Ways To Be Out In Cricket – The Most Common Outing Penalties

Ways To Be Out In Cricket – The Most Common Outing Penalties

Ways to be out in cricket

There are over 12 ways to be out in cricket. Because the game of cricket is long and complex, with several roles and plays either shortening or lengthening the game. We have collected the most important rules that could get you out of the field as a player or a team. Because this is important knowledge for everyone who wants to bet at the best online cricket betting sites.

Retired Out – The ways to be out in cricket

According to The Federal there are 10 main ways to be out in cricket. These  rules are linked to the official game laws. However, there is one on the list that is not connected to any penalty laws. Because this is self-explanatory. A player may decide to retire during a match. Therefore if a player has an injury and they don’t wish to continue. They haev all the right to retire on their own accord. Furthermore, serious injure automatically retires the injured player. Because this is not a penalty, and it is not the failure of the player. Therefore, this out is one of the most respectful to all players. Because this way to be out will not render the reputation of said player in most cases.


This is one of the most common ways to be out in cricket. Because law 33 states that if a fielder catches the ball before the ball hits the ground, then the batter is out. These catches are so obvious that more than often the Umpire doesn’t have to make a statement about it. However, there is an exception to this rule. Because if a wicket-keeper caught the ball while it struck the edge of the bat, then it may contradict another rule. Therefore, the umpire may allow the batter to stay on the field. You can find custom betting markets about this rule at Betsafe Sportsbook.

Bowled Out – Most common ways to be out in cricket

Getting bowled out is perhaps one of the most important ways to be out in cricket. Because the batter and the bowler are the two main focuses of the game. Therefore, law 32 is covering the common case when a wicket falls onto the ground struck by the bowling ball.

Ways to be out in cricket
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This is one of the most common ways to be out in cricket. Therefore, this hapens in every single cricket game. Furthermore, as a player you shouldn’t worry about your reputation. Because bowling out is not going to render your reputation as a player.


Obstructing is one of the rarest ways to be out in cricket.  Therefore this category applies to unsportsmanlike behavior. The law refering to this case is number 37. The umpire may dismiss any players he considers obstructing to the field of the game.

Therefore, it is illegal to distract the game by any means. There was a toxic strategy that became illegal ever since it happened.The greatest example of how a batsman may obstruct the field by words is whistling loudly whenever another player should focus. Therefore, this is nearly never happening in professional play and results in immediate dismissal. 

Leg Before Wicket

According to Cricjp, MCC Law 36 states that blocking the wicket with a leg is illegal and unethical in this game. However, there might be accidents that are not intentional by the batsman.

Ways to be out in cricket
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Therefore the on-field umpire has the right to determine that a ball may or may not have hit the wicket had a leg wasn’t blocking it. Therefore, using your leg to block a wicket hit might result in a serious dismissal depending on the judgment of the umpire.

Run Out

Law 38 is another common example of the ways to be out in cricket. Because this is another critical play that may change the game. Therefore it is a main objective of the game, just like getting bowled out. If a fielding player places the wicket down faster than the batter returning to their station, then they are run out. Therefore, their run is nullified. For example, according to The Guardian Hanif Mohammed was run out for 499 on the last ball of a match. Someone died during a run-out. However, it is extremely uncommon. Players Who Hit 6 Sixes In An Over are often free from this issue.


There are many ways to be out in cricket. Therefore, stumping is one of the most common reasons. Because law 39 states that when a batter leaves their field to deliver a hit and they miss. Then the wicketkeeper may deliver a stump by having their body contact with the ball. Therefore, if all the previous requirements are met, then if by any means the Cricket Ball would hit the wicket, the batter is considered stumped.

Hit Wicket

There are many ways to be out in cricket, but probably hitting a wicket is one of the most annoying ways. Because it involves any type of reaction from the batter, but if their body or any action results in the wicket falling to the ground. Then they are out of the game.

Ways to be out in cricket
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Therefore, if a batter hits the ball, but in the process, their feet accidentally bounce the wicket off. Then the batter is out. Furthermore, if the bowler misses and the batter fails to hit the ball, the ball flies next to the wicket. The air weave knocking the wicket off is also outing the batsman. Check out How Many Wickets In Cricket are needed to defeat a whole team.

Hit The Ball More Than Once

Hitting the ball twice is one of the rarest ways to be out in cricket. Law 34 states that a batsman may only physically contact the ball once with the bat or any parts of their body. Therefore, if they block the ball with their helmet, then somehow quickly manage to bat it away in quick succession. Despite the extremely amazing play, they are going to be out. Because a batsman may only hit the ball once.

Timed Out – Ways to be out in cricket

There is a law that enforces players to take position in three minutes. Therefore, there are serious punishments for stalling the game. However, the opponent can not block your body as you arrive. Therefore, it is not rewarding bad behavior from the opponent team. There are extremely rare examples of this rule applying on a professional match.

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