Interesting Cricket Facts for Cricket Brats!

Interesting Cricket Facts for Cricket Brats!

Interesting Cricket Facts

Dear reader, if you are here then we are aware that you’re a fan of the game and cannot wait to sink your teeth into these interesting cricket facts. We have collected these amazing bits of information that will certainly boost your knowledge of the game and maybe you can even flex a little with your buddies… So, let’s dive in and see what fascinating wonders the world of cricket has to offer!


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Interesting Cricket Facts to Get You Buzzing

Fortunately, we were able to find some unique set of information that will surely boost your knowledge of the game. These fun facts are bound to create excitement amongst our loving cricket fans. On top of this, our punters might benefit from this article as well. How? Have a look before you try your luck!

Invented as a Children’s Street Game

Believe it or not, cricket was invented as a kid’s street game in the 16th century.  Youngsters from Weald, a small area in southeast England, began playing this game on the streets. Who knew back then that what started as an innocent child’s play will turn into a glorious game that is now watched, celebrated and loved across the globe? Truly a great gift from Great Britain!

Who Was the First Cricketer to hit 6 sixes in One Over?

The infamous former Indian coach Ravi Shastri is the first cricketer in history to achieve such an important benchmark. If you are here and still reading then it is evident that you are a fan of the game… As an enthusiast or even just an observer, you must be familiar with the difficulty a player faces while aiming to score a six.

A six can be a winning shot that declares victory or it can be a losing shot if not played by a well-calculated player. However, Shastri defied all odds and scored 200 in that game. Up till now, that match is the fastest double century in the beautiful history of first-class cricket!

Fastest Delivery in the History of Cricket!

All aboard the Rawalpindi Express! Yes, we are talking about the famous Shoaib Akhtar who always flaunted his fast bowling skills on the field. There are numerous occasions where Shoaib has displayed beautiful yet fierce bowling. His style and force always created a form of terror in his opponents. However, there was one occasion where his superhuman bowling abilities were showcased to great potential! Dare to know the speed of his bowling in that match? 161.3 km/h!

These numbers shocked the world and everyone was left in sheer amazement. This event took place in England, in the year 2003. It most certainly is the most remarkable moment in the history of cricket. There were instances that he would charge towards the boundary line and that mere run-up was enough to frighten any batsman. He is still a very important figure in the cricket dynasty and his fan following never reduced over the period.

Interesting Cricket Facts ft. Dhoni but Not a Century.

Any and every cricket fan knows MS Dhoni. Dhoni has led his Indian team to victory numerous times and his loyal fan following has always increased. The former captain of the national Indian cricket team has appeared on the field and won the hearts of his fans quite a few many times. He is certainly a great cricketer who is widely known for his immaculate wicket-keeper action.

In addition to this, he is a devastating finisher who always tries to lead his team towards victory. However, our popular Mr Dhoni has yet to make a century in an ODI outside of Asia. He has 10 ODI centuries and 6 test centuries but has scored these in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India. Nonetheless, the game is not over yet…

Who is the Oldest Cricketer in History?

South Africa’s infamous cricketer John Watkins is a well-known cricketer who is known to be the oldest player in the history of cricket. He made an appearance in 15 test matches between the years 1949 and 1957. He passed away recently, it was 3rd September 2021 and he was 98 years of age. Unfortunately, he had contracted the Covid-19 virus which became the cause of his death. Nonetheless, even after his demise, he is regarded as one of the world’s most profound pace bowlers in history. Indeed, his immaculate gameplay has left a prominent mark and even the upcoming generations will also know about him.

What are Cricket Bats Made of?

The cricket bat is crafted out of willow wood. An interesting fact about this wood is that it is easily found in the Northern Hemisphere during extreme cold seasons. As the wood grows in such tough weather conditions, its durability is off the charts. A fun fact about this wood is that it is commonly found in the regions of Jammu and Kashmir, exactly why is also famously known as the Kashmir willow. The willow wood provides the necessary strength and compression that is needed in the game. Withstanding a sharp blow from a cricket ball is not a walk in the park. No, not speaking from experience. Or maybe I am… We will never know!


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The Longest Cricket Match Lasted For…

Traditionally speaking, cricket matches have been very long in the past and surprisingly many people enjoyed it that way. The concept of T20 matches, or matches with fewer overs is growing as a trend but initially, cricket matches we long and exhausting. Even now cricket matches can be longer but the longest cricket match recorded in history was played between England and South Africa in Durban. The match lasted for 90 days and 683 overs were bowled. Moreover, it was also used for the timeless test. Indeed, it is quite fascinating to believe that people dedicated 90 days of their lives to a cricket match.

Who Won the First England Cricket World Cup?

