Cricket Ball – The Army of Red, White, Pink, etc.

Cricket Ball – The Army of Red, White, Pink, etc.

Cricket Ball

Cricket is a land-based game strongly depending on a wooden bat and a cricket ball. We are here to clear a common misconception. Cricket balls may primarily be identified as either white or red, but there are more colours and sizes or shapes… Yes, we dug up a few gems for you!


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Cricket Balls Evolving with Time

The roots of cricket can be easily traced back to the late 16th century. Since then, the once-serious gentlemen’s game has been brilliantly changing and shape-shifting. There are various cricket formats now, for instance, the T20 tournaments. Cricket has certainly transformed over the past few years and excitingly, its accessories evolved as well.

Using the Wrong Coloured Ball – Bad Luck or a Misconception?

Traditionalists find it hard to cope with the changes time brought to the simple game of cricket. Many allegations and superstitions engulf the game. For instance, it is a common misconception that the type of cricket ball used in matches will directly affect the performance of the players on the field.

Precisely speaking, the cricket ball certainly plays a vital role in the game but its colour does not affect the game. Although, in some circumstances, the colour of the ball aids the performance of the players.

How Is It Decided?

Cricket is a unique game with different formats. For instance, Test series can last for a few days while a simple T20 match will only last for a few hours. The Test series might be played with the red ball while the T20 match may be played with the white ball.

The reason behind this is that each ball offers the unique quality that the game is demanding. Thus, all the colours make the game. Zero discrimination.

Cricket Ball: The Various Types

The cricket ball is an integral part of this beautiful game. Thus, it is safe to say that over the years it has gone through some variations. The ball has evolved with time as the game shifted its shape. We have mentioned a few.

Ball made from Bulli Soil

The Bulli black soil has quite a unique texture which is perfect for a cricket pitch. The Sydney Cricket Ground has a history of its cricket pitch being laced with Bulli soil. The extraordinary properties of the soil made it so famous that 800 tons of it were sent to South Africa in 1923 and to New Zealand in 1905.

When the English cricket team toured Australia in 1920-21, they visited Bulli where the soil was. The ball was made as a form of tribute to honour the Bulli black soil. A hole is drilled, and the ball is filled with black soil and is later sealed with a dowel pin.

Unfortunately, in 1946 the supply was scarce. Due to the shortage, the soil was extracted from Dapto. Nonetheless, the fan favourite, Sydney Cricket Ground, has a steady soil supply. Thus, their pitch is considered to be amongst the most ideal cricket pitches in the world!


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The Queen of Cricket Balls – Red

The standard red cricket ball was introduced in the 1970s. Technically speaking, when cricket was born in England, the red ball shot out as well. It gets its bold and vibrant red colour from the leather used in its making. Red balls are known to be rigid, durable and perfect for withholding vigorous force, i.e., when struck by a bat.

The traditional red cricket ball dominates first-class cricket matches. One-day International matches, Test series, and all high-standard matches (domestic and local) use red. In a nutshell, for any matches that last for more than a day, the red ball is used. The reason behind this is just the durability of the ball.

Other than this, the traditional red ball also offers immense swing in the air. This is the main reason why all the ‘high’ demanding cricket matches opt for this ball. Red cricket balls are perfect when new, but their swinging capability gradually decreases with use.

Night games and the Clean White Cricket Ball

The clean white cricket ball was introduced after the game stepped into the night. Quite literally. When the World Series Cricket decided to extend the playing time into the night, the clean white balls emerged. Of course, the purpose is to enhance visibility during night games and against coloured clothing.

Nowadays the trend has changed. The clean white ball is now the standard pick for one-day cricket matches. In a nutshell, a white ball is used in limited overs now.

Although this ball is fantastic, unfortunately, there is a drawback. One match needs two balls at least. The white leather ball is prone to depletion and loses its colour more quickly as compared to the traditional red. Nonetheless, it is still the favourite, even here on the streets!

Prominent Pink on the Pitch

The first pink ball came into existence in 2015 which is fairly recent, not too long ago. The purpose was to enhance visibility during night and day Test matches. The ball made its first debut in a test match between Australia and New Zealand. Australia was the first team to win a match with the pink ball.

Undoubtedly, the ball is ideal for matches where visibility might be a negative factor. But other than that, the ball offers more swing under the lights and bowlers enjoy playing with it as well. Although slowly but surely, it is gaining popularity in gameplay.

Women’s Cricket Ball

The laws of cricket state that the weight and the dimensions of the women’s cricket ball will be different as opposed to their male counterparts. The ball must weigh between 139.98 and 150.61 grams with a circumference of 21.0-22.5 cm. The variations in the weight and the dimensions greatly assist the players’ performance. It comes in all colours – crisp red, white and bold pink. The dimensions play a key role in this area, not the colour.

Cricket Balls for the Blind

The most beautiful element of cricket is that it is a flexible sport which can allow all the players to participate. In their unique ways. Blind cricket was invented due to similar reasons. World War I transformed the game with the ability to involve those whose vision had been compromised. May seem sad but the idea of cricket ‘not leaving any man behind’ is quite magnificent.

In 1920, veterans who had returned from the war either blind or partially blind would frequently indulge in this spectacular sport. Up until 1972, wicker balls were used. In 2003, white plastic balls emerged. Both the balls have metal weights and bottle tops inside. The ball will rattle and create sound when it is hit with impact or thrown.

Blind cricket was played at a World Cup level in 1998 in Delhi. It was certainly a success because now it is held after every four years. World Blind Cricket Council is responsible for overseeing it.

The Perfect Cricket Ball and the Perfect Odds

Cricket is amongst the top most highly-ranked sport in the world but it is incomplete without all its elements – bat, ball and an audience. It attracts athletes, enthusiasts and punters. People around the world are betting on various cricket Leagues and championships because this sport is blessed with multiple betting markets.

To access the betting markets, numerous online cricket betting platforms are present. At your fingertips. They offer multiple online cricket betting bonuses and online cricket promotions which can certainly boost your bets! Best online cricket betting sites like 20Bet sportsbook will provide you with fantastic odds while you enjoy the match live!

However, always feel free to educate yourself with some tricks and pointers or online cricket betting tips. This will boost your confidence and help you stay in the game longer. So, bet away, friend!

Which Colour Did You Choose?

Every ball is unique yet compatible with the game. It serves a specific purpose in every match and allows everyone to be included in the game; at any time. As the cricket ball is the most integral part of the game, the ball changes with time and circumstances. This certainly serves as proof that the game will live forever. It is cherished to such an extent that they invented cricket balls to play matches at night! Every era will adore cricket but differently; in their unique way.

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