What is One Day Cricket? Everything You Need to Know

What is One Day Cricket? Everything You Need to Know

What is One Day Cricket

The One Day is the longest format of limited-overs cricket. It is considered one of the prestigious forms of the game. A World Cup is held in the ODI format after every 4 years. The One Day cricket was introduced in cricket to modify the dynamics of the game. Earlier, cricket was generally a slowish kind of game. One Day cricket has played a significant role in the evolution of cricket. When the One Day came into the cricket arena, players hesitated to shift their gears as there were used to Test cricket. Meanwhile, the changes to the rules of One Day cricket have completely changed the horizons of the game. The arrival of T20 cricket also brought a significant impact on the mechanism of One Day cricket.

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Cricket is one of the most followed sports in the world. Furthermore, the biggest cricketing event of the ODI World Cup attracts millions on television screens. An ODI game runs for approximately nine hours as compared to a Test cricket game which runs for 5 days. So how is it played? Is it like any other typical T20 game where there are two innings and eleven players per team? How many powerplays are in the One Day Cricket? What if a One Day International game is tied between both sides? Let’s get you familiar with the rules quickly.

Rules of One Day Cricket

Two teams compete with each other for a spectacular contest of One Day cricket. So there are two innings in each game of One Day cricket. Each innings consists of 50 overs in the One Day International format. Team A sets a target for Team B to chase in the game. If Team B chases the total set by Team A, it wins the match. In very simple words, the team which scores the highest number of runs in the One Day match wins.

How many players from each side play the One Day International game?

11 players for each side play the One Day International game.

How many overs a bowler can bowl in the One Day International format?

A bowler can bowl a maximum of 10 overs in a One Day International game.

How many wickets the batting side has in the One Day International format?

The batting side has 10 wickets in a One Day International game.

How many powerplays are in the One Day International game?

There are three powerplays in the One Day International game. The first powerplay is called mandatory powerplay which runs for the 1st ten overs (1-10). The second powerplay starts at the 11th over and ends at the 41st over(11-41). The final powerplay runs for the last 10 overs(41-50).

What is One Day Cricket - Australia vs India at the one day cricket international
Australia vs India – Image source: Rick212, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Are there any fielding restrictions in a One Day Cricket game?

Yes, with the evolution of One Day Cricket, ICC kept changing the rules to keep the balance between the bat and ball. According to the new rules, only two fielders are allowed outside the circle. In the second powerplay, four fielders are allowed outside the 30-yard circle. While in the third powerplay, five fielders are allowed outside the circle.

What happens if a One Day International game results in a tie?

In the T20 format, whenever the game is tied, A Super Over is held between the sides to decide the winner. While in the One Day cricket, a Super Over is held only when the game is a knockout match. If the game between the two sides is not a knockout game, i.e., it is not the semi-final of the World Cup, the game will remain a tie.

What is the penalty for a no-ball in the One Day Cricket format?

When the bowler delivers a no-ball in One Day cricket, 1 run plus free hit is awarded to the batting side.

How many bouncers are allowed to bowl in the One Day Cricket?

Two bouncers are allowed to be bowled by a bowler in the One Day International format.

What happens to the number of overs if a One Day International game is rain-affected?

If the weather conditions affect a One Day International game, the overs of the game are reduced according to the time lost. Moreover, some slight changes to the rules are also made such as a reduction in the number of powerplay overs and a decrease in the maximum limit of overs a bowler can bowl in the One Day International format.

Australia v Pakistan - one-day cricket international
Image source: Flickr

History of One Day Cricket

The first One Day international game was played between the two teams Australia and England in 1971 at Melbourne Cricket Ground. Australia defeated England comprehensively by five wickets in the first-ever ODI contest. It was difficult for players to suddenly change their batting style due to the arrival of the new format. One of the classic examples of the players struggling to adjust in One Day cricket is the knock of Sunil Gavaskar in the World Cup. Gavaskar scored 36 runs off 174 balls in a One Day contest in 1975. The score is even considered sluggish in the Test cricket of the 21st century. The fielding restrictions have played a significant role in making batsmen comfortable taking the risk. The introduction of powerplay in cricket has completely changed the game.

In the ’80s when the majority of the players felt uncomfortable opening their arms, Sir Vivian Richards played cricket in his way. The way Vivian Richards played the game was marvelous and unbelievable. At the time, when the conditions were more supportive to the bowlers, Viv used to smash the ball all around the park. So as batsmen started setting their fees in the One Day cricket, aggressive players started emerging in the One Day format. The Australian batsman Dean Jones also followed the same destructive style while playing the game. In the 1992 World Cup, Inzamam ul Haq batted with an aggressive mindset contrary to the idea batsmen carried in the 20th century. Soon cricket completely entered a new dimension following the arrival of One Day cricket.

