beginner, is necessary. This will allow you to navigate through the betting markets while grasping experience. Moreover, small bets will avoid your chances of getting bankrupt.

You can evaluate various online cricket betting previews to have a thorough understanding. Getting a hold of all the tips and tricks is always efficient for a punter!


While punting, please do not use your heart. Leave all biases and emotions out the door while pulling your chequebooks out. We are hoping that this Season you might cash in big wins! However, do not feel disheartened if you lose. Learn from the experience and try not to make that mistake again.

We wanted to help, maybe our work here is done now. Good luck!


Join 22BET's Gambling Adventures 100% up to $ 122

Specific terms and conditions apply. 18+. Gamble Responsibly.


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