Cricket Tournaments Betting Guide – An Overview

Cricket Tournaments Betting Guide – An Overview

Cricket Tournaments Betting Guide - An Overview

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. This goes without saying. However, for those of you that are not yet familiar with the top cricket tournaments, this article is for you. Continue reading through our Cricket Tournaments betting guide to learn more about this sport and its traditional events.


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Cricket Tournaments Betting Guide: An Introduction

Cricket is a sport that is commonly associated with England and although it is a national sport there, cricket is played all over the world. Countries such as India, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, and many more. All have their own domestic cricket competitions. There are plenty of international competitions where the national teams of each country play.

There are three types of cricket: test cricket, one day internationals and 20twenty cricket. These are fixtures that are played over the course of 5 days, 1 day, and three hours, and all of them can be highly exciting to watch.

CricFinder offers an extensive range of cricket betting sites with bets that are available for individual fixtures and also for leagues or competitions as a whole. The different variants of cricket may have slightly different types of bets, but in our cricket tournaments betting guide we cover everything you need to know so you can start betting.

Cricket Tournaments Betting Guide

Cricket is a sport that is commonly associated with Britain and the commonwealth, although in recent years there has been a lot of interest from other nations around the world. There are three, now four, variants of the game.

Cricket Tournaments Betting Guide - An Overview
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Test Cricket

The original format of the game is test cricket. Test cricket is where two teams play against each other over the course of five days. With both teams having two batting innings. There is no fixed number of overs, which means that one of the teams needs to set a high score of runs and completely bowl out the other team before the five days are up to finish that test match. This can lead to matches ending in no result, if a team cannot bowl out the other team or the weather conditions do not allow the two teams to finish that match.

ODI Cricket

One day internationals, or ODIs, are a format where the two teams play one innings each, which have a maximum of 50 or 60 overs, resulting in the match lasting a day. The team that scores the higher number of runs in their innings wins the game, regardless of whether they were all bowled out or if the other team has more wickets left.

T20 Cricket

T20 cricket is a newer format and is garnering huge attention around the world. It is where the two teams play twenty overs each, and the match lasts approximately three hours. This greatly changes the game, forcing batters to try to hit lots of runs quickly, and also changes the strategy for the bowlers.

The most recent variant, which was launched in 2023, is the 100-ball cricket. This format does not use the concept of 6 ball overs, but instead both teams have to bat exactly 100 balls. Bowlers can change after every 5 or 10 deliveries, and they have a limited number of deliveries. This format results in matches lasting around two and a half hours. There are also other simplified rules in the batting such as the first 25 ball “power play”. This is where the team that is bowling will have restrictions on where they can put their fielders, giving batters the freedom to smash through the first 25 balls and try to pick up as many runs as they can.

Top Cricket Tournaments

Now that we have covered the types of cricket matches, it is time to focus on our cricket tournaments betting guide for the most popular sport events of the calendar year.

The Ashes

The Ashes is a historic cricket tournament between England and Australia. The tournament dates back to 1882 and is played in the test cricket format. The Ashes are played every two years and the venue alternates between Australia and England. The two nations play in a five test match series, and if the series ends in a draw, then the Ashes return to the nation that won the previous edition.

Cricket World Cup

The Cricket World Cup is played in the ODI cricket format. 14 nations compete in the Cricket World Cup. Up until the 2019 World Cup, most of the nations taking part automatically qualified for the tournament. From 2023 onwards, only the host nation will qualify automatically, whilst the other nations have to compete in a series of qualifiers to enter the World Cup. Australia are the most successful nation in the Cricket World Cup, having won 6 titles. Next are India and the West Indies with two titles each. England, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are the other nations that have won the World Cup, and New Zealand have managed to finish in second place twice.

Cricket Tournaments Betting Guide
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T20 World Cup

The T20 World Cup is an international tournament that is held every two years. The competition consists of 16 teams, of which the top ten in the ICC rankings qualify automatically. The lowest ranking 8 teams have to play in the first round, where they are drawn into two groups of 4. The groups play in a single robin round, and the top two teams of either group play in the Super 12. In the Super 12, the 4 teams that passed the first round join the other 8. The teams are put into two groups of 6, and they play in a robin round. At the end of the Super 12 round, the top two teams in each group advance to the knockout stage. Where they play in a single game elimination.

The two surviving teams go to the final. The winner of that match is the new champion of the T20 World Cup. The West Indies are the only team to have won two titles, whilst Australia, England, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka have all won one title each. New Zealand have finished runners up once, and South Africa have made it to the semi finals twice.

The Hundred

The Hundred is a cricket tournament that was launched in 2021 and uses the 100-ball cricket format of the game. This tournament is played between 8 clubs in England, and there is both a men’s tournament and a women’s. The Hundred was launched in the hopes that cricket could reach a wider audience, with a faster game that uses simpler rules. It is run during the summer holidays, with the intention that it will also inspire a new generation of cricketers.


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Betting on Cricket Tournaments

There are plenty of bets that you can find for each of these tournaments. For example, you may be able to bet on which team will become the outright winner. You may also bet on each individual match in the tournaments, and though this will vary between the different formats of cricket, you will find some similar bets such as match results, total runs, handicaps, and so on.

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