Pakistan Cricket Records: The Terrific Milestones

Pakistan Cricket Records: The Terrific Milestones

Pakistan cricket records

Cricket is a tremendously famous sport in Pakistan. Whenever any cricket game arrives, fans gather in green jerseys to enjoy the games. The streets are full of people playing the game of cricket. During the Cricket World Cup, the screenings are organized all over the country. Especially in the game against arch-rivals India, there is a huge hype of the match in the country.

In recent times, Pakistan defeated India for the first time in the World Cups and the whole country did go crazy over the win. Their cricket has not been this much famous in the 21st century. However, the performance of the men in green and some Pakistan cricket records escalated the interest of the public. Eventually, cricket became a big thing in the region.

Pakistan has achieved phenomenal and spectacular success in cricket. Whether we talk about the whole team or an individual player, Pakistan kept making the sports headlines. There are some top-notch Pakistan cricket records that we are going to discuss in the article. So let’s get started!

3rd Most Number of Wins in ODI Cricket

ODI cricket is one of the finest formats of the game. The quality of a team is tested by its performance in ODI cricket. Pakistan is third on the list of teams with the most number of wins in ODI cricket. The men in green have defeated the opposition 490 times in the 50-over format.

The winning percentage of Pakistan in the ODI format is 53.98. Furthermore, Pakistan has also won the grandest title in cricket, The Cricket World Cup. In 1992, Pakistan availed the title of champions of world cricket under the captaincy of Imran Khan. Pakistan faced a downfall in cricket during the 21st century due to some reasons overall it has been a great side. Pakistan is the unpredictable side as it could destroy any opposition on a given day.

Most Wickets in ODI Cricket By a Fast Bowler

Pakistan is a country famous for producing great fast bowlers. The fast bowlers from Pakistan produce pace as well as swing the ball both ways to trouble the batsmen. So how it’s possible the fast bowler doesn’t have one of the Pakistan cricket records? In ODI cricket, Pakistani fast bowler Wasim Akram has taken 502 wickets.

It is the most number of times a fast bowler has taken a wicket in ODI. No other fast bowler in the history of ODI cricket has more amount of wickets than Wasim. Surprisingly, the second fast bowler with the most number of wickets in ODI cricket is also from Pakistan. The right-arm fast bowler Waqar Younis, who was famous for bowling splendid unplayable yorkers, has taken 416 wickets in ODI cricket.

3rd Fastest Century in ODI Cricket

When a batsman arrives on the crease in ODI cricket, he usually takes time to settle his feet on the crease. You cannot expect the blistering hits from a batsman in ODI cricket who is coming at the top order.

Especially during the 20th century, the approach of consistent six-hitting was considered unbelievable. In 1996, an emerging Pakistani star did something which no one could imagine. Shahid Afridi hit the fastest century in the history of ODI cricket taking just 37 balls against Sri Lanka.

It was just the second One-Day International game of Afridi. Nevertheless, the knock completely changed the dynamics of the game. It changed the way cricket pundits viewed the game. It was the first step toward the changing dynamics of the game.

The record was broken after more than 15 years but the fastest century of Afridi left a legacy. Now the record stands third on the list of the fastest centurions in ODI cricket.

Most Number of Wins in T20 Cricket

T20 is the shortest format of the game. When the mechanism of the game changed, T20 cricket held great significance in cricket. The concept of leagues and franchise cricket changed the way the game is played. The leagues are played in the T20 format. So you know there are lots of leagues happening in the world. The best T20 players from the international circuit participate in the leagues. Guess which is the best international team out there who rules the format of T20 cricket? It is Pakistan! Pakistan has won the most number of T20 internationals among all the sides.

Pakistan has won a game of T20 cricket against the opposition 110 times. No other international side has crossed the figure of 100 wins. This is one of the phenomenal Pakistan cricket records you would know. Are you gaining interest in Pakistan cricket? If yes, then you should go to the best online sportsbook sites in the UK to find out which next record Pakistan is likely to make in cricket.