England is the land of cricket as cricket’s birthplace is in England and it may come to you as a surprise that England’s Women’s team were the ones who won the First World Cup for England. They won in 1973 and this was about 2 years before the first men’s cricket event. The years following this important benchmark have certainly proven to be fruitful. England’s cricket team began to bloom and bought many trophies back home!

Interesting Cricket Facts about Test Runs!

We will be shedding some light on the highest Test Runs made in the history of cricket! Sachin Tendulkar was able to score 15,000 runs and is the only cricketer to hold such a high record in the world.

He is an amazing cricketer with beautiful skills on the pitch that can easily intimidate his opponents. Dhoni has scored 1597 runs in 329 innings. Isn’t it impressive??

Why is Cricket Not in the Olympics?

Believe it or not, cricket was supposed to be a part of the Olympics… in 1900, the Olympics were held in Paris and at that time cricket was wanted in the Olympics. However, due to the lack of participants (only the United Kingdom and France could compete), the idea of adding cricket to the Olympics never happened. Although there might be a possibility of adding the game later on, for now, cricket is not part of the Olympics.

Hitting a Six on the First Ball of the Game

Scoring a six on the first ball of the match is quite difficult and involves risk. However, some immaculate players push past their limits and deliver outstanding results. An example of such a player is Chris Gayle. His batting style has always been aggressive and calm at the same time. He is known for always confusing and intimidating his opponents through his beautiful gameplay.

Having such command of a game and your skills is a blessing in itself. It was a match between the West Indies and Bangladesh, in November 2012, when Gayle scored a 6 on the first ball of a Test match. There was an uproar of enthusiasm amongst the crowd in the stadium of Dhaka. It was an expected surprise. Indeed, Chris Gayle is known for setting many records and now you can add one more to your list!


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Playing for Two Teams

The Pataudi family are well known for their glitter and glamour in showbiz. The entire family likes to stand out and shine but did you know Saif Ali Khan’s grandfather was a cricketer too? Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi is a cricketer who played both sides. He has played Test cricket for India and England. Believe his luck as he scored a century when he made his first debut for England. In addition to this, he was bestowed with the title of Captain for the Indian cricket team when he first appeared on the Indian team in 1946. Without a doubt, Pataudi was a great cricketer of his time who is still fresh in the memories of his loyal fans.

Sachin Tendulkar was on the Pakistani Team!

Believe it or not, Tendulkar played for the Pakistan team when they were playing against India. Tendulkar was a fielder in that match. The match was held in Mumbai in 1987 which was two years before he made his international debut. In that match when Tendulkar has to field for the Pakistani team, he was filling in for Javed Miandad in the exhibition match which was being held in Mumbai. Yes, it is surprising for an Indian cricketer to be on the Pakistani team. The cricket rivalry between these countries keeps the cricket spirit alive!

Interesting Cricket Facts about Unlucky Scores and Numbers

Some of us believe in superstitions while it can all be a matter of unfortunate luck. However, this particular case involves a score that has been declared as being cursed. Let us travel in time to the year 1874. Nelson, a New Zealand cricket team played first-class cricket innings but they were dismissed for 111, in both their first and last first-class innings. The fun fact is, if the bails are knocked down the batsman’s wicket at 111, he is out. However, this mere superstition is certainly an interesting fact about cricket and its history!

Shortest Match Ever!

The shortest match played in the history of cricket only had 10 balls. You can read it again If you are in disbelief. The match was played between West Indies and England in Antigua, in 2009. That match holds the record of being the shortest match in the history of cricket. As it lasted for only 10 balls due to the poor conditions of the field.

This was a disadvantage for the bowlers as their abilities to hold runs had been compromised. This goes to show that a cricket field and its pitch play a significant role in making the game what it is. Thus, only the best cricket pitches can hold a candle to remarkable gameplay.

Cricket Betting; Existing Since Cricket Itself

Cricket betting has been very common and is one for the ages! People mostly enjoy it because it allows access to numerous betting markets which can give you a unique betting experience. Various best online cricket betting sites are available at your disposal to make your punting life easy. In the old days, you may have needed a bookie but now your bookie is at your fingertips.

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More Interesting Cricket Facts to Come

Cricket is an evergreen game which can never die from the hearts of people. Yes, when the world will end, the cricket fan following will reduce as well but till then we are going strong. Indeed, there is a high chance that this game will keep fascinating everyone. As time passes, new and energetic players with unique skill sets will emerge and give another meaning to the game. Generations of people have shaped cricket into what it is today. As every player leaves his or her mark on the game which is remembered throughout history. Thus, as the game progresses, the facts will start pouring in again. So, do not go anywhere because the game has just begun.

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