India vs Australia 4th Test Odds; 9th – 13th Mar’23
India vs Australia 4th Test Odds

India vs Australia 4th Test Odds; 9th – 13th Mar’23





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India vs Australia 4th Test Odds; 9th – 13th Mar’23

India vs Australia 4th Test Odds
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India vs Australia 4th Test odds are bound to knock your socks off if you are trying your luck in the ICC Test series. Betting and winning might seem like a complex state of affairs but we assure you that it is quite simple. Hard to believe? Read on…


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India vs Australia 4th Test Odds; Betting Options

Betting Platform

Your first job as a punter is to carefully select the betting platform you want to use for your wagers. Best online cricket betting sites like 1xBet sportsbook are quite reliable. Trusting an online betting platform with your card details and money can be nerve-wracking but you can certainly trust 1xBet to do right by you.

Moreover, they offer fantastic online cricket betting bonuses which will serve to be quite fruitful, especially for beginners. However, to gain a more profound understanding of how wagering on Test cricket series works, you must investigate the online cricket betting previews. You might learn some new tips and tricks…

Easy Bets

Betting on Test cricket might sound like an intricate situation, so we are here. We want to make sure that you are well-informed before placing the wagers.

The top two most common bets in Test cricket are:

  1. Betting on the final result or the outcome of the match.
  2. Wagering on the outcome after 6 overs have been completed.

But, if you came here to play and win big… There are other markets available as well. Study the ones that are more beneficial for your bet and only then you must place your wagers.

Betting Markets

  • Batsman Matches – Only the first innings will be considered.
  • Batsman Match Runs – The whole match will be taken into account.
  • Batsman Runs (In-Play) – All bets will stand regardless of any unforeseen delays, i.e. weather or otherwise.
  • To Score 50/100/150/200/250/300/350/400 – All bets stand regardless of unforeseen delays.
  • Player Performance – The whole match will be considered.
  • Team batsman to score a fifty in the match – The player’s performance throughout the match will be considered.
  • A hundred to be scored in the match.
  • Team batsman to score a hundred in the match.
  • Most Run Outs 3-Way – All innings of the match will be considered for this.
  • 1st Innings Score – Declarations are considered at the end of an inning. If the 1st inning is forfeited, bets will be void.
  • Most Match Sixes.
  • Total Match Sixes.
  • Batsman Matches – Runs scored in both innings will count. If two or more players end on an equal number of runs the bets will be void.
  • Match Betting / Draw-No-Bet / Double Chance – Bets will stand on the official result as long as one ball has been bowled.
  • Top Batsman/Bowler – Only the first inning will be considered.
  • Player Match Wickets – Bets stand if the player bowls 1 ball. Otherwise, the bets will be void.
  • Innings Runs – A minimum of 50 overs must be bowled.
  • First Innings Lead
  • Runs in 1st Over (2-Way) – Extras and penalty runs are included. However, for bets to stand, the overs need to be completed.
  • Test Match Team Totals (2-Way) – Bets settled on 1st innings will only be considered.
  • Innings Runs – A minimum of 50 overs must be bowled.
  • Top Team Batsman / Team Bowler – Only the first innings will be considered.

India vs Australia 4th Test Odds; The Teams

India and Australia are amongst the top best cricket teams in the world. They thrive on the field and always produce or recruit new talent to keep their team alive.

In the 1st India vs Australia Test series, the Indian team did a remarkable job and thrashed the Australian team. They came out victorious while the Aussies faced defeat. However, we all are already aware that Australia has never shied away from making a comeback.

Thus, when placing your wagers, consider all the necessary factors that come into play and might interfere with or disrupt your chances of winning.

India vs Australia 4th Test Odds

Head-to-head Team Record

The head-to-head team record is quite essential, and every punter must take notes. Analyzing the performance of both teams will allow you to place better and more fruitful bets.

Moving forward, India and Australia have played 102 test matches against each other. India won 30 matches while Australia bagged a win 43 times. 28 matches were declared a draw while 1 match was a tie. This indicates that the Australian team has a fair chance of making a comeback in the upcoming Test matches.

India vs Australia 4th Test Odds; The Field

Investigating the pitch on which the match will be played is critical. This will reflect how the teams will perform on the field. The match will be played in Narendra Modi Stadium located in Motera, India.

Without any further delays, let’s dive into the pitch report.