The most successful One Day International side

While ICC decided to grant the T20I status to all 105 international teams, ODI status is granted to only a few sides. A total of 8 sides have been granted the ODI status by the International Cricket Council (ICC). The format is kept official to only the best sides out there in the international circuit. So if we talk about the most successful time in the history of One Day cricket, it is no other side than Australia. Australia has won 581 One Day Internationals with a spectacular winning percentage of 63.36.

Not only Australia has won the most One Days, but they also have won the most ODI World Cups. The Kangaroos have relished lifting the prestigious trophy five times. Australia dominated the format of One Day with its marvelous display for a decade. From 1999 to 2009, Australia won 5 major trophies which included two Champions Trophy titles and three World Cup titles.

The best players in the history of One Day Cricket

The format of One Day Cricket saw wonderful cricketing marvels escalating the beauty of the format. There are many great batsmen who conquered the format of One Day cricket. If we talk about the list of bowlers, they also made their way to the front pages of the cricketing textbook. One Day Cricket amazingly enjoyed the services of master of all trades, who lighted the cricket arena with both bat and ball. Let’s just get you familiar with the best players of One Day cricket. Are you getting fond of cricket? If yes, why should not you visit the best online sportsbook sites in the UK and know the odds of upcoming ODI games?

What is One Day Cricket

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar is the biggest name in the history of One Day Cricket. Tendulkar scored a humongous amount of runs in the format. Firstly, he used to play masterful strokes to grab the attention of cricket fanatics. Secondly, Tendulkar was a demonstration of the tutorial of how a batsman should bat in cricket. The ‘Little Master’ won plenty of games for India. Tendulkar scored 18,246 runs in ODI cricket with a fine average of 44.83. The record of the number of runs scored by Sachin is yet to be broken. Sachin has won 62 man-of-the-match awards for India in 463 One Day Internationals.

Wasim Akram

If we talk about the number of wickets, Wasim is not at the top of the list of highest wicket-takers. But it would be unfair to not include him in the list of best ODI players considering his art of swing bowling. Wasim Akram troubled the batsmen with his spectacular display of swing bowling. Many batsmen struggled to pick his mysterious line and length on the pitch. Akram could swing it both ways, shatter the stumps with a deadly yorker, or bowl an astonishing bouncer a batsman could not read. Wasim took 502 wickets in the One Day cricket with a great bowling average of 23.52. He has won 22 man-of-the-match awards in One Day cricket.

Jacques Kallis

We talked about a batsman and a bowler but what about the cricketing marvel who did it all in the One Day Cricket. Jacques Kallis not only scored a huge amount of runs with the bat and won matches for South Africa but also took many wickets with his fast bowling skill. The cricket pundits say Kallis is an underrated player. Well, Kallis could play with resistance in Test cricket as well as hit the ball with power in One Day cricket. The batting skills of Kallis were enough to cement him a place in any playing eleven. Meanwhile, the bowling attributes of Kallis were a bonus and icing on the cake for South Africa. Jacques Kallis scored 11,579 runs and took 273 wickets in One Day cricket.

Jacques Kallis knows What is One Day Cricket
Jacques Kallis in ’14 – Image source: Kolkata Knight Riders – Official, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Muttiah Muralitharan

The Sri Lankan spinner Muralitharan was truly the king of spin bowling. No spinner in history has ever come close to his achievements. He is the highest wicket-taker in the history of One Day cricket. The mysterious deliveries of Murali with the confusing bowling action troubled all the batsmen from around the world. The record books speak the volume of his greatness. Murali has taken 534 wickets in history with a splendid bowling average of 23.08 while topping the charts. Moreover, Murali has got 13 fifers in his bag which are the second-most by any bowler in the history of One Day Cricket.

Virat Kohli

Kohli’s name might not be justified in this list according to some of the cricket pundits. But with everything Kohli has achieved in his cricketing career thus far, tells a beautiful story. Kohli has phenomenal statistics in One Day Cricket. Having a wide range of shots, the ability to provide resistance in crucial circumstances, and a trait of shifting gears in the death overs, Kohli has everything a batsman needs to excel in cricket. He has performed everywhere and guided India towards historical wins.

Kohli has the highest batting average (59.07) among the batsman who has played at least 50 games. Furthermore, he has already scored 12,169 runs in the One Day International format. Furthermore, he has crossed the 100-run mark 43 times in One Day Cricket. Kohli is 32 right now, so we can expect him to create more records as he has many years until he retires. He is truly one of the best players in One Day Cricket.


One Day Cricket is one of the great formats of cricket. If you want to just sit and relax on Sunday and desire to watch cricket all day, One Day is the best format. There is a perfect balance between the bat and ball in the ODI format. It is neither extremely fast-paced like the T20 format nor carries a slowish aura like Test. Even if Team A is dominating over Team B in the One Day game, Team B gets enough chances to get back in the groove. The rules of ODI are also pretty easy to learn if you are familiar with the basics of cricket. As your interest in cricket is increasing, you might want to go to the best online sportsbook sites in the UK and know which team has the highest chance of winning the next ODI World Cup.

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