Bet on the Pakistan Tour of Sri Lanka with 1xBet!

Bet on the Pakistan Tour of Sri Lanka with 1xBet!

Valid until:
August 10, 2023

Bet on the Pakistan Tour of Sri Lanka to boost your winning odds! The beauty of this offer is that the more bets you place, the larger the amount of free bet you will receive. Indeed, we all are aware that the Pakistan Tour of Sri Lanka is the most trending topic in the cricket dynasty. Thus, the 1xBet sportsbook has launched this spectacular bonus for all its loyal cricket fans who love to try their luck any day, especially on their favourite game. So, let’s not wait and play already!

The 1xBet Sportsbook is hands down the best betting website there is, especially for our sporty punters. This particular offer is designed for cricket fans who want to test their luck. All you need to do is, place a few bets on Pakistan Tour of Sri Lanka 2023 events and you will be rewarded a bonus. Yes, it’s a free bet! The criteria for participation in this offer is very simple, more like a one-step formality. To utilize this offer you must be a registered customer of the 1xBet sportsbook. You can register on the website or through the app. After doing so, navigate your way through the offer page and press on the “Take Part” option displayed there.

Your wagering amount must be at least 575 PKR, on the events of the Pakistan Tour of Sri Lanka. In addition to this, this offer allows you to place single bets of odds 1.5 or higher on events of the Pakistan Tour of Sri Lanka 2023. Hold on, there’s more! You can also place accumulator bets with 3 or more selections, with the odds of 1.4 or higher, however, one selection must be from the Pakistan Tour of Sri Lanka 2023 event. This seems like a fantastic offer where you can enjoy the game. In addition to this, you will be scoring a few free bets under your belt which always a delight. So, let’s get you rich! You’re only a bet away…

Bet on the Pakistan Tour of Sri Lanka to Score Free Wagers!

The 1xBet sportsbooks offer numerous online cricket betting bonuses and online cricket betting promotions that punters throughout the globe are buzzing for. They certainly have the best deals in town! Their offers benefit the clientele and attract a large audience from around the world. Yes, there’s always traffic on their website which is proof that their bonuses are magic! This offer has that punting enchantment as well, and certainly a lot of potential. However, the criteria for deciding your free bets depends on the total stake of the eligible wagers you have placed. It is important to note that with each bet that you place, you will receive promo code amounts as a bonus. This is how you will have to go about it:

  • Wagers worth 1150 PKR or more – 228 PKR worth Promo Code
  • Wagers worth 2587 PKR or more – 863 PKR worth Promo Code
  • Wagers worth 5748 PKR or more – 2012 PKR worth Promo Code
  • Wagers worth 8621 PKR or more – 2874 PKR worth Promo Code
  • Wagers worth 14,369 PKR or more – 4311 PKR worth Promo Code

Terms and Conditions of the Bonus

  • This offer is only available to registered customers of the 1xBet sportsbook.
  • Bonus is valid from 12.07.2023 (14:00 +3 UTC) to 28.07.2023 (23:59 +3 UTC)
  • The minimum stake amount is 575 PKR.
  • Maximum free bet amount is 4311 PKR.
  • Only the bets placed using real money can qualify for this bonus.
  • A promo code will be transferred to your account in a form of a free bet within 72 hours after the bonus ends.
  • To utilize this offer, you must go to “My Account” and opt to participate in the bonus offers (Account Settings – Participation in Bonus Offers)
  • Do not forget to click on the option “Take Part” displayed on the offer page, if you wish to get this bonus.
  • If you wish to read the terms of the free bet, then navigate your way to My Account – Promo code check.
  • The amount of your free bet is determined by the total stake of your eligible bets. Moreover, only settled bets will qualify for this offer and all selections made on accumulator bets must be settled before the promotional period ends.
  • The free bet will expire 7 days after it has been issued.
  • If the total stake of your bets placed during the promotional period is less than 1150 PKR, then no free bet will be rewarded.
  • You cannot use this offer in collaboration with other offers or bonuses on the website.
  • The 1xBet sportsbook reserves the right to rectify, cancel, renew or remove the offer at any time, without providing any reason before their decision. They can also refuse the participation of any customer.
  • The company also has the right to view transactions and logs of its customers for any reason. If they come across any suspicious activity that might seem malicious, 1xBet may seize the funds and permanently close the account.
  • You must provide proper and complete documentation for verification, failure to provide the necessary information may result in the bonus and any winnings being forfeited.

Play and Win your bets through the Pakistan Tour of Sri Lanka Bonus!

There may be numerous bonuses at your disposal but we advise you to not let this opportunity slip away. All the bonuses and promotions of 1xBet sportsbook follow the same set of rules and regulations which you can find on their website. Indeed, it is always a good idea to be aware of the terms before you choose to participate. Remember to always bet carefully while staying gamble aware. Good luck!


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