The Pitch Report

The pitch of Narendra Modi Stadium is said to be quite beneficial for the batsmen. The flat surface offers room for perfect shots and the pitch also offers just the right amount of bounce. If the shot is played with the right intensity, it will surely cross the outfield. Moreover, the small boundaries will be a piece of cake for the batsmen.

Bounce in the pitch might also play in favour of the pacers, especially during the initial overs but under lights. Although we are aware that India has excellent pacers, the Australian team is quite powerful as well. Undoubtedly, this match might be a close match so place your bets carefully.

India vs Australia 4th Test Odds; The Toss

The toss is the single most important factor that needs to be considered BEFORE placing your wagers. We do urge and advise you to wait and assess the odds after the toss. This will determine who might have the upper hand in the game.

For this match, there is a possibility that whoever wins the toss might opt to bowl first after considering the dew factor. As the pitch is quite favourable for the batsmen, chasing a target score might not be that difficult.


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India vs Australia 4th Test Odds; Weather, Time and Dew – All Days

Cricket is a land-based sport, which, unlike football, will get majorly affected by the weather, time and the dew point. Thus, having an idea of this throuple is essential for your bets. Especially for matches which last for a long period. A Test match traditionally lasts for 7 hours and 30 minutes.

This match will start at 0930 – local time. Needless to say, there is ample time for mother nature to pull an Uno reverse and dissolve the match in seconds. Thus, our advice is to always keep the live weather forecast open while placing your wagers.

India vs Australia 4th Test Odds

9th March

The weather report is suggesting that it might be sunny and hot this day. The temperature will be a brutal 37˚C. This might cause some difficulty during gameplay. It is certainly not easy to play in the heat with the sun shining brightly.

The dew point is said to be at 3˚C in the morning and -1˚ in the afternoon.

10th March

Unfortunately, the second day of the Test series might be even more difficult than the first. The forecast is suggesting that it might be very hot and very sunny this day with the temperature at a ‘beyond’ brutal degree of 38˚C. The cloud cover is said to be 5% which is an indication that this day will be very sunny and hot for the players on the field. Thus, this might affect their performance.

Moving along, the dew point is said to be at 1˚ in the morning and it may remain the same in the afternoon.

11th March

The forecast is suggesting that it might be cloudy this day but very warm. The cloud cover might be 46% and there is a 2% possibility that it might rain. Not thunderstorms, maybe light showers. Drizzle might not affect the match but if things progress for the worse, the match might be delayed. Thus, investigate the Duckworth-Lewis Stern (DLS) method for a better understanding of your bets if it rains.

The dew point is 1% in the morning with a humidity of 22%. The humidity might decrease to 11% in the afternoon while the dew point will remain the same. The factor of humidity majorly affects the batsmen but there might not be a problem in the later stages of the game.

12th March

The forecast is stating that the weather will mostly stay sunny and very warm with the temperature at 36˚C. Although the cloud cover might be at 22%, there are fewer to no chances of precipitation.

The dew point might be 3% in the morning with the humidity at 25%. This might cause some difficulty for the batsmen on the field. However, things might shake up by the afternoon. The dew point might lower down to -4% and the humidity might also decrease to 8%. Thus, the team batting later might have the advantage this day.

13th March

There is a possibility that the temperature might remain the same on this day. It is predicted to be very sunny and warm with a temperature of 35˚C. The cloud cover is 1% which is, practically speaking, nothing. Thus, it will be hot and sweaty on the field.

The dew point in the morning is said to be -1% with the humidity at 18%. Later in the afternoon, it is predicted that the dew point might remain the same, but the humidity can decrease to 10%.

India vs Australia 4th Test Odds; Small Wagers

Our last piece of advice for you is to place small wagers. This will allow you to manoeuvre away from huge losses while gaining experience and cashing in small wins. Once you have a firm grasp of how the betting world works, you can pull out your pens and chequebooks.

However, if you are still feeling unprepared, feel free to investigate more tips and tricks. No need to make any haste.


Discover 20BET's Gambling Adventures 100% up to €100 on your first deposit.

Specific terms and conditions apply. 18+. Gamble Responsibly.

All the Best, Punter!

We hope that this detailed betting preview might assist you with your betting needs! At the end of the day, you need to befriend lady luck to guarantee a win.

However, we have prepared you and we are certain that our tips will certainly aid your wins. Good luck!

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