Cricket World Cup 2023 Youngest Players
Cricket World Cup 2023 Youngest Players

Cricket World Cup 2023 Youngest Players

Tournament date:
October 5, 2023 -
 November 13, 2023

This Cricket World Cup brings great excitement for the cricket fans due to many emerging stars participating in the event. Some of the best young players from all around the world will engage in the blistering battle between bat and ball. This is the great opportunity for the young stars because these players are going to represent their teams on the grand level. There is a total of 10 teams participating in the event. It is the dream of every star to perform at the grand level. It is the time to demonstrate the command on the biggest stage. Cricket World Cup 2023 youngest players have found a really big opportunity in their careers to be at the top of their game. So which player can emerge to reach at a really high level?


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Cricket World Cup 2023 will start from October 05. India is going to host the event. It will follow the similar format from the last World Cup. There is great excitement and enthusiasm revolving around this event due to the tickets getting sold online. There is tremendous interest from the Indian fans for the event. It is now just a matter of time before we witness some really great cricketing action from the ground. The emerging cricketers participating in the Cricket World Cup 2023 can compete against the top cricket players from all around the world. There is no doubt about that. Rest you can find out all the amazing cricketing sites like 20Bet.

Shaheen Khan Afridi (23 Years Old)

Shaheen Khan Afridi is the bowler who is leading the pace attack of Pakistan. Currently there are only some bowlers who can really compete the level of Shaheen Khan Afridi in the powerplay overs. Afridi has a great command on the swing and seam bowling in the powerplay overs. He provides a wonderful swing and seam to the deliveries which trouble the batting side amazingly. Do you know that he has improved tremendously in the death overs. He can bowl some terrific yorkers to dismiss the opposition.

Furthermore, the good length deliveries of Afridi can shatter those stumps. The age of Shaheen Khan Afridi is only 23 years old. The last time he played the Cricket World Cup, he put on a tremendous performance in the huge event. Afridi is surely the star player in the game of cricket. The pitches of India do not really provide great support to the bowlers. It is the tough task for the bowlers to utilize according to the tough Indian pitches.

However, Shaheen Khan Afridi surely has an ability to adjust according to the tough Indian pitches. He can surely bowl some great deliveries on the right line and length to demonstrate his command on the crease. So Rohit Sharma and David Warner, please watch out the masterclass bowling display of Shaheen Khan Afridi. Because this guy can really shatter the stumps in the stadium. Afridi is one of the promising stars in the world cricket.

Shubman Gill (23 Years Old)

When Shubman Gill scored the double hundred for the Indian team in the ODI cricket, a new star emerged at the global stage. Gill is the player who has demonstrated his command on the big level. According to the online cricket sportsbook sites in the United Kingdom, Shubman Gill is entering as the number two ODI batsman.

This position of Shubman Gill in the rankings demonstrates the masterclass display in cricket. The biggest advantage for Shubman Gill is that he has scored great amount of runs in the Indian conditions. The World Cup is going to happen in the Indian conditions. With familiar conditions, he can surely do wonders in the World Cup.

If we talk about the best emerging stars in the circuit, the name of Shubman Gill could come at the top. The best thing about Shubman Gill is that he does not allow the bowlers to get set on the field with their line and length in the powerplay overs. Shubman GIll has an experience of playing in the Indian Premier League and he is so much familiar with the Indian conditions. The battle vs Pakistan would be the most significant in the upcoming ODI World Cup 2023. Pakistan won the first battle. In the next game, he made a terrific comeback against the Pakistan fast bowling attack. Shubman Gill would like to rise through the ranks to become Kylian Mbappe of France in the upcoming ODI World Cup 2023.

Harry Brook (24 Years Old)

The emerging English batsman came to the circuit and made the headlines with his terrific knocks as the English captain in the Under-19 circuit. He is the player who bat according to the modern-era cricket standards. In the ODI cricket, you need to have a batter in the side who can build the innings in a terrific manner. When the innings is built, that player needs to smash the deliveries all around the park to reach the great total on the board.

