Best T20 Cricket Hitters of All Time

Best T20 Cricket Hitters of All Time

T20 Cricket Hitters

T20 cricket is the most entertaining form of the game. While the other format of the game requires lots of time, a game of T20 cricket is short. The T20 leagues have played a significant role in escalating the popularity of the game. In franchise cricket, a huge crowd gathers to witness the hard-hitting batsmen.

In T20 cricket, hard hitters have a huge impact due to the strike rate. The batting average might not be a big factor. But players who smash the ball all around the park when the equation is tough are the T20 marvels. In the history of T20 cricket, there have been numerous hard-hitting marvels who increased the charisma of the format. Many belong to the West Indies.

Chris Gayle

If we talk about the greatest T20 batsman of all time, the name is none other than Chris Gayle. He opens the innings and builds tremendous momentum at the start of the innings. During the powerplay overs, it is one of the toughest tasks for bowlers to deliver the ball against him. Gayle has been widely popular in the T20 leagues due to his phenomenal hard-hitting skills. He has participated in all the top T20 leagues like Pakistan Super League, Big Bash League, Caribbean Premier League, or Indian Premier League.

Gayle is a tough customer in T20 cricket because he aims to start hitting from the very first ball. On the day Gayle finds momentum, he completely shatters the opposition with his hard-hitting skills. The statistics of Chris Gayle in T20 cricket are phenomenal.

According to ESPNCRICINFO, he has scored 14,562 runs with a batting average of 36.22 and a healthy strike rate of 144.75. The splendid run in T20 cricket includes 88 fifties and 22 hundred. At his peak, there is no one from the list of hitters who surpasses Gayle in T20 cricket.

He has played a significant role in the victories of the West Indies in two T20 World Cups. When West Indies won the T20 World Cup in 2012 and 2016, Gayle was a part of the team. Furthermore, Chris Gayle is a record holder in terms of hitting the most sixes in T20 cricket. Gayle has hit 1056 sixes in the format which is a humongous number.

Kieron Pollard

If a T20 team has the services of Kieron Pollard in the team, it means the team has a terrific balance on the side. Pollard is someone who can change the scenario of a T20 game upside down with his hard-hitting skills. There have been many occasions when the teams were on the verge to lose the game.

However, due to the hard-hitting of Pollard, the team reached the finishing line. Pollard is one of the best hitters in T20 cricket. If we take a look at the number of sixes he hit in T20 cricket, the tally reaches the number of 794.

These are too many for a cricketer who bats at the middle or lower order. Like Chris Gayle, Pollard has a huge demand in T20 cricket. Every top T20 league like PSL, IPL, or Big Bash wants to acquire the services of Pollard. And why not, the numbers speak of his greatness in the format.

Kieron Pollard has a strike rate of 150.25 in T20 cricket and has scored 11,905 runs with a healthy batting average of 31.02. Kieron Pollard is a real deal if your team wants to post or chase huge totals.

Do you want to find out the percentage of chances the West Indies have of winning the T20 World Cup 2022? Kieron Pollard is not named in the squad, this is why the chances could diminish. But the hard-hitting marvel Nicolas Pooran will be there on the side. You could go to the best online cricket sportsbook sites in Barbados and Guyana to know the odds.

Andre Russell

Dre Russ has a tremendous amount of swag while smashing the ball all around the park in the T20 cricket. Bowlers find it tremendously difficult to stop the flow of runs coming from the bat of the batters. He has played many T20 innings which are remarkable. Russell has been the main pillar of Kolkata Knight Riders in the Indian Premier League.

He is third on the list of hitters (573) who have hit the most number of sixes in T20 cricket. When Andre Russell fires in the innings, he makes sure to create an immense impact on the crease. Russell doesn’t just hit small sixes. He hit sixes which travel a long distance. When West Indies won the T20 World Cup 2016, Andre Russell had a huge impact.

The team can utilize a player like Andre Russell in the top order to get a fierce start in T20I cricket. Nowadays, cricket demands players who can play with blistering pace in the T20 International format. A player who scores 30 off 13 balls is always preferred over a cricketer who plays the innings of 50 off 42 balls.

Moreover, Russell is the kind of player whom you could trust for the role of playing a blazing cameo. He has been doing this for a long time. In the forthcoming T20 World Cup 2022, West Indies will surely miss the services of one of the best hitters in T20 cricket.

Brendon McCullum

Brendon McCullum is someone who has completely changed the dimensions of New Zealand cricket. There was a time when Black Caps were underdogs in cricket. However, when McCullum joined the team, he changed the approach of the team towards the aggressive side. He used to hit sixes in T20 cricket for fun. During the powerplay overs, he had a spectacular bat lift which guided the ball towards the stands.

Bazz had an astonishing charisma in the T20 format. This is the reason why he is one of the best hitters in T20 cricket. If we take a look at his statistics, Brendon McCullum has hit 485 sixes in the format. The strike rate of Bazz is no less for a batsman who played majorly at the opening position. He has a career strike rate of 136.49 in T20 cricket.

When Brendon McCullum was playing cricket, he had a huge demand in the drafts of franchise cricket. Furthermore, all the top T20 leagues like the Indian Premier League, Big Bash League and Pakistan Super League wanted the services of McCullum on their side. Bazz had a big impact. This is why he still has a great demand in terms of the coaching roles and offers.

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