Pakistan vs India Champions Trophy: Golden Recap
Pakistan vs India Champions Trophy

Pakistan vs India Champions Trophy: Golden Recap

Tournament date:
June 16, 2023 -
 June 16, 2023

It was the time of 1:30 PM in Pakistan and 2 PM in India. It was just another Sunday afternoon with people getting ready to watch the hottest battle in the world of cricket where Pakistan and India, the arch-rivals were competing with each other in the final of the Champions Trophy. For obvious reasons, the people were excited, emotional, eager and worried about the outcome of this epic battle.

Well, all the odds were against their team, there were talks of how Virat Kohli will destroy the bowling army of Pakistan, or how the rampaging strokes of Rohit Sharma will light up the ground of the Oval just like the thunderbolts he delivered against Bangladesh at the Edgbaston in the semis which guided his team to the final. Pakistan vs India Champions Trophy 2017 final was just the biggest game going on in the circuit of cricket.

Both Pakistani and Indian captains were in the middle. The coin was flipped and the news from the center was that the Indian team won the toss and elected to field first. It was the flat deck of The Oval. The Pakistani fans were nervous. There is a fact that the chasing was the most positive point of this experienced Indian side. The Indian side was unchanged. Pakistani side made one change by bringing back their front-line pacer Muhammad Amir. He could not play in the semis because of his injury.

Pakistan vs India Champions Trophy 2017: First Innings

The Pakistani openers Azhar Ali and Fakhar Zaman were walking out to the pitch. They were carrying the burden of hopes of the 20 million Pakistani fans. Virat Kohli decided to give the new ball to Bhuveneshwar Kumar. He was getting warmed up for delivering his first over. Kumar delivered the beautiful delivery outside off on which Azhar decided to not play any stroke on it.

The last ball of the over, Azhar left it in the same manner, as he did on the first ball. He was batting as if he were carrying a spectacular attitude on the crease. First over, no run, it was maiden from Bhuveneshwar Kumar. No doubt the bowler bowled beautifully. However, the attitude of the batsman showed how much confidence he was carrying.

Well slowly and steadily, Pakistani lads survived the first 3 overs and the score was 7/0. Yes, it was a slow start considering the modern era of cricket, but keeping in mind the chaos of the Pakistani batting line-up, the Pakistani fans were thankful. Start of the fourth over, Bumrah came on to bowl to the left-handed opener, Fakhar Zaman, the ball was delivered and Fakhar Zaman nicked it straight to the keeper. All the expectations of the fans were in vain.

What a Horrible Start!

At that time, It seemed like the start of another miserable night against India in an ICC event. The Pakistani fans were blaming the opener why would anyone play a shot like this on this big stage, while he was returning back to the pavilion, the third umpire decided to check the front foot and it was a NO-BALL, “Come Back Fakhar Zaman”, shouted the commentator Ramiz Raja.

Now the Pakistani fans were happy because the opener who played the major role to bring Pakistan to the final was ready to light up the grand stage of the finale. The Pakistani fans believed that the night would not be an ordinary night. There was something special prepared for them on that day. Do you love cricket? If yes, then you could to the best online news sites in the UK to find out the numbers.

The Momentum Shifted

As it happened, the momentum was finally shifted. In the same over Fakhar Zaman raced the ball for this first boundary. Just one of many boundaries he was going to score today after that mistake because there was nothing to look back at.

Azhar supported the amateur opener, Fakhar Zaman, well and tried his best to keep up the pace of the game. On the second ball of the 8th over, he smashed the ball over long off for six against the front-line Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin, the same shot that the experienced Pakistani test batsman played against an off-spinner which won Pakistan the test match against England at The Oval after six years.

Pakistan ended the powerplay by scoring 56 runs by losing no wicket in Pakistan vs India Champions Trophy final. It was a phenomenal start considering the standards of Pakistani batting in recent times. Well, it did not end here, the Pakistani batsmen made sure to finally really worry the Indians.

Captain Kohli changed the fieldsets, and he made some clinical bowling changes to stop the swords of Pakistani openers but it was not really happening. The Pakistan batsmen were smashing the Indian bowlers all around the park.

