Wager to Win a new iPhone with 1xBet Everyday Winner Bonus

Wager to Win a new iPhone with 1xBet Everyday Winner Bonus

Valid until:
September 8, 2023

1xBet has done a brilliant job with this deal where you can get a chance to win a brand-new iPhone through their 1xBet Everyday Winner Bonus! This offer will give you the opportunity of participating in a fantastic deal where you spend peanuts in exchange for a new phone. Sounds unbelievable but this is certainly the real deal. For details keep reading and you might just win!

The latest review of 1xbet sportsbook explicitly suggests that their bonuses are staggering as they navigate through numerous deals daily. Amongst the sea of opportunities, we have found you the best offer which will grant you the chance to win a brand-new Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max. To utilize this offer, you need to click on the option of “Take Part,” which will be displayed on the offer page. Make a small deposit of 1424 PKR on the website or the app and immediately you will receive promotional tickets as a form of bonus. However, keep in mind that the winners for the price will be chosen at random and you can get these tickets daily till 28th June 2023. Check the “offer page” to take part in the daily prize draw and get a chance to win a new iPhone!

Get a Fantastic New iPhone by Wagering in 1xBet Everyday Winner Bonus!

Undoubtedly, the 1xBet sportsbook is amongst the leading and most successful betting websites with excellent promotions. It easily qualifies under the list of the best online cricket betting sites. Moreover, its online cricket betting bonuses and online cricket betting promotions have knocked everyone’s socks off! Participating in this offer is easy and does not require any specific criteria. The winner is chosen at random through the tickets that the participants have purchased. As stated earlier, tickets are awarded as a bonus and the larger deposit you make, the more tickets you will receive.

Bonus Points

  • 300 Bonus Points – 10 Winners
  • 200 Bonus Points – 15 Winners
  • 100 Bonus Points – 20 Winners
  • 50 Bonus Points – 30 Winners


  • 1424 PKR — 1 ticket;
  • 2848 PKR — 3 tickets;
  • 7119 PKR — 10 tickets;
  • 14237 PKR — 25 tickets;
  • 28473 PKR — 60 tickets;
  • 42710 PKR — 90 tickets;
  • 71182 PKR — 160 tickets;
  • 142364 PKR — 350 tickets;
  • 213546 PKR — 600 tickets;
  • Over 284728 PKR — 1000 tickets.
Terms and Conditions of the Bonus
  1. You need to be a registered customer of the 1xBet sportsbook.
  2. This offer is available from 28th April 2023 (00:00 +3UTC) to 28th June 2023 (23:59 +3UTC).
  3. To take part in this offer, go to “My Account” on the website or the app and select the option of participating in the bonus offer (Account Settings – Participation in bonus offers).
  4. The draw will be conducted at 16:00 (+3UTC) on the offer page for only the tickets collected within 24 hours from 00:00 to 23:59 the previous day
  5. There are no restrictions on the number of deposits you choose to make.
  6. Winners of the main prize will not be receiving any bonus points.
  7. Winning ticket holders will automatically receive bonus points.
  8. This offer is only available once per account, IP address, PC, etc.
  9. The company reserves the right to retract, cancel, amend, change or cancel the offer as they may please, without providing any warning before their decision.
  10. Company will seize funds and permanently close the account of any user, as any form of malicious practice or fraud is unacceptable.
  11. Participants with multiple accounts cannot participate in this offer.
  12. Company holds the right to review its customer’s personal logs and betting history. If the client’s transaction records reflect that their betting strategy is abusive, the company can revoke the bonus and prohibit the participation of the said client.
  13. The customer must provide proper documents of verification at any time. If the user is unable to comply, the company can forfeit the winnings and cancel the bonus.

General terms and conditions of the company are applied to all its bonuses and promotions. Thus, as a betting tip, we advise you to look into it before you dive in head first! Always remember, stay gamble aware and bet responsibly. Happy punting!


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