Cricket Cashout Feature – Get Your Money Back!

Cricket Cashout Feature – Get Your Money Back!

Valid until:
May 10, 2023

Ivibet made your betting dreams come to life through their spectacular cricket cashout feature! Our beloved punters have often gotten stuck on a bet with no room to wriggle their way out. Not to worry, Ivibet’s cashout feature will enable you to get your money back… If and when you choose to change your mind. So, the real question is, what are you waiting for?

Ever been stuck on an unpredictable bet that you want to walk out on? Ivibet is offering a cashout feature which will certainly come in handy! We are always looking for fantastic cricket betting promotions and here’s one! The latest review about Ivibet is flowing with positive words and winning vibes. The “Cashout” feature allows you to step out of your bet whilst collecting the money you have spent. If you do not wish to wait till your bet settles, just use this feature to sell your betting slip back to the Ivibet sportsbook. Indeed, seems unrealistic but honestly, there’s no catch!

Using this feature will not only give you the option of walking out of your bet at any time, but it also gives you the advantage of immediately receiving your money back. Exciting, no? This will certainly make your betting experience easier and maybe less overwhelming as well. Trust us when we tell you, such an offer is a rare find. Better to jump on this opportunity now!

Cricket Cashout Feature is Here but Where Are You?

Calling out to all our punters, the Cashout feature is certainly something we all have been waiting for. This service is only available on Ivibet and you can look for it in ‘My Account – Bet History’ or in the tab ‘My Bets’, mentioned on the betting slip. This feature can be used before the event begins and even when it is happening in real-time. Thus, this feature will equip you with the option of leaving the bet at any time!

However, it is important to note that the Cashout feature is only available on single, accumulator bets. Plus, the cashout amount will always be less than the actual payout. For instance, if the odds change or if the circumstances of the event change, the cashout amount will change as well. Nonetheless, we speak with certainty that such precious online cricket promotions come for a limited time only… So, are your chequebooks ready?

When To Sell?

  1. If you placed a wrong bet, create a new one after selling the old one.
  2. If you predict your future loss during the event before the bet settles, you can cash out and cut down your losses.
  3. When in doubt, sell your bet and avoid the risk of losing it all.

Terms and Conditions of the Cricket Cashout Feature

There are a few instances where the Cashout feature cannot be used.

  1. If the bet has been settled already.
  2. More than one outcome on the betting slip is blocked.
  3. The outcomes on the betting slip cannot be sold.
  4. If the betting slip has already been sold.
  5. If the betting slip consists of integer totals (total over 1) or handicaps.
  6. If the Company wishes to block any user from utilizing the Cashout feature, they can do so at their discretion without giving any reasoning.

Technical Faults

It is important to highlight that the Company will not be responsible if the Cashout feature is unavailable due to some technical faults. With that being said, the Company holds the authority of suspending the Cashout service at its discretion, at any time, of any event, without providing a reason. Moreover, this feature can be terminated if a technical fault is noticed at any point in the sale. In such a situation, the bets will be settled on a normal basis according to the outcome of the event.

After the Bet is Placed

The Company does not provide any guarantee that all the bets placed can be cashed out. After the customer has placed the bet, he can then explore whether the bet can be cashed out or not. Furthermore, the Company does not negotiate the price of the bet slip. It is up to the customer if he wishes to accept the terms and conditions of the sale or deny to accept the sale of the slip at the specified amount.

It is also important to know that the operator holds the right to terminate an already-standing bet. In such cases, the full price of the bet is restored to the customer.

Full terms and conditions apply. Remember to play responsibly and always be gamble aware!

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