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At CricFinder, our cricket promotions page is dedicated to enhancing your online cricket betting experience. We understand that cricket enthusiasts not only love watching the sport but also enjoy the thrill of wagering on their favourite teams and players. This page is designed to offer exclusive promotions, bonuses, and special offers tailored to cricket betting, providing you with more opportunities to make the most of your betting adventure.

Why Check Our Promotions Page

Every year, online betting sites have bigger and better offers to give players. As the cricket online sports betting industry continues to expand, operators place more focus on cricket and look for ways to give cricket punters better value for their money. Gone are the days when cricket was regarded as a niche sport. Nowadays, you can find a plethora of betting sites that offer cricket betting and throw in some generous bonuses to help you get the most out of your cricket betting. But there are lots of aspects to consider before joining any cricket betting site.

New to Cricket Betting?

As a newcomer, you may not be familiar with some of the types of bonuses, or there may be misunderstandings between what you thought a cricket site was actually offering by ways of bonuses. On the other hand, you may be an experience punter and already signed up at a cricket site for a long time. Staying at one place too long can be just as bad, as you miss out on more cricket betting bonuses offered at new sites, and may not even realise what types of bonuses there are up for grabs.

That is where we come in. At Cricfinder, we continuously review cricket betting sites and look for new bonuses and promotions. We follow all the trends of the industry, and evaluate sites strictly, to give our readership only the very best offers that are out there.

By reading our reviews and checking our promotions page, you will always know what types of bonuses you can receive at the best online cricket bookmakers. We do not only focus on newcomer sign on bonuses, as you can only claim those once. Existing customer bonuses and reload offers are areas where we concentrate a lot of our attention, so even after you are signed up and use your welcome offer, you can still take advantage of great deals and extend your cricket betting budget.

Types of Bonuses and Promotions

Bigger is better when it comes to bonuses, but the conditions are just as important in our evaluation criteria. We keep our readership in mind when analyzing offers, and take the necessary steps to ensure that we communicate the bonuses in clearcut, black and white language. Our team also tests the bonuses to ensure that they really work the way they are supposed to, and reports these findings on our promotions page and in our reviews.

This way, you always know what you are getting whenever you join a betting site.

Types of Cricket Bonuses and Promotions

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are the best way betting sites can attract your attention, and this is why you can find sky-high offers for signing up at online sports betting sites. Though you should know the terms and conditions when signing up. To help avoid any misunderstandings and potential disputes, we have strict standards when it comes to finding welcome bonuses, and only show you the bonuses that are real and from legitimate bookmakers. We also analyze the promotions and inform you as to how they work and what you need to do to claim them.

Most welcome bonuses are deposit offers, which you can claim after making a qualifying deposit. Welcome bonuses also tend to have time restraints, which can be a month in some cases, and in others even as short as a week. When claiming your bonus, you may need to make a large deposit to max out the offer, but we will go into more detail on that in Deposit Bonuses.

Deposit Bonuses

Sports betting sites can offer tremendous deposit bonuses, and basically to claim them you will need to make a qualifying deposit. But be aware of the fact that the deposit bonuses have terms and conditions. When a cricket betting site offers a deposit bonus, it will credit your account with a lump sum, but this bonus cash depends on how much you deposit. For example, if you see a 100% deposit bonus up to $500, then you will need to make a deposit of $500 to claim the $500 bonus. Should you only have $300 to deposit, then the betting site can only credit your account with a bonus of $300.

Bonus Bets

A bonus bet is a wager that you can place without having to stake any money. You may receive a $10 bonus bet, in which case you can stake it on one wager, and then keep the profit. What you have to know about bonus bets is that the stake itself is not yours to keep. The stake always returns to the bookmaker, and whatever profit you make on top is put straight into your account, as hard cash. The advantage of bonus bets is that you can win cash, with no wagering requirements, and you can place that bet on almost any wager you like. We say almost any wager because bonus bets usually have conditions such as the odds must be within a limit and you cannot use bonus bets in conjunction with odds boosts or other promotions.

Insurance Bets

This is similar to a bonus bet, but instead you should think of it as a back up bet, should your first bet fail. When you receive an insurance bet token, you can apply it to a bet that you have staked with your own money. If you bet loses, then the sports betting site will offer you the insurance bet, as a bonus bet. Should your real money cricket bet win, then you will not receive the insurance bet, and you will have used up the token. To get the most out of this offer, we recommend placing a risky, longshot bet and use the insurance bet token. Should your bet win, then you have pocketed a large sum. If your bet loses, you have a second chance to win.

Cricket Promotions for Online Sports Betting

Enhanced Odds

Cricket betting promotions may also feature enhanced odds on selected matches. These promotions are usually offered on big, hyped up events. The longer odds means you can squeeze out more profit from your wagers, giving you better value for your money. Enhanced odds offers can be given on straight bets or on preselected parlays. These parlays, or combo bets, can all be on one game (same game parlay or SGP), or they can relate to numerous cricket fixtures.