Azhar completed his fifty in the 20th over and got applauded by the same fans who criticized him for not carrying the legacy of modern-day cricket. He showed that one can answer his critics with his action, the action which speaks louder than words. Nevertheless, he was dismissed after he scored a fine fifty, but the innings were enough to build the platform. Fakhar Zaman also completed his fifty in the meantime.

Century For Fakhar Zaman

It was clearly a solid knock from the young navy officer from Mardan, who made sure to earn benefit from the mistake of the arch-rivals. After the departure of Azhar Ali, Babar Azam arrived who was trying to find his groove in the tournament.

Yes, he played some of the cameos like the important 31* and 38* against South Africa. It was a crucial game. He performed against England on the big stage of the semis but the big innings were due to him.

Babar Azam started the innings steadily, made some singles, and started to rotate the strike. Fakhar Zaman, on the other hand, was thrashing the white ball all around the park. He was playing as if he was given the duty to conclude the innings of Amir Sohail which was left unfinished at the land of Banglore in the World Cup Quarter-Finals 1996.

He played a beautifully planned sweep shot on the leg side to complete his hundred. Fakhar Zaman became the first Pakistan batsman to score a century in the Champions Trophy for Pakistan. It was the first hundred by a Pakistani in CT since the classic century of his senior colleague Shoaib Malik. The innings of Fakhar Zaman were ended by Hardik Pandya. The batsman slogged the ball in the air trying to play the shot on the leg side. However, he was caught down behind square on the off side.

Indian Plan Was Not Working

The Indian plan whole together was not working. Indian Captain Virat Kohli decided to try his main bowler Bumrah at that point in time, but Babar Azam, the confident young lad, raced the ball to the deep backward square leg for a boundary. Babar played some sublime shots but his other cameo was ended in the meantime by the Indian spinner Kedhar Jadhav. He was dismissed on 46 runs.

It was not the day of the senior batsman Shoaib Malik who played a silly shot toward the deep cover for a simple catch. India was cruising towards the comeback but the game was in control of Pakistan. Pakistan sent Imad Waseem to partner Mohammad Hafeez in finishing the innings instead of Sarfraz Ahmad who played a fine finishing knock against Sri Lanka to guide his team to the semi-finals glory. The intent of Mohammad Hafeez was totally different that day. He showed the world of cricket his skills of finishing.

The Class of Mohammad Hafeez

When Mohammad Hafeez was going through this, he made sure to realize Indian fans of the past memory. He realized how Ajay Jadeja’s finishing knock against Pakistan in Banglore would have hurt the Pakistani fans. Whether it was a thunderbolt delivered over the long-on against Jadhav.

Whether it was a hammering powerful pull shot toward the deep square leg for a six, it was worth watching. He completed his 50 in 32 balls which were the second-fastest fifty in the ICC ODI finals. Imad Wasim, the young all-rounder from Wales, supported the senior batsman fully.

He made sure to keep up with the momentum of the game. In the last over, Mohammad Hafeez played it elegantly straight down the ground for a six. Pakistani innings were ended by an attempt of a boundary by Imad Wasim but because of not middling it, the ball was through to the covers. It resulted in only a single on the last ball. Pakistani innings ended on a high note, but now it was the responsibility of the Pakistani bowlers to guide Pakistan to win their first ICC ODI tournament since 1992.

Pakistan vs India Champions Trophy 2017: Second Innings

Indian batsmen Shikhar and Rohit, one who had achieved the feat of fastest test match centurion on debut. The other who was the only player in the world of cricket to score two double centuries in One Day Cricket was coming on to the crease, having their heads down, like they were trying not to pay attention to the Pakistan Zindabad chants at

The Oval, but their intent was to concentrate on the game, on the glory they have to give to their country that time around. On the other side, Muhammad Amir was practicing his round-arm action as if all the eyes of world cricket were on him.

The Legendary Spell of Mohammad Amir

Amir delivered the first ball and Rohit failed to play the cover drive on the first ball, it was a dot ball. Amir came again and delivered a good-length ball. It was a dot ball too. Rohit was under pressure. Amir had that kind of anger in his eyes like the anger of a LION who is ready to destroy their hunter.

He came in to bowl the third ball and it was a JAFFA, the ball came in onto the right-hander and was struck straight onto the pads. Amir appealed and it was given by the umpire in no time. Rohit was dismissed on the duck. Pakistani fans were jumping.

