Wasim Akram – A Biryani Story

Wasim Akram – A Biryani Story

Wasim Akram

While taking a nostalgic walk down memory lane with Wasim Akram, some unique characteristics can be identified… Every Pakistani is devoted towards two of their most festive passions – Cricket and Biryani.

Wasim Akram is… A Dream Cricketer

Holding many attributes, former Pakistani cricketer and captain of the National Team of Pakistan, Wasim Akram is widely known by cricket fanatics. Currently, he is a cricket coach and commentator, his voice echoes through various stadiums in Pakistan. Undoubtedly, he sounds good behind a mic, but his real talent is on the pitch.

It is said that Akram plays in such a manner that most of us can only wish and hope to achieve that brilliance. His talents on the pitch have certainly given him quite an edge. His career peaked due to his impeccable competencies, especially during the 1992 World Cup.

Maybe a High Achiever?

Wasim Akram is certainly an impeccable player. His mastery over the different seam and swing forms of bowling is impeccable. It always catches the batsman off guard. In addition to this, his unique techniques on the pitch always keep everyone on their toes. His bowling tactic has variety and seizes to surprise the opponent, almost every time. Sometimes, it is a high-speed delivery coupled with the dangerous element of a bouncer. On other occasions, it might be a sneaky sluggish delivery with a hint of spin.

Possessing a fantastic gift of bowling, he is regarded by others as the best left-arm fast bowler of all time. Undoubtedly, his career record and his gameplay deserve the recognition they receive. He certainly had a knack for bowling, but his cricket career took a hit.

Umesh Yadav and Wasim Akram
Wasim Akram (right) with Umesh Yadav (left) in ’14 – Image source: Kolkata Knight Riders – Official, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Wasim Akram – Succession, Controversies and Endings

Quite frankly, Wasim Akram’s life sounds like a classic sitcom. There’s always some drama spiced with obvious success and sugar-coated achievements. However, numbers do not lie. Unfortunately, Akram’s batting skills never reached the level of mastery they should have.

Wasim Akram‘s shortcoming is his batting skills. He has always been an underachiever batsman. Of course, this has caused a backlash numerous times. Despite being the natural successor to Imran Khan, Wasim Akram fell into a dark spell of match-fixing controversies. During the midst of chaos, he secured a tremendous landmark of 500 wickets in ODI during the 2003 World Cup. However, shortly after that, he was amongst the eight players who were thrown. This was after Pakistan’s horrible performance on the field. Shortly after this unfortunate loss, the former captain of the National Team of Pakistan retired.

What Do We Want? Biryani!

Despite having a wobbly cricket career, Wasim Akram has an entertaining cricket career. One might often find him behind a mic with a sweet, fun and salty vibe, all blended in perfectly and complementing the gameplay happening ahead. The crowd always approves and reciprocates his energy. The stadiums are always roaring. He is certainly a treat for all.

Indeed, he is an excellent host, but he is much more than that. His life is filled with excellent cricket stories. Indeed, his playing days showcase his dedication to the game and the loyalty of his fan base. A beautiful story from Melbourne during the 1992 World Cup narrated by Devendra Pandey sets a nostalgic tone. It took place briefly before an excellent performance by Pakistan. Pakistan and Biryani, both won that day. Perhaps biryani was the key ingredient in their victory?

Wasim Akram
Wasim Akram in ’07 – Image soruce: Arijit Basak from Bangalore, India, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Story

An SOS call was answered by a restauranter, Iftikhar Shah, in Melbourne. Shah, who wanted to make sure that the infamous Akram receives what he desires, whips out his apron in pursuit of delivering hospitality and…. Biryani.

They were serving sandwiches, and Akram said, ‘is it possible to bowl after this?’ Perhaps mere sandwiches are not sufficient for players who have to face intense gameplay on the field. Akram was wondering if there was any leftover biryani from last night that he can consume instead of the sandwiches. Iftikhar patiently told Akram that he can prepare a fresh batch of biryani within an hour. However, this incident indicates that Akram’s craving for biryani, a few hours before a crucial match, was triggered due to his diabetes. A hectic day was ahead, and he had never discussed his diabetic condition openly with anyone.

Cricketing history was made that day. Shah served piping hot biryani in the dressing room and Akram’s performance was profoundly incredible. His fellow fast bowler Aqib Javed describes his bowling as “two unpayable deliveries” in the legendary victory at Melbourne. Wasim Akram bagged three crucial wickets that day. He succeeded at scoring and lifting Pakistan’s total score to a challenging 249. England lost, of course. It was a brilliant day for all! Maybe not England…

Brilliant Cricketers, Brilliant Stories and Brilliant Bets

Cricket is a sport which will never die. As years progress, this sport evolves with it. Each era produces numerous amazing cricketers. This showcases that there will never be a dull moment in the world of cricket. As cricketers sweat on the field, fans sweat in booths, homes, and their respective betting stations.

The challenges in this game keep shifting and changing into brilliant adventures. This offers a variety of pleasure-inducing activities for the viewers. Amongst the long list of activities, there is betting. Betting on cricket is found to be quite easy and fun for any cricket or betting fan.

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There’s More from Where Wasim Akram Came From

This little story about Wasim Akram highlights what difficulties players might face on the field. It is harder for those who do not voice their concerns openly. Nonetheless, every cricketer has a tale to tell. Numerous funny cricket moments and dark heartbreaking events are what make cricket. This sport is certainly everlasting and evergreen. Indeed, it is the sport of the people.

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