India Cricket Team Chokers Tag: The Horrible Knockouts Record

India Cricket Team Chokers Tag: The Horrible Knockouts Record

India Cricket Team Chokers

In modern-era cricket, India is a huge team. It is one of the great teams in cricket currently due to the presence of spectacular players on the side. These players are capable of putting up masterclass displays in tournaments. Many of the cricketers came from the circuit of the Indian Premier League. The platform provides a great opportunity for the cricket board to prepare themselves for the big event.

The record of the Indian side is astonishing in the bilateral series. However, the side has been troubled to make an impact in the matches when it matters the most. The debate sparked when India started to fail in the big tournaments or the big matches. India is losing the games in crucial circumstances. India Cricket Team Chokers has now become a renowned term in cricket. It seems as if India has now replaced South Africa.


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There was a time when India had so many great names in the batting department. However, the side did not have the services of the top bowlers in the bowling department. This is why India struggled to win trophies consistently in cricket. Furthermore, the performances in the bilateral series were also a form of concern. Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, and Virender Sehwag used to score huge amounts of runs from the top. However, the bowlers from the bottom could not carry the momentum.

Yes, India had bowlers like Zaheer Khan and Harbhajan. But two bowlers do not complete the bowling side. Currently, India has the best side in all departments of cricket. Still, India’s cricket team is chokers in the knockouts. The side performs well initially. However, when it matters the most, the Indian cricket team does not perform according to the high standards they set in modern-era cricket.

India Cricket Team Chokers: No Trophy since Champions Trophy 2013

The last ICC trophy which India won in the ICC tournaments, came in 2013 during the captaincy tenure of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Since then, India has failed to win the trophy in ICC tournaments. According to some cricket experts, the performance of India has been affected due to the factor of the Indian Premier League. While IPL is a platform that provides a great opportunity for players to improve themselves.

However, due to the hectic schedule of the Indian Premier League, India has failed to perform well on the big occasions. The side failed to make an impact in the big tournament hence they did not win big despite having the players like Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli and Ravindra Jadeja on the side. These are some of the best cricketers in cricket. The way they perform in their specialized roles is astonishing. India needs to win a trophy now!

ODI World Cup 2023 is coming. The best thing is that India is hosting the event. Are you excited about this event? 10 teams are participating in the event. The crowd at this event is expected to be huge as there is a huge craze for cricket in India. Do you want to find out all the fixtures of this major event? Would India’s cricket team remain chokers in the big event? Do you want to find all the scoreboards of the Indian team matches when the tournament arrives?

If yes, then you could go to the best online cricket sportsbook sites in the United Kingdom to find out the information. There are a huge number of times when India failed to make an impact when it mattered the most. India needs to improve their skillset in the big games. This time the fans expect India to perform tremendously in ODI cricket in Indian conditions. Here is the list of matches when India failed to perform at the time when it mattered the most.

India Cricket Team Chokers Tag Story: India vs Sri Lanka World T20 Final 2014

India was the favorite to win this tournament. There was great excitement revolving around the cricket fans due to this contest. The side had players like Yuvraj Singh, Mahindra Singh, and Virat Kohli in the side. Sri Lanka needed to be at the top of their game to provide a great fight to the Indian fans. However, what happened that day was just a different story from what we expected.

Sri Lankan bowlers did not give any chances to the spectacular batting side of India. The way Lasith Malinga bowled that day was amazing. Yuvraj Singh could not make an impact. Only Virat Kohli was the player who batted well that day. Following the horrible show of India, Sri Lanka defeated India comprehensively in the World T20 Final 2014. It was a huge shock that the Indian T20 team faced in the T20 format. That is the start of the India Cricket Team chokers tag. Sri Lanka won their first trophy after the 1996 win. This was a huge victory. The Indian Premier League champions were shocked. It was a shocking performance from India.


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World Cup 2015: India vs Australia Semi-Final

This was a great opportunity for the Indian side to win the World Cup. India performed tremendously well in the group stage of the tournament. Especially in the game vs Pakistan, the men in blue maintained their streak against Pakistan in the ICC tournament and performed amazingly well. After topping the group and defeating Bangladesh in the quarter-finals of the tournament, India qualified for the semi-finals of the tournament. This was a huge stage. India needed to restrict Australia early in the game.

They needed to dismiss Australia. However, according to the statistics on the sites like 1xBet and 22Bet, India could not perform well in the batting department. There were huge cheers around Virat Kohli when he came to bat on the crease. Virat Kohli is a cricketer who bats composedly on the crease to build partnerships for his side. But this time he failed. He gave the catch straight to the fielder.

Following the disappointing performance from Virat Kohli, India failed to create any impact in the semi-final stage of the tournament. Australia defeated India in the big game. This victory was also a huge shock. Just another dent to the India cricket team chokers tag. Australia went on to win the World Cup 2015 in their home conditions.

World T20 Semi-Final: India vs West Indies

This was the time when India was the hot favorite to win the contest vs West Indies. When India came to bat vs West Indies, the side put a huge total on the board against West Indies. With such a great bowling attack in the home conditions, India was all set to qualify for the final of the event. Mumbai loved every bit of the knock of Virat Kohli at Mumbai. The way he smashed the West Indian bowlers all around the park was amazing.

It was the time when India put a great total on the board for the West Indies to chase. The next challenge was to take the wicket of Chris Gayle who is a really tough customer in T20 cricket. Once he gets settled on the crease, he is a difficult batsman to be dismissed. India was able to take the wicket of Chris Gayle early in the innings.