In the middle-order, the English team requires tremendous support from Harry Brook in the middle. In the middle orders, you need to maintain the momentum and get set on the crease. The Indian pitches provide full support to the spinners. The game of Harry Brook against the spinners is astonishing. Even against the quality spin attacks, the batter like Harry Brook can smash the deliveries all over the park. You can expect Brook to be in great rhythm in the upcoming ODI World Cup 2023.

On the other hand, this ODI World Cup is welcoming to the new players. However, there is a list of cricketers who are possibly going to retire after ODI World Cup 2023. Following the retirement of those cricketers, players like Harry Brook need to carry on the legacy and demonstrate their command on the field. Harry Brook performed well in the T20 World Cup 2022. He would like to carry on the same momentum in the upcoming 50-over World Cup 2023. He is surely one of the most exciting youngest players to watch out for in the upcoming Cricket World Cup 2023.

Rashid Khan (24 Years Old)

Watch out for Rashid Khan in the upcoming Cricket World Cup 2023. He is the player who adds value in all departments of the game. In the bowling department, the Indian pitches can provide tremendous support to him. He can bowl six different varieties on six different deliveries. The googly of Rashid Khan is really difficult to face in the format of ODI cricket. In the last ODI World Cup, Afghanistan could not make an impact as a team in the event.

This is the time for Afghanistan to rise through the ranks and cover the journey of redemption as the team. In the big tournaments, the temperament of the big players is actually tested. Rashid Khan needs to be at the top of his game during Cricket World Cup 2023. There are batsmen like Babar Azam, Virat Kohli and Steven Smith participating in the event. They are really difficult to dismiss in the game of cricket. The bowler like Rashid Khan can give really tough time to these batsmen on the field.

Do you know the record of Rashid Khan as the batter? He has improved significantly in the batting department. He is the batsman who can smash the deliveries all around the park in the death overs. This World Cup is not only the game of the initial overs. The lower-order batsmen also need to provide some fine contributions on the field with their classic skillset on the field.

Rashid Khan can end among the fine finishers in the ODI World Cup 2023. Do you know the fielding standards of Rashid Khan? He is a phenomenal fielder who can take some really nice catches. The record of this player is amazing according to the best online cricket news sites in the United Kingdom. Rashid Khan is all set and ready for the World Cup.

Mohammad Wasim (22 Years Old)

Mohammad Wasim has entered into the Pakistan ODI World Cup 2023 squad. He is entering as one of the youngest players in Cricket World Cup 2023. Initially when Mohammad Wasim entered the cricketing circuit, he generated amazing pace with his astonishing seam and swing bowling. Wasim did not only bowl with the great pace. He also bowled with outstanding seam and swing bowling to demonstrate his command on the field.

Mohammad Wasim is one of the fine emerging all-rounders out there. Wasim will be entering the tournament having one disadvantage in this bag. That disadvantage is playing in the Indian conditions. It is a really hectic task to bowl on the fine line and length when the pitches provides full support to the batsmen. Once the batsmen get really settled on the crease, they can smash the deliveries of the bowlers all around the park.

In the T20 World Cup 2022, Mohammad Wasim put on a really fine bowling performance against the team of Zimbabwe. Such kind of similar bowling spell is what we expect from Mohammad Wasim in the upcoming Cricket World Cup 2023. Furthermore, Mohammad Wasim plays as the bowling all-rounder in the limited overs cricket. As a batsman, he is expected to dispatch the deliveries all around the park in the final overs. If Pakistan gets that support from Mohammad Wasim in the Cricket World Cup 2023, that would be gold! Are you interested to know more about Mohammad Wasim? If yes, then you can go to the best online cricket news sites in the United Kingdom to find out the information.

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Does the list of ODI World Cup 2023 youngest players excite you? Do you want to know the complete details of these emerging stars? Are you interested to keep complete track of these cricketers when the Cricket World Cup 2023 arrives? If yes, then you can go to the best online cricket news sites in the United Kingdom to find out the information.

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