Virat Kohli was coming, by looking at him, it seemed like the target was not 339, it was actually 170. His determination and confidence in himself on the ground were showing his sheer class. The Indian Captain started the innings wisely in Pakistan vs India Champions Trophy final and decided not to take any risk against Junaid because he was miserable against the left-handed pacer in the 2012 bilateral series. In the fourth over, he was ready to face Muhammad Amir who he always admired because of his outclass bowling display.

Amir came on to bowl, Kohli edged it to the first slip fielder and the catch was dropped. It was the former Pakistani captain Azhar Ali who had dropped the sitter. The Pakistani fans couldn’t believe it. They were wondering whether the fielder had dropped the catch or the trophy from his hand. The Pakistani fans were disappointed. At that very moment, it looked like the match is gone.

The Wicket of Virat Kohli in the Pakistan vs India Champions Trophy Final

It was not the catch that he had dropped, it was actually the hope of the nation which was dropped from his hands. Despite all the odds, Amir started running to bowl the next ball, and again the Indian captain edged the ball but now it was straight to the fielder. This time the fielder made no mistake. Shadab caught the ball as if he was recalling the Jhonty Rhodes heroics on the field in the 90s.

Virat Kohli was gone, and the hopes were revived of the Pakistani nation. The unpredictability level of the Pakistani Cricket Team was described in the fascinating words of the English commentator Nasser Hussain who added “Pakistan cricket at its best, one minute down, next minute up.”

Shikhar Dhawan and the experienced Indian batsman Yuvraj Singh tried to settle things by showing some positive intent but Shikhar was soon dismissed by Muhammad Amir by nicking an outswinger to the keeper. The three main pillars of the Indian batting line were returned back to the pavilion. Amir’s spell was a delight to watch for cricket fans.

The journey of Mohammad Amir, from being a villain 7 years ago to becoming a hero by dismissing the star-studded top order of the world’s best batting lineup in the Champions Trophy Final. From making his way through the courts of London in the disgrace to keeping the flag of this nation flying high, It was indeed a remarkable journey, a fantastic journey, a noteworthy journey. What a wonderful impact Amir made in Pakistan vs India Champions Trophy 2017 final.

Yuvi and Dhone Are Gone

Yuvraj Singh, who was part of the winning side of the world cup two times, did not really make an impression. He was dismissed by the 18 years old lad Shadab Khan.

The confidence of Shaddy showed how important a prospect he would be for Pakistan in the future. Indian middle-order batting chaos, since the departure of Suresh Raina from the side who provided stability in the middle overs, continued and resulted in Kedhar Jadhav playing a horrible shot in the air straight to the fielder in an attempt to clear the rope against the young leg-spinner.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the legendary former captain of the Indian team looked vulnerable against the fiery bouncer. The young energetic Hasan delivered that bouncer and Dhoni returned to the pavilion without even entering the double figures. Do you love watching the details of Pakistan vs India games? If yes, then you could to the best online cricket news sites in the UK to find out the numbers.

Hardik Pandya Tried But Pakistan Dominated India in the Champions Trophy Final

With the run-rate elevating, Indian lower-order batsman Hardik Pandya tried his best surely. He impressed the cricketing world with his hitting skills. He achieved the feat of scoring the fastest 50 in the final of an ICC ODI event. With some of his phenomenal strikes against the spinner, he aimed to make the match out of them.

As soon he looked threatening on the crease, he was run out due to the mistake of his partner Ravindra Jadeja. Pakistani bowling did not give the Indian tail a chance to settle around. The four wickets fell off for just six runs. The Indian side was all-out on a total of just 158 runs.

It was one of the most memorable days in the history of the Pakistani days. Arguably, it was the greatest ODI win for Pakistan in the 21st century. Pakistan vs India Champions Trophy 2017 final holds great significance for Pakistan fans.

Whether it was Liberty road in Lahore or the University road in Karachi or whether it was Green Horton Road in Bradford, these chants were prominent on the lips of the Pakistan fans residing in any part of the world.

“Ham Hein Pakistani Hum To Jeetaingey Haan Jeeteingay.”

“Camepeones Cameepeones Olé Olé Olé.”

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