The most adored female cricketers in the world are making groundbreaking records while looking like an absolute masterpiece! So, shall we explore together?
May 9, 2024
The greatest all-rounder female cricketers in India are taking the world by storm. Their immaculate gameplay speaks for itself. If you do not believe us, have a look!
May 9, 2024

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ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Guide

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Guide – The Basics

The 13th edition of the ICC Cricket World Cup is upon us with the tournament set to play between the 5th of October and the 19th of November. In 2023, the CWC returns after four years with defending champions England kick-starting the tournament against New Zealand. Sadly, New Zealand finished as runners-up during the previous two CWC. The tournament will be hosted in India and played in ten different cities. The largest stadium seats a total of 132,000 and will be one of the most anticipated tournaments to date.

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