Cashback Offers

Some of our best betting sites have cashback offers, whereby you can get a little back from the sportsbook, cutting your losses. These can be included in a betting site’s loyalty programme, in which case you can expect regular cashbacks. Or, they can be limited-run, recurring offers. The conditions for cashbacks vary depending on the betting site, but most commonly they can be unlocked if you have lost a certain amount within a specific timeframe, or by making a qualifying deposit.

Cricket Betting Challenges

Get ready for some excitement with cricket betting challenges. These promotions introduce unique betting challenges that, when completed, reward you with bonuses, bonus bets, or other exclusive perks. Challenges can add a layer of fun and competition to your betting experience. A lot of our cricket betting sites have intriguing competitions and contests, to give you an extra little perk to look forward to when the big leagues or events come up. We will keep you updated on any of these promotions on this page, as the offers and conditions can change. Any player contest with bonus bets, real giveaways, large prize pools or any other bonuses always catch our eye, and we report any findings to you here on our promotions page.

Live Betting Promotions

In-play betting has become increasingly popular in cricket, and our promotions cater to this aspect. You might find special offers for live betting, including bonus in-play bets or bonuses that can be used during a live match. These promotions ensure you’re actively engaged during the game.

Parlay Boosts

If you enjoy placing multi-bets on cricket matches, our promotions often include multi-bet boosts. These promotions can enhance your potential winnings when you combine multiple selections in a single bet. It’s a great way to maximise your profits on a combination of matches and events.

We also make sure that you know exactly how to use any parlay boost promotions that we find. If there are conditions as to how many selections you need or limits on the odds, we will highlight these so that you are well informed as to how to use any parlay boosts.

Cricket Betting Contests

Participate in cricket betting contests that test your skills and knowledge. These promotions might challenge you to predict match outcomes, top performers, or other cricket-related events. Successful participation in these contests can earn you bonuses or prizes.

Cricket Insights and Analysis

Our promotions extend beyond bonuses and bets. You can also access exclusive cricket insights, analysis, and tips. These resources help you make more informed betting decisions and enhance your cricket knowledge.

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Stay Informed

To fully benefit from our cricket betting promotions, it’s essential to stay informed. Visit this page regularly to receive updates on the latest promotions, exclusive offers, and upcoming contests.

Promotions Conditions

Knowing the terms for any bonus is crucial to enjoying the benefits they can bring. We always keep you in the knowhow about how the promotions work on our betting sites, but having a little background knowledge cannot hurt.

Clear all Your Wagering Requirements

Though you may receive bonus credits on a site, it does not become solid cash until you have cleared the wagering requirements. Be careful not to mix bonus cash with real cash. The wagering requirements are a turnover, or playthrough, requirement that you must clear. For example, if a sports betting site gives you $100 with a wagering requirement of 3x, then you will need to “spend” $300 before that $100 is cashable. This does not mean you have to put in an extra $300, but rather spend the $100, and should you win, you spend it again until you have cleared all the playthrough requirements.

Our betting sites will tell you how much you have left to clear with any bonuses, and if you are still unsure about how much more you need to play through your bonus cash, you can always reach out to their customer support channels.

Bet Before the Bonus Expires

One problem we want to completely eliminate is punters losing any bonus bets or potential cash because they “run out of time”. Bonus bets and bonus cash usually have expiration dates, so you will need to use them up quickly. Forget about holding on to your bonuses for months, as in that time they will expire and more will come your way.

We aim to make sure you always know how long you have left on your bonus, so you can use it within the time frame and hopefully hit a big payout.

Keep Within the Odds Limits

Bonus bets and parlay boosts can have odds and payout limits. For example, you may receive a bonus bet but the conditions stipulate that your bet cannot have odds shorter than 2.0. If you receive a $500 bet, you must therefore look for bets that will bring a total return of $1,000 or higher (and remember that the stake always returns to the sports betting site, unless the conditions say otherwise).

There may also be limits on the maximum odds you can hit. For example, if you use a parlay boost there may be a condition that you cannot go above a certain threshold. If you do go over, then the parlay may not be accepted or the betting site may freeze your odds at the upper limit. Make sure you know how big the maximum limit is, and if necessary, adjust your parlay so that it meets all the requirements.

cricket promotions


What types of cricket promotions are there?

We look for the best cricket betting promotions, bringing you a variety of offers at the top cricket betting sites. We show you which betting sites offer deposit bonuses, enhanced odds offers, bonus bets, cricket betting challenges, insurance bets, and many more.

Do I need to spend money to get a cricket bonus?

Not necessarily. For deposit bonuses you need to top up your account, but you can also find bonus bets, cricket betting challenges and other types of bets that do not require a deposit nor a qualifying bet. Check out our promotions page to find out more about those bonuses, and any no deposit bonus offers.

Where can I find cricket enhanced odds?

We are constantly on the lookout for any new cricket betting offers, especially odds boosts or enhanced odds offers. On our betting sites, we highlight any odds boosts, but remember that these boosts are usually offered for a few days, so check back regularly to find current offers.

Are there cricket betting bonuses on the IPL?

Yes, on our betting sites at Cricfinder, you can find an abundance of cricket betting bonuses on the Indian Premier League. These can come in the form of challenges with prize pools, odds boosts on IPL games, bonus bets or other promotional offers.