The Fake Cricket League: A Punter’s Nightmare

The Fake Cricket League: A Punter’s Nightmare

Fake Cricket League

Punters from around the globe are always excited to bet on cricket but what if there is a fake cricket league? Yes, that’s right! Today we are broadcasting to you a news about a fake cricket league that is responsible for scamming unfortunate Russians. Let this be educational reading material for you, especially if you just are deciding to dip your toes in the punting world. Hence it goes without saying, remember to always stay gamble-aware and wager your money responsibly. Indeed, it is always sensible to be safe rather than sorry…


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Stay Safe from Online Scammers

Online cricket betting is a beautiful activity as punters from around the globe come together on a platform and place their wagers. The best part about cricket betting is that the game offers numerous markets. Thus, there is a vast collection to choose from and we are aware that this excites all the punters. Indeed, online cricket betting has many enthusiasts but some people try to take advantage of such people.

There are some instances in the history of online cricket betting where the journey becomes a bit bleak. Sometimes a bookie will try to exploit and on other occasions, fake online websites can be the tricksters. However, one must not worry as the best way to tackle these situations is to educate yourself. The trick is to always register with only the best online cricket betting sites in the UK which will allow you access to legit bets and a hundred precent safe wagering platform.

A website like the 22Bet sportsbook is an excellent choice when it comes to winning bets on authentic games. Their tempting online cricket betting bonuses and online cricket betting promotions are popular for hoisting up successful bets. In addition to this, their members always enjoy special perks on other games if they are interested. Indeed, there is a high chance of bagging big wins while wagering in a safe environment. Unfortunately, some unfortunate punters were down on their luck one day…

A Tale of a Fake Cricket League from Gujrat

Lacking knowledge of cricket leagues can serve as a big drawback. There is an incident involving clueless punters and scammers which can set the learning curve for you. Impersonating the Indian Premier League, a group of scammers formed a fake cricket league. Bearing its roots in the Western Indian state of Gujrat, this faux league paid extra attention to detail. Serving as an excellent venue for the sake arena, the village of Molipur was broadcast to the viewers. With floodlights illuminating the cricket field as pretend players were waltzing around in colourful uniforms, anyone could have been fooled easily. In addition to this, broadcasters with the voices of familiar commentators and a big logo of the channel BBC News slapped on, those punters had no clue what hit them.

Unfortunately, possessing an elaborate plan certainly was working in their favour. These thieving masterminds were targeting those punters who were not well-versed in the events of the Indian Cricket League (IPL). The IPL is responsible for generating a big revenue from across the globe. Cricket enthusiasts and punters always eagerly wait for the IPL season to commence hence, some punters were caught in the wrong scheme bearing a familiar name – “The Indian Cricket Premier League.” After turning a large farm in a small village into an arena of sporting amusement, wagerers were targeted. With a lack of expertise and information about the game, punters were placing their bets far away from home on a sport unfamiliar to them. An elaborate fraud, indeed.

Police Work

Fortunately, this audacious hoax halted as the police intervened and were able to apprehend the racketeers behind this fake cricket league. “It was all hoaxes,” Achal Tyagi, the police official responsible for the investigation said and we quote, “We have arrested four people and also are investigating some Indians living in Russia who are involved in the scam.”  They were successfully swindling thousands of dollars from naïve punters but the police were able to catch fraudsters. After tricking bettors for 14 days, their business was permanently shut down following extensive police investigations.

The police officers further reported that the popular message encryption app called Telegram was used as the mode of communication. After accepting bets from various cities in Russia, a local was hired to imitate the famous Indian commentator, Harsha Bhogle. Keep in mind that Harsha is also a commentator of the real Indian Premier League. Although the fake Mr. Bhogle was arrested, he was released shortly after interrogation.


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Investigating the Fake Cricket League

After inquiring from various sources and the community, the investigators were able to join the dots on how the operation was working. As the organizers watched the field as hawks, they were responsible for instructing the acting umpires on the field. Their mode of communication – walkie talkies. The plan was to instruct the umpires on the walkie-talkies who would then discreetly signal the players on the field to act accordingly. Thus, after instructing the bowlers and the batsmen to either bowl a slow one or maybe lose a wicket, the gang was able to acquire larger sums of money. With the matches being aired on YouTube while the winners of the match were decided beforehand, this scheme was quite lucrative. This is indeed quite a big scam.

The players participating in this hoax were unemployed village boys and construction workers. Knowing that the matches were not genuine did not bother them. Participating as professional cricketers, about 24 men were recruited for this project. After knowing that the game was fixed, the men continued the ruse for the amount of $5 hence, this amount for these jobless young men in rural India was pretty great. Tinku Rathod, a farmhand in Molipur says and we quote, “They were given a uniform and promised 400 rupees for each match. They were happy.” No, the players were not charged. This concludes the investigation but the social media and cricketers around the globe were quite disturbed due to this. Indeed, such scams are every punter’s nightmare!

