Best Cricket Games on PS5 in 2024

Best Cricket Games on PS5 in 2024

Best Cricket Games on PS5 in 2024

Playstation 5 is one of the most powerful consoles in the world. There is great excitement around all the games which are released on the console. From Spiderman 2 to EA FC 24, the collection of games on PS5 has been astonishing. But you are a cricket fan! Are there any best cricket games on PS4 in 2024 out there that could provide you a great entertainment? The game you can enjoy playing as a huge cricket fan. Are you interested to know which are the top cricket games in the world that provide immersive gaming experiences to the players. This article will guide you through everything about the best cricket games on PS5 out there. So this is the time to go out there and make a worthy purchase on the PlayStation Store. It’s the time to enjoy gaming!

Cricket is gaining popularity in all regions of the world. Especially after the arrival of T20 cricket, fans love to watch the blistering battle between bat and ball. Furthermore, there are cricket leagues which are played all around the world. These leagues provide tremendous entertainment to the fans. There are some best cricket games on PS5 in 2024 that you would love to play. They can enhance your experience. This year a cricket game was released which turned the eyes of all fans towards it. Here is the list of best cricket games on PS5 which you can play in 2024.


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Best Cricket Games in 2024: Cricket 24

Cricket 24 tops the list by providing a spectacular gaming experience to the cricket fans out there. This time Big Aunt Studios released the game with licensed teams, players, and leagues which escalated the hype of the event. The teams like Mumbai Indians are licensed in Cricket 24. Furthermore, as a batsman, you can play a wide range of shots to demonstrate your command on the crease. This game has come with beautiful graphics and fun gameplay. If you have a PlayStation 5 and you have a budget to play this game, then picking Cricket 24 is a no-brainer. According to the best online cricket sportsbook sites in Australia, Cricket 24 is topping the charts due to its great hype.

Cricket World Cup 2023 had a great hype around it. Australia won the mega event with its astonishing performance in the final of the tournament. Subsequent to the performance of Australia in the Cricket World Cup 2023, there is enthusiasm and excitement around the games of cricket. Do you want to hit some classic pull shots while batting as Rohit Sharma in the game? What about hitting some classic aerial shots over the cover in the game of cricket? Do you want to hit some classic leg-side flicks with Hardik Pandya on the crease? This is the game you can surely play while enjoying the summer of cricket in Australia.

The Plus Point

The plus point of Cricket 24 which makes it one of the best cricket games on PS5 in 2024 is the license of Australia, England, New Zealand, Ireland, and West Indies. These are some of the best international cricket teams in the world.

Furthermore, Big Aunt Studios has managed to gain the license of the Pakistan cricket team players. When the men in green are there in Australia for the Test series, Big Aunt Studios will spend a session with the Pakistan cricketers to complete the licensing of the side. This is going to be a really plus factor for the cricket fans in Pakistan.

If you are a Pakistan cricket fan reading this article, play Cricket 24, because it is one of the best cricket games on PS5 in 2024. Furthermore, playing with Babar Azam on the crease would have a really great charm in the game. The fast bowling of the Pakistan cricket team is one of the great things in the world. This is why you could enjoy the charm of bowling with Shaheen Afridi and Haris Rauf in the game.

Best Cricket Games on PS5: Cricket 22

Cricket 22 was the previous installment of Cricket 24. Big Aunt Studios released Cricket 22 when lots of bugs and fixes were there. However, after the initial updates fixing the bugs, the game proved to be a spectacular experience for gaming fans. It also came with the license of major international teams like Australia, New Zealand, England, and the West Indies.

If you are low on budget, then according to sites like 1xBet and 22Bet, Cricket 22 is the game you could surely prefer as a gamer. The game has really improved following the fixes. You can enjoy your team hitting some centuries with Steven Smith on the field. What about replaying a hundred from Travis Head in the Cricket World Cup 2023 final? That was some scintillating performance.

Similarly like Cricket 24, Cricket 22 features a wide range of controls for the cricket fans. You can hit some astonishing and aggressive cricket shots which include cover-drives, straight-drives, leg-side flicks, and astonishing shots advancing down the wicket. There would be a really great charm playing those shots as a player in Cricket 22. What about bowling some amazing inswingers and outswingers from Mitchell Starc in the game of The Ashes? You can produce some wonderful edges with him to put tremendous pressure on the opposition.

The Ashes Format

Cricket 22 is one of the best cricket games on PS5 in 2024 because it was the official game of The Ashes. According to the top online cricket sportsbook sites in Australia, The Ashes is the top rivalry in cricket. Throughout the summer of cricket whenever The Ashes is played, there is tremendous excitement among the cricket fans. From the Aussie men, there are eyes on Steven Smith about how he could hit some classic cover drives and straight-drives to hit a century for his team. On the other end, Englishmen love to watch the bowling of Jimmy Anderson to produce some great edges against the Australian batsmen. The experience of playing The Ashes in the game could really prove to be exciting for you.

Are you a great fan of The Ashes? Do you want to find out the complete fixtures of this series? Are you interested in knowing the squads of both teams whenever the next edition of The Ashes is there? If yes, then you could go to the best online cricket news sites in Australia to find out the information.


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Cricket 19

Cricket 19 was the previous installment of Cricket 22. If we talk about the most established game from Big Aunt Studios, it was Cricket 19. It came at the time of the Cricket World Cup 2019 when the cricket fever was at its peak. Cricket 19 can top the list of the best cricket games on PS5 in 2024 due to its establishment as a game. Big Aunt Studios improved immensely from the installment of Don Bradman Cricket 17 and released a game where there is a great balance in the game for hardcore gamers and amateur gamers. If you are a cricket fan who just wants to smash the ball around the park without having a huge sort of difficulty in the game, you can choose the batting difficulty of Easy.

However, if you are a hardcore gamer and love some challenges in the game, there is no doubt that you can choose the batting difficulty of Hardest and the AI difficulty of Legendary. That is where your ability as a Test cricketer would be tested in the game. Cricket 19 creates a phenomenal balance for the fun players and hardcore gamers. It has been some time since it came to the circuit. This is why the game is in the best position in terms of bug fixes and crashes. Big Aunt Studios worked greatly to improve the astonishing gaming experience for cricket fans.

Ready To Replay The Ashes 2020?

The Ashes 2020 was memorable due to the great comeback of Steven Smith in the series. He has risen through the ranks in the Test series to show why he is the best Test batsman in the world.

If you want to play The Ashes series in the setting of stadiums like Edgbaston and The Oval, you would surely to play Cricket 19. Are you a big Steven Smith fan? Do you want to find out his amazing statistics? You can go the sportsbook sites like 1xBet and 22Bet to find out the information.

Top Cricket Games on PS5: Which One To Choose

So all of the cricket games provide spectacular experiences for the cricket fans. With the community of cricket academy in the games, you can get awesome teams in the game. So which is the game you should really choose to play on your PS5? All these cricket games are great but they are similar. If you have a choice to choose only one, which is the game you should really buy? If you have a full budget, go for Cricket 24. It is the latest installment of the series. If you don’t have the full budget, go for Cricket 22 or Cricket 19. In the meantime, Big Aunt Studios is fixing all the bugs in Cricket 24 and the Pakistan cricket team will also be licensed until you buy it.

The team of Big Aunt Studios has worked really hard to produce a wonderful title for cricket fans. You can really enjoy some wonderful experiences of gaming in Cricket 19, Cricket 22 and Cricket 24. So why are you here? Go, buy your favorite cricket game, and enjoy the action!

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