Dream Cricket 2024 vs Real Cricket 2022: Which One To Play?

Dream Cricket 2024 vs Real Cricket 2022: Which One To Play?

Dream Cricket 2024 vs Real Cricket 2022

Cricket games have gained huge popularity in recent times. Yes, EA Sports has stopped making the cricket games. The reason was the huge piracy that happened in the subcontinent nations In the modern-era, people are shifting to mobile games. According to cricket fans, mobile cricket games have been better. There is one advantage of the mobile cricket games. The advantage is that these games are free. As the concept of piracy is really common in the region of the subcontinent, EA Sports suffered a huge loss. However, observing the popularity of cricket in the modern era in recent times, we can say that EA Sports can really take a chance to release a new game. But let’s just get aside the concept of the PC, Xbox, or Playstation. Which is the best mobile cricket game? Dream Cricket 2024 vs Real Cricket 2022 is a huge contest in terms of mobile games. They offer a great experience.


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There was a time when Stick Cricket enjoyed the small market of mobile gaming on Android and IOS. These two games offered a really exciting experience for the players. Mobile gamers could simply select their favorite team in the game and smash the boundaries all over the world. However, the gameplay in Stick Cricket was not close to the experience which was optimum. That is when Real Cricket entered the market.

Since the release of Real Cricket on devices like IOS and Android, the cricket industry has received a boom. Now there is another game that is going to enter the circuit. Dream Cricket 2024 promises to be a classic game for the fans. So which is the game you should really play? Dream Cricket 2024 vs Real Cricket 2022 is a huge contest. Both offer great controls on the mobile phone.

Dream Cricket 2024: What The Hype Is About?

On the Play Store, the fans can register to play the game. This game is not yet released. But you can clearly see the pictures of Abdur Razzaq and Shahid Afridi in the preview screens. On the other hand, the Afghanistan Cricket Team and New Zealand Cricket Team are shown as the sponsors of the game. This means that this title is really big. Furthermore, the graphics in the preview look astonishing.

You can play with your favourite players in the spectacular graphics smashing the deliveries all around the park. On the cover photo, there is Suryakumar Yadav. According to the best online cricket news sites in the United Kingdom, Suryakumar Yadav is one of the best players in modern-era cricket. He is the player who is best suited according to the modern-era standards. Now imagine the Real Cricket 2022 vs Dream Cricket 2024 debate is there.

You are a big fan of Real Cricket 2022. You have been playing this game for years. But here is a catch. You would want to try the new game. The trailer of Dream Cricket 2024 looks amazing. Furthermore, you can play the most amazing shot of Suryakumar Yadav, which is the scoop shot. You love to play Dream Cricket 2024. You can become a permanent customer of Dream Cricket 2024. However, here is a catch. The beta version of the game was released on the mobile. It is evident that Dream Cricket 2024 could take some time to take the place of Real Cricket 2024. You would be thinking a lot while making the decision of Dream Cricket 2024 vs Real Cricket 2022.

Real Cricket 2022: The Experience

We have personally tested the environment of Real Cricket 2022 on mobile. This game is astonishing. Furthermore, this game has an advantage. Real Cricket 2022 has been out for a while. Fans have been loving playing this game on their mobile phones. So the developers have put efforts for a long time to removing bugs from the game. The game is now stable and a large number of players are playing Real Cricket 2022 on their mobile. One of the evident features of Real Cricket 2022 is the multiplayer mode. You can play with any person in the world and the server connects the game without any major lag.

So for instance, you are Pakistani living as a student in Germany and you want to challenge your Indian classmate who is also living as a student in Germany. You can play the Pakistan vs India contest on the mobile phone. The multiplayer mode in the game will connect two players and you can play the game easily with your friend. The developers of Real Cricket 2022 have moved the game to the upper level. The reason is that the controls have become really advanced in recent times. On a single screen, you can simply switch the controls and play with your favorite settings in the game. You can play sweep shots. Furthermore, you can play the lofted shots advancing down the wicket. Don’t forget the classic scoop shots by the players.


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The Bowling Actions

There is one thing that is best about the experience of Real Cricket 2022 bowling actions of the famous cricket players in the world. This could be the comparison of which Dream Cricket 2024 can win vs Real Cricket 2022. So suppose, you have selected team India vs Pakistan in the contest. You want to open the bowling with Jasprit Bumrah in the powerplay overs. The game offers the real slingy bowling action of Jasprit Bumrah. You can take early wickets with Jasprit Bumrah on the ground against the Pakistan cricket side. Furthermore, Virat Kohli can give the bowl to Jasprit Bumrah in the death overs, You can take some wickets in the final overs and bowl economical overs to put tremendous pressure on the opposition.

