Indian Cricket Records: The Phenomenal Statistics  

Indian Cricket Records: The Phenomenal Statistics  

Indian cricket records

FCricket is the most famous sport in India. If we talk about some of the statistics, cricket is the second most renowned sport in the world. The contributing factor to the tremendous popularity of cricket is the population of India. There is a huge following for cricket in India. India is a country that has produced the greatest batsmen of world cricket. In the past, they were famous for having the services of fine batters.

But their bowling was not that much impressive. As time did pass, the Indian cricket structure kept improving. Now, India has a fine set of bowlers.  Furthermore, many cricket marvels who enhanced the beauty of the game were born in India. There are some splendid Indian cricket records that are made by those players.

Whether it is a splendid record in the form of batting or some fine bowling statistics, India made its name finely in the field of cricket. There are some phenomenal Indian cricket records and statistics which you need to know if you are a fan of the men in blue.

The 100 Centuries in international cricket

The legend who has scored the most hundreds in international cricket is from India. Sachin Tendulkar, the name needs no introduction, if you are a keen follower of cricket. Indeed, Tendulkar was a classy batsman as well as a player who scored a tremendous amount of runs with his elegant batting style.

He has scored 51 centuries in Test cricket and 49 hundred in ODI cricket with a great batting average of more than 44 in both formats. Not only the hundred centuries in international cricket, but he has also topped the list of batsmen who have scored the highest number of runs in international cricket. Tendulkar is regarded as the greatest batsman of all time by cricket pundits.

The 10-wicket haul in a single innings

One of the astonishing Indian cricket records is the 10-wicket haul taken by Anil Kumble in a single inning of Test cricket. Furthermore, Kumble destroyed the batting line-up of the arch-rivals Pakistan in 1999 at Delhi by taking all the 10 wickets.

Only one other bowler in the history of Test cricket has achieved this feat. Following the 10-wicket haul of Kumble in a Test inning, no player has taken all 10 wickets of the opposition side in an innings. Kumble was one of the finest spinners in the history of Indian cricket. He took more than 600 Test wickets for India. Which current spinner stands the highest chance of surpassing Anil Kumble. You could go to the best online sportsbook sites in the UK to find out.

6 Sixes in a single over

One of the other amazing Indian cricket records is the hitting of 6 sixes by Yuvraj Singh in international cricket. Furthermore, there are only three players who have achieved this feat at the international level. Yuvraj hit 6 sixes against Stuart Broad at the grandest stage of the T20 World Cup. The whole world was stunned by the knock of Yuvraj Singh against England. Yuvraj is one of the legendary names in the history of Indian cricket. He assisted India in winning their second World Cup title in 2011.

Winning the game after the opposition enforced a follow-on

After being enforced a follow-on in a Test match against Australia, the defeat was certain for India. However, the partnership between VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid created history. From being losing the game by a big margin to rising through ranks and defeating the giant Australian side. Following the phenomenal partnership of Laxman and Dravid, Harbhajan destroyed the strong Australian batting line-up. India won the game unbelievably and became the only third team in the history of Test cricket to win the game following the follow-on.

The highest score by a batsman in ODI cricket record

The knock of a double hundred in ODI is a phenomenal achievement in 50-over cricket. There are some astonishing cricket marvels who never were able to achieve this feat. However, there is Rohit Sharma has done this feat three times. In one of his double centuries, Rohit Sharma grabbed the show completely.

Sharma scored a scintillating knock of 264 runs against Sri Lanka at Kolkata with a splendid strike rate of 152.60. He hit 33 fours and 9 sixes in his innings. The record is not only one of the Indian cricket records but also an international record.

Getting a Hat-Trick record in the first over of a Test match

The first over of a Test match is often less entertaining. Both teams on the ground facing each other are getting familiar with the conditions. But an Indian bowler created thrill in the first over of a Test match. In a match at National Stadium Karachi, Irfan Pathan produced an unbelievable spell of bowling against the arch-rivals Pakistan.

The top three Pakistani batsmen just couldn’t face the mysterious seam and swing bowling of Pathan. In the 1st innings of the Test match against Pakistan in Karachi, Pathan dismissed Salman Butt, Younis Khan, and Mohammad Yousuf on consecutive deliveries and produced a hat-trick. This is a unique feat that no bowler achieved in the long history of Test cricket.

Fastest Century on a Debut record

In a debut Test match, players often have trouble suddenly shifting from the domestic cricket arena to international cricket. But there is no such pressure that the left-handed Indian batsman Shikhar Dhawan faced in his debut game for India.

Furthermore, the toughest format of cricket and one of the best oppositions Australia was upfront, but Dhawan scored a ton taking only 85 deliveries. The century is the fastest scored by any player in his debut Test match. This feat makes the list of the Indian cricket records. Besides, the fine domestic structure of India has assisted Indian cricket to produce marvelous players like Shikhar Dhawan.

Most number of not-outs in Test cricket

The player of Rahul Dravid’s caliber and composition is difficult to search. Furthermore, he has the title of ‘The Wall’ because of his fine defense on the crease. Dravid used to hold one end of the crease and not throw the wicket. Besides, he used to frustrate opposition in the meantime and score runs. Dravid has faced the most number of deliveries in Test cricket. And should I tell you more? He is the batsman with the most number of not-outs in Test cricket? Dravid remained not out in 286 innings of the Tests.

Dravid has scored more than 13,000 runs in international cricket and is regarded as one of the finest batsmen of all time. Are you a fan of the Indian batsmen? Did you get impress by the Indian cricket records? If yes, then you should go to the best online sportsbook sites in the UK and find out which player stands the highest chance of making another record for Indian cricket.

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