Vave Sports VIP Program – The Only Way to Winning Is Up

Vave Sports VIP Program – The Only Way to Winning Is Up

Valid until:
June 29, 2023

The Vave Sports VIP Program brings a twist to your betting experience by enhancing the flavours of the betting recipe. You must climb the ladder to the top level to receive the rewards you are dying for. Each level represents different bets and bonuses which you will receive, even every month if you wish to proceed with this offer. Rest assured, Vave will take care of you and your bets. So, are you ready to be a winner? Wave at us at the top!

The Vave sportsbook is the new rave of the betting world. They have amazing online cricket betting bonuses and online cricket betting promotions which can certainly assist you with your betting needs. The latest review of Vave showcases that its customers are happy and punting at their full potential! This offer is just a way of making your betting experience much more fun and beneficial. Yes, all of this is for your sake. To top it off, participation in this offer is not even difficult.

There are 7 levels of this program, and every customer will proceed to the next level as they accumulate points by placing bets using real money. It is important to note that every player will start from the 1st level and the program will automatically be activated for them. You can exchange the points (VP) for more than 10,000 USDT in free bets. Every month the offer is renewed, thus, you can play every month and feel like royalty with the VIP Program. So, let us lead you towards the path of royals where you can feast with your head crowned!

Vave Sports VIP Program – Be on the Seventh Sky and at the 1st Level

There are numerous online betting promotions out there but we bring to you only the best in town. This offer allows you to build your bets up with comp points (VP) and as the month ends, the levels are reset. At the end of each month, the VPs you collected will be transferred to your bonus account and you can use them later as free bets. You can receive 1 USDT (or another currency equivalent to this amount) in free bets for every 100 VP. You will receive the comp points as 1 comp point for each 10 USDT (or another currency equivalent to this amount) of total bets with minimum odds of 1.3. The points system is not tricky, we will explain it to you.

  1. 2nd Level – 200 VP
  2. 3rd Level – 2000 VP
  3. 4th Level – 10,000 VP
  4. 5th Level – 50,000 VP
  5. 6th Level – 200,000 VP
  6. 7th Level – 500,000 VP

As you proceed to climb up and reach a new level, you will receive rewards for your hard work!

  1. For reaching the 2nd Level – +100 VP
  2. For reaching the 3rd Level – +1000 VP
  3. For reaching the 4th Level – +5000 VP
  4. For reaching the 5th Level – +25,000 VP
  5. For reaching the 6th Level – +100,000 VP
  6. For reaching the 7th Level – 250,000 VP

Terms and Conditions of the Program

  1. The free bets you receive must be used within 5 days, otherwise, they will be invalid.
  2. This offer can only be used for betting in sporting events.
  3. This offer is exclusively available to Vave customers only.
  4. The company holds the right to alter, retract, rectify or cancel the offer at any time, without providing a reason before their decision.
  5. One offer per person.
  6. You must provide proper documents of verification for registration.

Vave is a fantastic betting platform with a very cool-looking website. Vave is a fantastic betting platform with a very cool-looking website. Plus, Vave vows to protect its customers thus, the general terms and conditions of the Vave sportsbook apply to all their bonuses, promotions and offers. They want to ensure that you play safely. Thus, always stay gamble-aware and wager responsibly. Good luck and best wishes are on their way, punter!


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