So what about the Pakistan cricket team fans? What experience does it offer for the men in green fans? So imagine you are a big fan of Shaheen Khan Afridi and you want to take the wickets of the Indian batsmen in the powerplay overs. The game offers the bowling action of Shaheen Khan Afridi. Do you remember T20 World Cup 2021 when Shaheen Khan Afridi dismissed Rohit Sharma in the powerplay overs? You would want to take the wicket of Rohit Sharma in the same way. There is no doubt that taking the wicket of Rohit Sharma would provide you with great satisfaction in the mobile game.

How Dream Cricket 2024 Can Gain Advantage vs Real Cricket 2022?

This is the biggest question! How Dream Cricket 2024 can gain an advantage vs Real Cricket 2022? What are the specifications that make Dream Cricket 2024 better than Real Cricket 2022? The answer is the license. If Dream Cricket 2024 is somehow able to have the services of the licensed team in the game, it can defeat Real Cricket 2022 pretty easily. This is the biggest catch. We knew that FIFA had been winning over Pro Evolution Soccer for years due to the factor of license. The fans did not want to play with the random player names on the consoles. So Shahid Afridi and Abdur Razzaq appearing in the previews of Dream Cricket 2024 certainly provide us with big news.

Afghanistan cricket team is one of the title sponsors of Dream Cricket 2024. This means that Rashid Khan could be a licensed player in the game. Rashid is one of the prominent players in the Afghanistan modern-era cricket circuit. He loves to take the wickets of the team to put tremendous pressure on the opposition. In the modern era, he can bowl with different varieties to not let the batsmen get settled on the crease. We can also observe from the preview that the New Zealand Cricket Team is also licensed in Dream Cricket 2024. This means that you can play with the licensed player Kane Williamson in the game. This is the area where Dream Cricket 2024 can win vs Real Cricket 2022.

The Ultimate Team

FIFA has the services of Ultimate Team that have really enhanced the player experience in the game. You can follow the roadmap of building your team and then add the best players in the squad to make your team combination really strong. There is also a feature in Dream Cricket 2024 which can defeat Real Cricket 2022. There is no doubt that Real Cricket 2022 also has this feature. Again here is the catch. Dream Cricket 2024 will gain an advantage vs Real Cricket 2022 due to the factor of the license. So it will make the ultimate team-like mode of Dream Cricket 2024 really astonishing.

So this will not happen that you would automatically be playing with Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli in your team first time. You have to cover the whole journey before you can actually select these cricketers on your side. You have to put in some hard work before you can obtain the services of these cricketers on your side. So imagine you are a big fan of Virat Kohli and you want to get him in the side.

You would have to win some multiplayer games before you can really rise through the ranks to have Kohli on your side. After selecting Kohli on your side, you can smash the deliveries of all the bowlers all around the park. It would really be a difficult task to take his wicket in Dream Cricket 2024. Furthermore, you can play some really fine innings with Virat Kohli in the game. So what about it? Imagine you are playing with your friend who is from Pakistan.

He has Shaheen Khan Afridi on his team. You would want to smash his deliveries all around the park. This is the time when Kohli can build a really great partnership in the game. In the Dream Cricket 2024 vs Real Cricket 2022 comparison, the game can really defeat other games due to the factor of the licensed players. This is surely the big thing without any shadow of a doubt.

The Commentary

There is no doubt that both games are astonishing. There is a big advantage which the cricket fans are going to have. These fans will be able to play both games on their mobile phones. Real Cricket 2022 has been in the circuit for quite a while. The game is capable of keeping its market in the cricket industry. On the other hand, Dream Cricket 2024 is raw. It would take some months for this game to become a sensation. But the kind of promise it is showing in the trailers due to the licensed teams is really impressing the cricket fans right now. One thing that Dream League 2024 would like to do differently vs Real Cricket 2022 could be commentary.

Commentary has been a major problem in sports games for quite a while. According to the gamers, the games might provide a great experience in terms of the gameplay, but the commentary in the games is boring. Dream Cricket 2024 has the advantage of license vs Real Cricket 2022. What about getting the services of the commentators like Harsha Bhogle and Ramiz Raja? The idea can surely light up the new game that has entered the circuit. For instance, you are playing the World Cup final in Dream League 2024.


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Mobile Games Fans Up For Treat

You are playing for the Indian side and Ian Bishop is on the commentary. You smash the six on the final ball and win the game for your side. It sounds like a really big thing, right? Dream League Cricket 2024 could have problems in many departments. However, the advantage of having a licensed game is surely a big thing for Dream Cricket 2024. It could take some time for Dream League Cricket 2024 to overtake Real Cricket 2022. But there is no doubt that cricket fans are up for the treat with both games here in the market.

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These cricket games provide a phenomenal experience to gamers. Dream League Cricket 2024 and Real Cricket 2022 both are spectacular games. The fans will surely love all the action coming from these cricket games. It would be great if EA Sports also decides to make cricket games in the future. Console and PC games can also enjoy like the mobile gamers out there.

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