It felt as if the match were over for the West Indies side. Just when West Indies was out of the game, Lendl Simmons went on to play a tremendous knock for his side. He smashed the ball all around the park to demonstrate his astonishing skill set on the crease. He hit the tough spinners of India and survived his dismissal following the no-ball. The rest of the work was done by Andre Russell.

He smashed the ball amazingly at Mumbai. Russell hit the ball all around the park to put huge pressure on the opposition with his scintillating batting on the crease. In the end, West Indies were able to defeat the Indian T20 team on their home soil. That was when the Indian cricket team’s chokers tag was rising. Despite having such a phenomenal team in the T20 format, India could not perform well. This was a poor performance from India. The fans were disappointed. They thought that the trophy was coming. To find out all the statistics of that tournament, you can go to the best online cricket news sites in the United Kingdom.

Champions Trophy Final 2017: Pakistan vs India

India defeated Pakistan in the group stage of the tournament. The cricket experts completely ruled out the chances of Pakistan winning the contest vs India. When Fakhar Zaman returned to the pavilion in the initial overs, the fans almost celebrated the win of the Indian side. However, it was a no-ball. That is when Pakistan started taking charge vs the Indian side.

Pakistan batting side smashed the Indian bowlers’ deliveries all around the park. The men in blue pressed the panic button because the side was the favourite to win the contest. Despite the flaws in the batting side of Pakistan, the men in green were able to put a total of 330+ runs on the board.

The batting track provided huge support to the batsmen. The batsmen which the Indian cricket team had comprised Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, and Shikhar Dhawan. These batsmen are capable of smashing the ball all around the park irrespective of the bowling attack. While the track provided great support for the batsmen, the fans expected India to chase the target.

However, the Indian batting collapsed badly when it mattered the most. Mohammad Amir dismissed Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, and Virat Kohli to put on one of the greatest Pakistan cricket team performances in modern-era cricket. It was a phenomenal performance by Mohammad Amir. He is a spectacular swing bowler. Pakistan defeated India with a margin of 180 runs in the Champions Trophy final. India Cricket Team proved to be chokers again on the big stage. It was such a bad defeat for the men in blue.

ICC World Cup 2019: India vs New Zealand Semi-Final

This was the stage of the semi-final. India was the favourite to win the contest again. This was the time for India to showcase its amazing skillset on the field. Yes they did, India dismissed New Zealand before they even scored 250 runs on the board. The fans thought that another trophy is coming following the World Cup trophy in 2011. However, this was not the actual story.

The spell of Trent Boult provided the recap of the spell of Mohammad Amir in the Champions Trophy final. India again failed on the big stage. Despite having such a great side, India was eliminated from the ICC World Cup 2019. India vs New Zealand semi-final was won by Black Caps. This was a disappointing performance from the Indian side in the ODI World Cup 2019.

T20 World Cup 2021: Pakistan vs India, Group-Stage

This was the true demonstration of the India cricket team chokers tag in cricket. In the T20 World Cup 2021, India was all ready and set to defeat Pakistan. The experts completely ruled out India again and Pakistan from the cones. The Indian players had the experience of playing in the Indian Premier League in the conditions of UAE. Following the experience of playing two months of cricket in UAE, India was expected to defeat Pakistan comprehensively with such a phenomenal side in all the departments.

But Pakistan came as a surprise for the Indian side Shaheen Khan Afridi sent Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul back in the initial overs which was a splendid performance from the Pakistani fast bowler. In the batting department, Rizwan and Babar Azam performed tremendously well on the crease.

Following the masterclass performances from Pakistan in both batting and bowling departments, Pakistan defeated India by 10 wickets. This was a huge shock. Later India failed to even qualify for the semi-final stage of the tournament. Despite the preparation for playing in the Indian Premier League, India could not perform well during T20 World Cup 2021.

T2o World Cup 2022: India vs England, Semi-Final

This was one of the fine T20 World Cups. Are you interested in the T20 World Cups? Are you interested to find out which team has won the most World Cups? There is a whole list of statistics of these World Cups which you can find out. Do you want to know this information? If yes, then you could go to the best online cricket sportsbook sites in England to find out the information.

India posted a total of 160+ runs on the board vs England. This was the total which was considered comprehensive as it was the occasion of the knockout stage. However, the English side defeated the Indian team comprehensively on the stage of the T20 World Cup semi-final. It was now proved that the India cricket team is the new choker in cricket. The fans were hurt by the display of Indian cricket on the huge stage despite having such great facilities. They did not India to perform this badly in the knockout stage, especially when Indian Premier League provides tremendous exposure for the cricket fans.


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World Test Championship Final 2023: India vs Australia

This was the occasion of the World Test Championship Final at The Oval. This is one of the big games in cricket. India needed to win this contest to win the World Test Championship trophy. The opposition was Australia. Again, India failed to win the contest on the biggest stage. Virat Kohli could not face the masterclass bowling display of Mitchell Starc.

The blame was coming towards Indian Premier League which was scheduled just before the World Test Championship Final 2023. India cricket team maintained the tag of chokers in the big final. This was a huge dent in the plans of the Indian side. According to the Indian cricket team, one match is not enough to decide the World Test Championship. Pat Cummins negated the argument making the opinion that the Olympics also has only 1 final.

ODI World Cup 2023: The Tag of Chokers

This is a great opportunity for the Indian side to dismiss the tag of chokers. India would not like to replace South Africa in that category. ODI World Cup 2023 will be played in October and November. There is huge excitement around the event. Are you excited about this event? Do you want to find out the fixtures of this big event? What about tracking the progress of the Indian team ahead of the ODI World Cup 2023? Are you a big fan of the Indian cricket team? You can go to the best online cricket sportsbook sites in Australia, like 1xBet and 22Bet, to find out all the interesting information regarding this big event.

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