The Fastest Ball Record in Cricket

As you know Pakistan is tremendously famous for producing fast bowlers, there is a great line of records for Pakistani fast bowlers. In cricket, the player who delivered the fastest delivery in cricket is from Pakistan.

Furthermore, no player has been able to break the record of Shoaib Akhtar who delivered the ball with the ferocious pace of 161.3 km/h in the Cricket World Cup 2003. Akhtar still tops the list of players who have delivered the fastest ball cricket after 17 years.

Shoaib Akhtar is regarded as one of the finest bowlers in the history of cricket. He not only used to bowl fast but also produced a great deal of swing and seam bowling to trouble the batsmen. He was a phenomenal player of Pakistan cricket and is now a cricket analyst.

Fastest to Score 100 Runs in ODI Cricket

ODI cricket is one of the special formats of cricket. It takes real art to score in this format of the game with consistency. One of the finest Pakistan cricket records from an individual player is to score 1000 runs in the least number of innings. The spectacular left-handed batsman took just 18 innings to score 1000 runs in ODI cricket.

Furthermore, the player who is second on the list is also from Pakistan. Imam ul Haq took just 19 innings to score runs in ODI cricket. Fakhar Zaman is one of the fine-opening batsmen Pakistan cricket has produced in recent times. He is one of the few Pakistani batsmen who has scored a double century in ODI cricket. This achievement is considered noteworthy in the 50-over format.

Most Sixes in ODI Cricket Record

Pakistan has achieved milestones not only in bowling but made considerable records in ODI cricket with its batting. In ODI cricket, the player with the most number of sixes is from Pakistan. Shahid Afridi has scored the highest number of sixes in ODI cricket.

Famous for his destructive batting, Afridi has hit 351 6s in ODI cricket. Furthermore, he has batted with a spectacular strike rate of 117.00 in ODI cricket. The record is yet to be broken in ODI cricket as Afridi is still topping the chart following his last ODI match which took place in 2015.

Most Successful Asian Test Team in England

Let’s discuss one of the finest Pakistan cricket records. Pakistan is the most successful Asian team in England with a record number of 13 wins in England. No Asian team has even crossed the double-figure in terms of Test wins in England. Pakistan is famous for producing enthralling performances in England despite the tough conditions. Furthermore, Pakistan has won performed greatly in a Test series in England multiple times with the 1992 and 1996 tours being the best experiences.

Most Runs Record in a Calendar Year

We are talking about the records of the Pakistan cricket team troops. This is one of the Pakistan cricket records which I desired to talk eagerly. In 2006, Pakistani batsman Mohammad Yousuf made a record of scoring the most number of Test runs in a calendar year. Yousuf scored 1788 runs in the 11 Test matches with a phenomenal batting average of 99.93. No player has been able to break this phenomenal record. Yousuf scored runs all around the world during his terrific stint in 2006.

Most Wickets Record in a Calendar Year

In ODI cricket, the off-spinner from Pakistan has taken the most number of wickets in a calendar year. The mystery bowler Saqlain Mushtaq took 69 wickets in a single year. Saqlain achieved this feat in the year of 1999. It is the same year when Pakistan reached the final of the Cricket World Cup.

In the same World Cup, Saqlain took the ODI hat-trick against Zimbabwe. Saqlain is one of the great spin bowlers in the history of cricket. He used to trouble the batsmen with his spectacular mysterious deliveries. Saqlain has taken more than 300 international wickets for Pakistan.

Most Number of Five-Wicket Hauls in ODI Cricket Records

Waqar Younis has taken the most number of five-wicket hauls in ODI cricket. The fine right-arm fast bowler has taken a fifer 13 times in ODI cricket. Waqar Younis was an extremely difficult customer to play in the ODI cricket. Furthermore, he used to swing the ball both ways as well as generate fine pace against the great batsmen.

He made his name multiple times in the Pakistan cricket records with his scintillating performances in ODI cricket. After retiring, Waqar also served the Pakistan cricket team as a coach of the side. Are you interested in knowing which former cricket stands the highest odds of becoming the coach of Pakistan? If yes, then you should go to the best online sportsbook sites in the UK to find out about the odds.

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