Beautiful Cricket Moments; Stunning Sights During Cricket

Beautiful Cricket Moments; Stunning Sights During Cricket

Beautiful Cricket Moments

Cricket is a fantastic game filled with remarkable energy and beautiful cricket moments come as a bonus. Rated as the second most favourite and loved sport in the world, cricket certainly brings joy. Hence, today we will bless you with our personal favourites.

Beautiful Cricket Moments: What Enhances the Game

This game is known for touching lives. More than you know. It is ranked as the world’s second most popular game (played and watched). Without a doubt, cricket brings people closer and somewhat further as well.

Thinking of a beautiful cricket moment jogs my memory to the time when I came across a story that had a rather unique ending – biryani won the match. Indeed, there are many such instances where cricket has caused multiple upheavals of emotions and that is what we will be rejoicing in.

Beautiful Cricket Moments: The Artistry of Cricketing

Each player has a unique way of performing on the field. This is what sets them apart from other cricketers. The crème de la crème. Their specific attributes coupled with favourable odds are bound to leave the opposing team under humungous pressure. So, let the games begin.

Brian Charles Lara and his Infamous Leg Swivel

Lara is certainly adored by all our cricket fans. Brian Charles Lara was always under the spotlight as a former international cricketer due to his effortless grace on the field.

His strokes are a work of art. Ranked as one of the finest batsmen in the world and of his era, Lara has always left a lasting impression on the field. He always displayed remarkable skill on the field and was quite elegant in his gameplay. Lara was known for always ferociously charging down the spinners, or playing a beautiful cover drive that leaves everyone in awe. However, everyone loves his leg-swirling shot a little more.

The infamous leg swivel shot can only be played that brilliantly by Lara. As the ball is delivered, he would sweep his leg across the other just before striking the shot while swinging his bat. Just the right amount of momentum would pivot the ball towards and across the boundaries. Lara always played this shot effortlessly and gracefully.

Lara eventually stopped playing this shot but then again, the memory of the brilliance of his craftsmanship will forever be cherished.

The Infamous Inswing Yorker by Waqar

Former Pakistani cricketer Waqar Younis is still known by many cricket fans as the best bowler. Youngins from the streets of Pakistan and India always tried to imitate Waqar’s deliveries. Needless to say, Waqar impacted the youth with his ferocious inswinging yorkers and they are certainly a sight one should not miss.

Waqar was born with talent and a strong right arm. Trained by Wasim Akram, who invented the inswing yorker, Younis became invincible. Once on the field, he was known for instating fear among the opposing teammates.

The sight of Waqar charging on the field while firmly gripping the ball in his hand would stir the batsman. As the timber shook, the young cricket fans would learn their very first lesson of this beautiful game.

Beautiful Cricket Moments featuring Azhar and his One of a Kind Leg Glance

Mohammad Azharuddin might now be known as many things, but we cricket fans know him as a fantastic cricketer of his time. He had a profound career in cricket but was allegedly found involved in a match-fixing scandal which led to the end of his career.

That is when he decided to step foot in politics but before things went south, Azharuddin dominated the world of cricket. He is the former coach of the Indian National team with an impeccable skill set for strokes; the legendary leg glance. It’s a brilliant and simple trick. He would move his left leg slightly forward, positioning and flicking his wrists unpredictably. That’s it. The ball would roll over to the on-side and the crowd would normally erupt in cheers.

Unfortunately, the fate of his cricket career was short-lived and ended notoriously. However, we still remember him differently and his former success is still celebrated and cherished by his fans.

Sanath, The Slasher

Sanath Jayasuriya is the former cricketer and captain of the Sri Lankan cricket team. He is widely known as the man who transformed one-day international cricket through his fiery batting in the mid-90s. This revolutionary event led to what we now witness in today’s one-day international cricket matches – explosive and hard-hitting gameplay. This strategy has been adopted by all the nations.

Jayasuriya was a calculated man who played his shots carefully and would always prepare himself before going on the field. His pre-shot routine included checking his elbow padding, positioning his knee guards and adjusting his helmet. In short, the man would always prepare himself for causing mayhem and destruction on the field. Surely, this always riled up his fans, as we all knew that the game is about to get more interesting. His style of batting is perfectly described as ‘free flow’. Every shot he played would ooze brilliance and surprise at the same time.

Beautiful Cricket Moments Featuring the Master

Without a figment of a doubt, Sachin Tendulkar is certainly among the best-performing cricketers of all time. His batting technique and reflexes on the field coupled with his careful calculation of the shot have left players like Wasim Akram, Courtney Walsh and Glen McGrath confused and amazed.

Sachin or the Master is certainly well-versed in the game but today we will talk about his straight dive. He always played the shot immaculately but what got everyone’s attention was the fact that he even played when the ball was pitching slightly outside off.

He usually played this shot to its maximum capacity during the initial overs of the match. There is a possibility that this might have caused extensive pressure on the opposing team. But as we all are aware, cricket is a game of pressure. Either you can make it or break it.

Maharaja of Indian Cricket

Yes, we are talking about Sourav Ganguly. His fans call him ‘Dada’ though. It’s an endearing state of affairs. Dada is currently an Indian cricket administrator and commentator but back in the day, he was the bomb.

Ganguly is the most successful overseas Test captain for the Indian team with 11 wins. He had an exceptional cricket career which is not stagnant yet. Dada has played numerous games but his performance in the 1999 World Cup against Sri Lanka left everyone in awe.

After analyzing the ball’s movement, he charged forward and swooped it so effortlessly that everyone was amazed at how calculated that shot was. Dada’s performance is always astounding and our youngins can certainly take a lesson or two from such cricket legends!

Hooper and the Sixth Slip

Carl Hooper has set records that only Jacques Kallis could break! He is the first cricketer in the world to bag 5000 runs and 100 wickets, seized 100 catches and procured 100 caps. Indeed, his talent and skill had no bounds.

Although he was a man of many attributes, especially in cricket, his late cut has always amazed and shocked everyone. The trick is to let the ball almost cross the bat and then strike it but gently while you aim towards the keeper and a fielder. This can be best defined as the sixth slip.

Believe it or not, many of us have tried imitating this shot on our streets with our friends. We knew it then and we know now that no one can play this shot as better as Hooper does.

Beautiful Cricket Moments: Where Game meets the Punters

Cricket is quite a versatile game and it always sat on the mouth of numerous opportunities for all its fans. While exploring beautiful cricket moments, you must also explore your chances of winning some extra cash.

Might sound like an unorthodox way of achieving your dreams but why shy away when you have great odds? Most of these fantastic cricket moments are symbolic and many of our punter friends might have certainly placed their wagers on one of these instances.

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The Moments come to an End

Cricket is filled with beautiful moments and fantastic players. Revisiting the memories and moments on the field has left a lingering feeling of nostalgia on our palettes. Unfortunately, it comes to an end. We had a good run but it’s time to say farewell. Until next time, friend!

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