Vave Bettors Tournament – Be at the Top of Your Bets!

Vave Bettors Tournament – Be at the Top of Your Bets!

Valid until:
May 31, 2023

The Vave Bettors tournament is here to enhance your betting experience and your winning odds! Vave launches such punting tournaments every week to give a rather unique betting exposure. These tournaments are certainly the talk of the town, and we are here to spill the tea. Want to be richer but reach there safely? Here’s how you can have it all!

The wait is finally over as the Vave sportsbook has launched its Bettors Tournament. The offer is for all the hungry punters out there who have been waiting to try new and exciting betting opportunities. Such online cricket betting bonuses are a rare find because not all betting platforms are offering such rewards! Moreover, Vave has excellent online betting promotions which will certainly assist your betting needs. Participating in this offer is simple. The only complicating part might be understanding how it works but do not worry, we will guide you. There is a unique scoring formula which will calculate your points to determine your position on the leaderboard. There are three leaderboards (gold, silver and bronze) with ten positions each and you can be on any of them. The prize fund will be determined according to the leaderboard you are on. Once the event is over, your rewards will be waiting for you in your main account. 3 leagues and up to 2250 USDT are waiting for you anxiously… Let’s sign you up fast!

Vave Bettors Tournament – Climb the Ladder of Successful Bets

The latest review about Vave suggests that these weekly tournaments are highly enjoyed by its customers and yield a rather fruitful outcome in the end. Might be hard to understand that, how can such amazing betting promotions still exist… Well, they do. All you need to do is, understand the formula. The scoring formula is simple – 100 (win amount/bet amount – 1). To make it more clear, here is an example: if your winning amount is 5200 and your betting amount is 1000, you will earn 420 points. You can climb higher on the leaderboards as your points increase. The best part is, there is no limitation of any sort. If your name appears on all three leaderboards, you will be rewarded for all of them. However, you have to make sure that the bets you place have odds of 1.2 or higher. So, are you ready to win this tournament or what?

Terms and Conditions of the Tournament

  1. Bets with odds of 1.2 or higher are eligible for this bonus.
  2. The qualifying bets will determine to which leaderboard you belong.
  3. The prize is credited as a free bet.
  4. Winnings received through placing free bets will be paid as withdrawable funds and can be found in your main account.
  5. Duration for a free bet is 3 days.
  6. You must register on the Vave sportsbook to participate in the tournament.
  7. You must provide proper documentation for verification to prove your identity to the Company.
  8. The Company can amend, retract, alter and cancel the offer at any time, without providing any reasoning.

Vave follows a general criterion of terms and conditions which are allocated on all of their bonuses and promotions. Thus, we suggest you look into them for a better understanding of the game. Remember, stay gamble aware and do not forget to have fun. Happy punting!


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