Social Media Awakening

With the news of this daring scam ricocheting on the walls of social media in India, the wider cricket world was in utter shock as well. An uproar of disappointed and shocked cricket fans and stars was rising as the information spread through the internet like fire. To them, this was a threat to a game once known as a “gentleman’s game.” Almost identical to the original uniforms of the Indian Premier League, these fake players were impersonating players from teams like the Chennai Super Kings and the Mumbai Indians.

Fake Cricket League
Picture Source: Flickr

Wearing jerseys similar to the colours worn by the Indian Premier League, it is showcased in the videos of the matches that it would have been hard for anyone to differentiate between the two leagues. In addition to this, the cricket counterfeiters downloaded audience-noise effects to provide a genuine online spectator experience. The terrifying element of this entire incident is certainly the attention to detail these scammers possessed. Indeed, it is a tough world for punters hence, go the extra mile and investigate all the tips and tricks you need to bet successfully!

The Original: Indian Premier League (IPL)

Establishing its roots in 2007, the Indian Premier League is highly popular amongst cricket enthusiasts and punters. Sitting amongst the world’s most valuable sports properties, IPL is certainly a delight to watch. However, in India, the once-staid game is now a commercial juggernaut as it is constantly trying to lure the best players from across the world with contracts worth millions of dollars. Indeed, cricket creates fierce rivalries with lucrative profits but it is highly popular for bringing people together.

Possessing a huge fan following, IPL is certainly loved by all. It generates a hefty fruitful revenue for the teams and the countries participating. For instance, India’s governing body for cricket sold the television and digital broadcasting rights for a record $6.2 billion. However, there are some dark sides to the League. For instance, in 2013, controversies involving betting scandals led to a year suspension of two IPL teams. Thus, we urge you to always do your extrinsic research before jumping in with your money.


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Precautions against Fake Cricket Leagues and Scams

Withholding fear in your heart and withdrawing from the activities you enjoy is for the coward. Even though these evils exist in the world, one can always be careful whilst they pursue their leisure. Besides, you must fight back and stand your ground but most importantly, play smart. In honesty, we want you to stay in the game for longer and that can only happen if you are playing carefully. However, before you place your bets always remember to stay gamble-aware and wager your money responsibly. Moving on, here are a few precautionary tips that you can follow and they can help you in avoiding future scams.

1. Pick the Right Betting Platform

First and foremost, select a secure and trustworthy betting platform for yourself and get rid of your local bookie. The key is to choose from only the best online cricket betting websites. You can ask your friends and family or just browse different sites online till you land on the perfect one. One must always be cautious before trusting an online betting website as some sites are quite dubious and may attempt to exploit you for your funds. Hence, we advise you to browse on the internet or ask your friends and try placing small wagers to avoid big losses. Furthermore, the information that you will provide on the website will be encrypted. Thus, all your data will be safe. All you need to do is, find the perfect website and relax while you place your bets!

2. Analyze their Performance

Consider this as a rule of thumb, you cannot place your bets on players by only judging their previous performances. There is no guarantee that a player will perform well in every match thus, keep your expectations low.

We will recommend you not place your wagers based on biases as this may cause you a huge loss. Always remember, the best players can sometimes be out of form as well.

3. Keep an Eye on the Pitch

A pitch is highly important for a cricket game as all the magic unravels on the field. Needless to say, a perfect cricket pitch can destroy a team if the opposing batsmen are up for a bashing. Thus, this is an essential part of the game and holds a high level of importance. For instance, if the pitch is wet then the players on the field will have a tough time. We are recommending you stay glued to the live stream of the match whilst you place your wagers. Relying on the old reviews of the pitch can be disastrous and there is always a possibility of the pitch changing in the game. So, keep your eyes on the screen and your betting site open.

4. Make No Haste as it can be a Fake Cricket League!

You must practice patience when it comes to betting on cricket. Indeed, it is human nature to chase your losses and somehow try to make up for them but sometimes you need to cut back to avoid losses. Thus, we are recommending you be patient and focus on finding your zen. Indeed, you must certainly be enthusiastic about winning but do not fall into a rabbit hole. You can always make up for your loss later but only if you are not bankrupt.

Stay Safe, Not Sorry

Unfortunately, the world will always possess such people who will try to take advantage of you and with the internet just a click away, the dangers are increasing. However, one can always overcome these hurdles by playing smartly and by wagering in small amounts. Moreover, it is always important to assess your bet. Before you place your wagers always evaluate:

  • Why should I wager on these odds?
  • Which team will benefit me and why?
  • Which team has the best players?
  • Which League is playing?

Having this information will certainly boost your confidence and lower the chances of scammers who will try to double-cross you. Moreover, with our guidance, the chances of you getting exploited by someone are slim to none. With that being said, we will encourage you to continue your investigation and educate yourself more. If you wish you win big then you have to do your homework otherwise you will also be another naïve punter.

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