20Bet Sportsbook Forecasts Bonus

20Bet Sportsbook Forecasts Bonus

Valid until:
January 31, 2023

At 20Bet Sportsbook, frequent punters are rewarded with free bets. If you have deposited €20 or more for 5 consecutive days, the online bookmaker gives you the chance to win up to €1,000. Find out more about the 20Bet Sportsbook Forecasts Bonus below.

About the 20Bet Sportsbook Forecasts Bonus

Any member at 20Bet Sportsbook that has deposited €20 into their account over the past 5 days will be able to participate. Players are given the chance to click the “Make Forecast” button and predict the outcome of ten matches. This can be done once per day. General Terms and Conditions apply.

The player will receive the following rewards for a successful Forecast Bonus bet:

  • 10 correct outcomes will receive 1,000 EUR
  • 9 correct outcomes will receive 100 EUR
  • 8 correct outcomes will receive 50 EUR

General Terms and Conditions

To qualify for the promotion, the total amount of deposits over the last 5 days must be at least 20 EUR (or the equivalent in another currency). After selecting all the outcomes of the proposed matches, as well as fulfilling all the conditions, the participant needs to click the “Make Forecast” button. There will be a maximum of 1 entry per customer per day. All players must be 18+.


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